Take Care of what’s Down There, and, what happened to US and SAMCRO ?


Women are infact strange creatures. I heard one tell me that women, at least under the 45 year old age bracket are just a package of hormones. Depending on your point of view, the moodiness and all are all part of the reproductive process. The Mother Nature visit every month, scratching, yeast infections(guys can get that one too) in fact 80% of the problems both physical as well as emotional are tied to that vagina. Or va Jay-Jay, as Opra Whinfrey calls it. That thing has been known to cause wars, create contempt, and is generally the one part of the female anatomy that most men can’t understand. Working with all too many women over the years on air and for Club promotions, shows etc, even models and actress’s get weird during certain times of the month and even year. Then there are smells or scents. In my sitch, I dig women’s toes and feet in nylons, and such. I often wondered why a woman’s feet and toes in or out of hosiery didn’t smell bad, nor did their underarms. The PH level and a woman’s chemistry are quite a bit different than a man’s. The scents of a woman are mainly from pheromones that signal that a woman is fertile and needing to breed. Most women suppress this urge, even so those scents are still there. And to most men, though, even most of us male corpuscles are not aware of it, we all of a sudden get a higher heart beat, faster breathing and even an erection. Remember that thing you always wondered in school, why sometimes you got a stiffy in class for no reason? There was a reason, that little blonde, or redhead sitting next to your desk most likely were throwing off pheromones that got your male attention. Could even be that teacher with the black seamed stockings in the mini skirt that caught your male eye. In the wyld, canines sniff the females behind to detect if she’s fertile, called being in heat. The Wolf especially is acute on this as his nostrils will smell the Pheromones and then the smell of a bleeding vagina. In all cases, to be a good male, take care of her down There.


There are some that think that SAMCRO MC is just a secondary tag for a former TV show. soa patch3In our case SAMCRO was created from that TV show, and formed into a REAL Motorcycle Club. Individual Charters gained their own name such as us in the Knytes-of-Dixie, yet are subsidiaries of SAMCRO MC. Not really a copy, but the original off TV version of what was depicted on that show. SAMCRO MC is REAL. With that said SAMCRO MC as reported is working to build a Harley/Gearheads Commune on the border of Idaho/Utah on old Highway 81 south of Malta Idaho. Also SAMCRO MC is rebuilding our biker/trucker/gearhead radio station in Evanston Wyoming, KSOA AM 1240. While silent right now, but be assured, SAMCRO is very active. Silent but deadly.


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Why is it that anymore all the Hotties are GAY?

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Afternoon DelyteWhy is it anymore that the really cool and hot babes are GAY? Now I’m not necessarily condemning the LGBTQ community, since the condemnation is on their heads, but I’m finding that if it’s a sweetheart, its usually not one that is looking for a male corpuscle. Example; there’s two hotties at the local A&W here, Makayla and another who is the asst.Manager. Yep queer as can be. Yet for the life of me can’t understand why? Since any guy that paired up with either of these honeys would be a blessing. Yet they are playing with the puddy of the other. Amazing. Now there’s also that sitch that goes that all too many white women, go after the Big Black guy, or the south of the border flavors. This makes no sense. In the wyld, A wolf won’t go after a poodle. Yes both are canines or at least the same species, yet they know not to mix breeds. Humans ought to observe that concept as well.

Paid on the shop today, yet seems again I’m flushing money down a pot hole. The only and I mean the ONLY reason I am, is because of the radio gear and furniture. As well as the fact I park the other trucks there. If it weren’t for that it’d be adios.

