Goody’s Powders, Jack Daniels, and a fresh can of SKOAL ORIGINAL WINTERGREEN is what’s needed when doing anything Internet.

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These are the things that are required any more for a successful and none turbulent trip down the Cyber highway aka the InterWeb.

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If you don’t have those things, stay away from the InterWeb. Seems that we have had a rash of folks sticking their noses into our pools of manure any more. Just when you get things figured out, something or someone comes through and invades your space. Why? It’s a known fact that I don’t carry large sums of cash, barely hanging on, and as poor as a Church mouse. As far as the Syndicate is concerned, shyt, there’s a slight battle going on between the WolfPack and the Knytes, but these things usually cure themselves over a period of time. On one side the Knytes, want me to dump PoohBear, find quarters for things that can be sustained over a long period of time and get back to generating content on the radio as well as generating income. Rid myself of what has continually caused me to loose traction. On the other side, the WolfPack says keep PoohBear, make sure she’s in it for the long haul and make damn sure she’s going to put full $600.00 a month payments into our cash stash. If not, PoohBear has to be excluded from all things syndicate. I’m about there now. The contributing the full $600.00 as long as that lasted was good, it gave me and the Syndicate the ability to do business and split expenses, here lately her only forking out half amounts, means I’m coughing out more out of my jeans. And that means there is no immediate plans for no damn wedding, much less cohabitation. It just is not healthy. Last month when she was off line for awhile and I had made the decision to dump her, there were no less than 20 of both female and male associates and friends that said, that would be the healthiest thing that I could do. Angela even said the relationship was toxic. My main mission in this life outside of my love for LexiBelle, is to serve those who have served and those who continue to serve, both in my own squadron, as well as all units of all branches of military service, who have braved this life to strap on an aircraft and defend this nation, through flight. There’s a need for changes. I turned off the Wyoming cell phone, both because I can’t afford it, and two the attitude of Verizon. Sure I understand their problem that the bill was 121 days late. Which comes back around to PoohBear. I need to begin work to distance myself there and no longer rely on her, since she’s no longer dependable. Her excuse this time was something to do with her Mom’s Social Security thing. Real thing? Her Mom helped her brother, her aunt fucked PoohBear out of $300.00 and I got just a smidgen. Hey it is her money, but the reunification a year ago or so, was no money, no honey. Yes this is a New Year, and I am, changing things. With any change and growing there is hurt and sacrifice. I can’t very well sue my shit head cousin Bud for him skimming money off the top of mine, nor the investment that he made into an annuity, that went sour taking mine along with it. In time, yes $185,million will be recovered , less attorney’s fees. But until some property is sold in California in the Hollywood area is sold, and that money put back into the pot, I’m on strictly a military pension, and a tad bit of SSI. Past that any bread crumbs from towing, and flying is a bonus. Likewise out of every $100.00 of revenue the Syndicate gets for and from the radio op, I get $20.00, which if it ain’t on the air, no money.

More L8R Aviators, my wrist is awfully sore.

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Young women ought to not take on vocations that involves intelligence or responsibility.

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Women younger than about 28 years old into mid 30’s should never be assigned or hired for any kind of vocation or job, that requires them to think, outside of a box, or beyond a written script. They just can’t function. Especially if they are working with other women their age, or younger. Or at a place that they feel useless in, which they are to begin with. Not saying all women are stupid, not saying that after a very long period(no pun intended) of training they can’t function, but even then a guy should be there that have at least had their balls dropped. I’m sorry our education system has not taught any kind of immediate problem solving, the always party mental state is constant. And by themselves women don’t do much except carve things out on FakeBook. What began this path of mental flight of mine here is this. Tired of the crap with Verizon, who signed me up to begin with in Evanston, Wyoming as at first a business, which is why I needed the damn thing, and all I decided that now I have a choice so, signed up with this MetroPCS a division, of T-Mobile. First I get a phone that I have no damn idea how to operate fully, not much help in showing me how by the phillies that are at the Twin Falls Idaho store. I signed up with an entirely different dealer in Jerome, with some gal, that had finger nails so damn long she could not even open the back of my phone without my help to install the SMS card. Add to that told me the thing I signed up for at $25.00 a month is all I needed. But hey no email, no texts, no nothing except a basic phone. To get that it was extra money, but the one store next to a women’s underwear store, and the seatcovers working there, had no clue as to what I needed nor how to solve the problems I was having. Although I am just starting to remedy the malfunctions on my own still T-Mobile’s claim that they wont bounce your inquiry and that they don’t use bots to help you is a down right lie. Bottom line, it took albeit barely able to speak English at the kiosk at the Magic Valley Mall but it took a guy to fix the problems. Although even they are not to swuft. When it comes to women especially younger women today, it is my observation, that as long as your putting them in front of a camera by hot rods, or such, then fine. Put em on the air, with radio, with a MALE co-Anchor fine. Anything past that.  Don’t even try. Women should stick to selling essential oils, or vcosmetics like Mary K, or Avon, past that no. Except maybe assisting a Doctor, or serving food. In my years I have come to the conclusion, that even those in the medical fields, should be chosen only if and only IF, they are older than say 36 to their early 50’s. By then the biological restraints have ran their course. 

This month I had most of everything planned out. Rent, $650.00, shop, $875.00, Cell phone $400.00. Yet sweet PoohBear somehow muddied things up. Obviously PoohBear can’t do the full $600.00 a month any more without dipping into her Mom’s money. My thought is, If I can sacrifice to build my side of the company, and pay dues to the WolfPack, she should too. That is one of the requirements in the us getting back together thing. So with that , once again I’m sweating. I’m getting, nearer and nearer, to going with the idea many have told me to do, cut PoohBear loose and do this on my own somehow, and find some gal that has the $’s that’s willing to contribute. Glad my Mom And Dad, knew how to pool their monies together, that’s how they built their mini empire. They worked together, as such I had a dang great childhood, more over our family was strong. Now finally, and at times its a curse and a blessing.

It’s no secret to any body that for some unknown reason as even I don’t know, that there’s an attraction to women wearing nylon hosiery. The Musk scent, the texture or just the look. Two ladies that I know, very well, tried to near suffocate me with covering my nose and mouth once or twice so as to where I’d get my fill of that. The reverse happened just the opposite. The more I engulffed the scents and all, the more I wanted it. As such I was lucky for a short time, to get into a gig that was all about legs, nylons and such with the Dukes-of-Hazzard, and sweet Daisy. Few legs on earth match her’s she even had them insured for $50,000.00 , $25,000.00 each leg. As I looked on this the other night, I thought, its been a long run(no pun intended) to this affliction affection. Dig this I own and operate a TOW(TOE) Truck, one of the best locations for the radio gig, just happened to be next to , a foot doctor in Etown,(not kidding) the list goes on. The list goes on, but there is both a dare/challenge and financial reward, for the right lady , with the right set of feet,legs,toes and all to do a time long distance project, for me to set the Worlds Record, for me putting lips and nose against feet and toes in nylon hose. Put pledges together to donate to the Shriner’s Hospital in Utah, but the goal is to get me to the point to where the need of me doing that is cured.  Deets later