I am in full agreement with the bill that was signed into law in Oregon, this past week, putting a cap on rents and establishing some controls over run away property owners that increase rents just because they can, now its no they can’t. Makes one wonder why such things don’t happen in Idaho. Consider this; Utah has what is called a rental commission, that is part of the Consumer Protection Administration there. It’s a protection mechanism, to prevent greedy landlords from defrauding helpless people with over priced rentals. It also makes sure that what is claimed in a rental ad in a public publication is just what it is, not some place that is pictured purtty yet is not really what is. Why doesn’t Idaho have those protections? Simple; there’s a silent but powerful lobbying power that is exerted to politicians, and as such, no such sanctions. Now on my end, I mention this on two levels. One is the crook Cooks in Jerome Idaho, that gave me the boot just before Thanksgiving last November, plus charge me $100.00 a day, until I moved. Which prevented my ability to search for something that made sense and to where I didn’t have to rent two places. The second thing, the place I rented, should have been billed as a shop, not a apartment with attached shop. To answer the next question? Yes attorney’s will be brought in on both, along with the mess with CenturyLink. More L8R

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A Harley Commune and yes I like lady’s feet.


A few years back whilest moving up yonder to Hagerman, Idaho. My Dad and I cruising in an old U-Haul rent truck, stopped in a tiny, tiny town on the Idaho Utah border out on highway 81. So with that I marveled at the area, not too cold, not to hot, just a vast area, that was mostly farming. A few years later, Bro and I searching out an old runway that we as a aviation club could buy and fly our helo’s and other byrds off of. Come to find the old airstrip of that tiny town. So we started work, on the thought, of flat ass buying the entire blooming town. Rebuild the old buildings, fuel stops and so on. With the often wrong perception of some folks of the not knowing of us on two wheels and gearheads, why not grab that piece of real estate, and build a Harley Commune, called Hazzard Idaho.

That’s what’s going on with the Knytes/AyreWolvez in 2019.

HRJ PHOOTENOTESnOW its no big secret that I’m always attracted to a pretty lady wearing nylon stockings and such. But it goes way beyond a casual fetish. Back when the Dukes-of-Hazzard was a fever that was a big hit, and since we as a Club created the first and only studio approved version in real life of the Hazzard County Garage, there came this concept for a TV ad for our tow service, side of the Hazzard Garage. So the thought was at the end of the ad I would do a gentile smooch of the models toes, Cinderella style in the idea of playing on the words toe and tow. So the search was on to find the tiniest toes, with perfect attributes, with no bumps, pigeon toes, etc. Trust me even in nylons those imperfections will show up on camera. This was a daunting task. Too many young ladies that we interviewed thought Bro and I were pervs, or something. But we kept on searching. Then came the discovery that even the hottest women’s feet even in nylons, stink. How to overcome that, at least for filming became another daunting task. Finally we found the solution to the sitch. Every other year we go out to search for another perfect footed toed woman to do the ad. So the fetish is not a sexual fetish, but one of vocation and a business fetish. After the radio station that is our Flagship station is KTOW, or KAY-TOW(e) . So yes , when I meet a new lady corpuscle, the first thing I look at is her feet, especially if in nylons, yet I have found one lady at Church that has the right legs, just need to convince her to give me a gander at her toes. Stay Tuned for that.


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It’s good that nurses are good looking cause all too many are not too swooft.

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It sure is good the Nurses, LPN’s and such are pretty, because many are just that swooft. The lack of intelligence, us more aimed on the theory of let’s not do or allow anything that we could be sued over. It’s not that the nurses don’t care, its that they are the main source of care in a hospital, and the first to be discharged if there’s a law suit. In our industry that same risk is always there. A rig can be completely totaled , yet put the smallest scratch on it and the insurance and owner of the rig will sue , like a hungry lion. This indicates, and again toewing takes the lead here, but training and continued training and updates, keeps the legal eagles away. Should be that way for LPN’s and other medical types. Now let me let you in, on an example. First I lay this right at the feet toew netof hospital administration. The other day went in to renew a prescription. Couldn’t remember the Doc’s name, but here I was. Here was this old lady rolling out at maybe 80 years old, no computer, couldn’t help me. I had to stick my nose IMG_0033into another medical office to get any assistance. Now once I found where I needed to go, the gal working the desk, had no idea as to answer my questions. Said she needed to go fetch a nurse. After 45 minutes of searching, shazzam we found me and my prescrip, list. Got the scrip renewed all was done. It might say St. Luke’s on the sign, but even with a great building and fresh décor, still its still Magic Valley Memorial, with about the same level of expertise. Day was my 12 off, nope, if it were not for me there’s times, I think Heavy Rescue would stub its toes or should I say Toews.

Stay Tuned.

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If you want to start a fire, you first must strike a spark.

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mY its been a very long day. Some idiot here decided to do a quick escape from the fuzz, and ended up causing a 13 vehicle pile up , plus flipping a big rig. Talk about a long clean up.

Okay then: If your like me you no doubt get at least 30 or better of emails selling you something, or begging you to buy, or attend some conference in some far off place. Plain Jane generic emails go the wayside. If there’s not something to capture my attention, I’m looking everywhere and elsewhere . The ones that have some spicy or a look is when I give it attention. Spicy can come from any source. Whether it’s a hot lady Gina-Yellow-Sweater enhancing a product I might be interested in, or a great magazine unnamed a bit of time makes your service more memorable. Without careful production, and oversight your just throwing money down the drain into a manure pile. When we decided years ago, to adopt the infamous toew smooch HRT ERIN it was seen by many as a bit over the top to say the least. Today, no matter what handle our service is operated under that toew smooch is remembered. The same thing goes for all your advertising as well as a public marketing. Years ago if you did do TV ads, you had 3 maybe 4 TV stations and/or TV networks to work with. A remote control was only going to go to two or 3 other stations. You didn’t have to be so picky. Today, with VOD, and 500 plus cable/satellite channels out there, if you don’t have something a bit quirky to grasp your intended viewer or customer. Now too, even though in years gone by anything automotive was the decision of the male corpuscle in the home, so hot happy women pitching a car, car part or service center was at least on the surface okay and acceptable. However today that target is of both genders. Women control 70 % of a homes cash flow. Its no longer the domain of the man of the home. Women also make decisions, especially anything to do with the family transportation. If your pitching your towing service on TV you best produce an ad that attracts both the man and woman or again your loosing money and not spending money in the right way. So if your going to start a fire to gain traction for your towing action, light a spark, don’t just serve bland soup.


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The Oscars sucked, made me bored and fell asleep half way into it. And Words can be the same and different at the same time.


So tuned into and now I regret it, but tuned into last night’s Oscars. Few of anything on film or otherwise that a akin to was awarded ,much less nominated. So near mid ep, I switched over to the Weather Channel and watched Highway Thru Hell, and of course our name sake Heavy Rescue 401. So then took a gander at the FB newsfeed of mine, and saw that there was a post by hosting TV station KIVI out of Boise, that had a promo for their newscast. The promo was very lame and not much of anything that would invite you there. Then saw a post by Jacobs concerning the LIVE announcers and DJ’s, that are lacking in all forms of media and broadcasting. There is a severe lack of on air talent out there, but then there is a need. Where will the new talent come from? Of course there is the cliche that says, if you pay peanuts don’t expect the Wolves or Jungle Cats to show up. Which means, if you only pay $10.00 or even the $15.00 an hour wages that makes working at McDonalds, seem a better bet, for most applicants, don’t expect top notch experienced talent to apply. It doesn’t matter which gender either. In fact most men will enter broadcasting for much less per hour than a woman with the same degree of skills, and talent. Then I got this blip on LinkedIn about mentoring, I say great, I’ll mentor even the less than skilled person, no matter the gender, into broadcasting let alone towing. I once thought of setting up classes at a junior community college in Wyoming, but that went no where. Mostly cause slightly after I met PoohBear. Subject for another time. 


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There are Words, that can be spelled the same as well as slightly different, mean something different yet sound the same thing. Words like Hooker, can mean a honey for rent, for the night, or a tow truck. For that matter the word TOE and TOW spelled different, yet sound the same thing which I had a great intern, that was able to meld the two words together and came up with the word TOEW. That wasn’t easy for me to do, but she did. I have been lucky in all three of my careers . I have had great Mentors. In radio, I had Kelly Klass, of KEZJ FM fame, in Aviation, Pappy Boyington, and a AVI instructor, Major Kemp, of Pennsicola Florida. And last but not least I had two great Mentors in towing, one in skills, of operation and one in the business acumen to ownership. John Nausbaum of Jonny’s Towing of Twin Falls, the latter Charles Legg of A1 Towing & Heavy Haul Twin Falls.  So when I get the chance of being a mentor I jump at the chance, call it paying it forward on a vocational basis. Of course I couldn’t write this without saying that I learned a lot at Pocatello’s Vision12 aka CableAccess channel. There I learned how to be on floor camera, as well as linear editing. Two skills I would have never learned without being part of that. 


Suffering from severe writers Block, could be blue balls?


Early this morning and getting ready for church , I am suffering from a condition called Writers Block, where its on the mind just can’t grip how to write it. Could it be just a simple case of blue balls syndrom? I can remember a year or so ago when Angel showed up at the Lair in Wendell. Her and this hussey from American Falls showed up one day, and left some nylons behind that I placed on the door of the radio studio. With that around, all I needed to do when I got a creative block, was take a sniff or two, get rid of the need to breed and I could get back to carving out copy or radio material. Now it too might be for the lack of my bigger computers, the radio gear, or just the fact here lately a serious sitch, of I just don’t give a dang. What ever it is, its haunting me this morning.

Speaking of church and gospel. The denomination I follow has this piece in its teachings called the Doctrine And Covenants, part 89 is always quoted as to the things you shouldn’t do. And yet bible teachings say that wine and spirits it say in Proverbs is good for a man weighed down with worry. As many of you know , a week or so ago, I was brought down to humbleness by what turned out to be pnemonia and a bleeding ulcer. When I got home after not being able to afford more of the stomach meds, I remembered that my mom used to say that a little beer that had been allowed to go flat was good for upset tummies. So down to the Maverick I went got a six pack of Bud, after two cans I was okay. So I did some digging in even Part 89 and here’s what I came up with. scripture2Can’t get a better recommendation than that. So then I began looking at both biblical and Church teachings, that are not spoken of yet, are thrown off by Churchy types, but in reality they are things Heavenly Father put on this Earth for us to use, more over given the intelligence to construct those things for our use.

stay tuned


Enough with the Tribal, Serengeti crap on TV

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Have you seen the new Dorittos ad with all the classic rides, but a bunch of tribal spear chucker rap verbiage? Not only does all that detract from the product, but just is plain stupid. Of course there’s the new MTn Dew ad, with the corn row folks gliding around some mansion on big wheels, rapping the copy? I say enough with the crappy TV ads. Can we just have something decent? Immediately one then thinks sexy, that still sells lots of products and services. Catch the music audio on Perkin’s Café’s ads. Where the guy goes in , sits down and the waitress comes over and says, “ What are ya thinking?” The guy responds, a burger and fries, and so on. First the gal from breasts up doesn’t look too bad, from hips on down its tubby city. Dang if your going to play the kind of music they do on that ad, cast someone a bunch more spiffy. I call it the Tempt, me, don’t insult me concept. Not just insult me, concept. Did someone just get stupid or are ad budgets just still really tight? The best way to get the word out about your business, is to be creative and intelligent. Use what ever eye candy you can muster up, put some time in on the script if there is one, make it good, short and spicy, but not too spicy, since there is a chance of more than likely a child might see it. Some of the best casted and built ads are the ones for Gold Bond. Where the gal just puts some on then walks down the hall, kinda spicy, yet tasteful. It’s a simple concept and sells the product. Most of the decent ad’s are contracted by Disney, the rest it seems is missing any kind of thought.

Last but not least this afternoon, is everyone in Twin Falls today on a terminal case of PMS? Seems everywhere I went today, most people were in a pissy mood. Bad moods by your employees, can be bad for business. One thing being in towing, you learn rapidly, that your next customer is most likely not going to be in a good mood when they call you. Either their ride puked, they hit someone or something, or they’re getting hauled off the cross bar hotel. It’s up to you as a towing professional to put them at ease and be of some comfort. If your pissy, sit out the tow. Too bad other jobs don’t teach this. Like this morning, went to the local A&W, for lunch, same time as I usually do, yet after pestering some punk who didn’t understand what the volume control on the stereo just had to bark at me in his disturbed attitude, that there was a customer in front. His bark was that they really were not open yet. Must be different hours on weekends. It wasn’t that that he could have said they were not open yet, but the way he said it. Want to know who wont have a job come Monday? All I know there’s a serious need for some good person to bag a trailer truck load of Midol and pour it into the area water supply.

Lighten up.

Stay Tuned.

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Here’s one for you!!


Before I get into my rant here, this morning, I need to clear some things up, mainly to do with MY PoohBear. Understand I love that young lady more than just about anything on earth. Cept maybe only seconded by LexiBelle. Second there is two other points as to why she is not here by my side right now. First; she is not yet a member of the Church, and Church and gospel says until marriage thou shalt not live together. Heavenly Father made that quite clear, when both of us tried to cohabitate in Evanston. And last where I’m residing right now and money as short and tight as it is, it wouldn’t be a healthy environment for us to reside in the same domicile right now. The mess in Jerome, that goes to court in mid March for the first hearing regarding Cook Realty on the place I got hoodwinked into is only part of it, then comes the battle in mid April with our court fight with CenturyLink. Once those things are complete, radio gear for the club is recovered, and all then is wedding bells at the Idaho Falls Temple. 

wolf-of-hazzard-county-journal.jpg So was surfing the net and saw that Idaho Legislators have not yet read a bill on the Senate floor, to include the words for the LGBTQ community to thwart discrimination in employment and other such sitch’s. Really? Does that mean, that if some sexually challenged person applies at our company and I say get lost because your GAY, that at least in Idaho its still legal to do so? Does that mean that? Or could an action be taken on a company because they would not hire a gender challenged person? In my opinion the Idaho Legislature, of whom 80% are LDS are not to keen on the entire subject and thus not voting on, nor wanting to proppel the state into that snare. 

Two more items this morning; Could one sue a landlord that knows their places are extremely drafty that you freeze most of the time, if you get pneumonia like I did? Especially if it takes you away from your work? And second, and this goes to what I started with. That slightly plump, droopy jugged young lady in Florida right now, is my love and life. Every day I gain more and more love for her, as she has stuck by me , sacrificed what financial resources she has to help me get some traction to my action, for the company and the MC. Its that and a ton more things that makes her mine. She may not be a prancing , long legged fashion model, but then shit I’m not no GQ super stud either, heck in my hospital gown thingy I look like a bald headed Mini Pearl. (quit laughing) Sure PoohBear and I don’t have a lot in common, but physics will tell you, two like polarized atoms repel each other , not attract. 

Stay Tuned.

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If I wanted to live in the cold I’d have stayed in Wyoming, dang its cold outside.


tHe sun is out, but its not warming up much here. Its still cold as heck here, and if I wanted to freeze , I’d have stayed in Wyoming. As it is, and I’m glad that I don’t have to pay for electric here, one must crank up the heat from one tiny base board heater to near 90, just to get it up to 70, real temp. Amazing.

So been looking over the TV a lot more, since radio at least not being done by us, really sucks in this area. TV Ads that run or mesh up old classic rock makes me angry. Original creativity on anything any more seems to be a serious missing element of TV and media in general. Some of the old GEICO ad’s are kind of funny, but that Flo on the ad’s is really messed up. Then we move on to JG. Wentworth, they refreshed their ad. Thing is if you have ever tried to snag a dollar with that outfit, you’ll find they’re awful and can be mean.

Still trying to find the $5k I need to satisfy the people who own our shop. Some of that is coming from the Montgomery Foundation, the rest from what the Clubs can scrounge up.

Everyone wants to build our website. I have several emails a day from people or firms all over the world asking me or selling me their services. I have rules. 1St, not going to do business with someone half way around the back side of the planet, and I’ll be damned if I’ll give passwords and deets to someone I don’t know.

More in the evening edition.

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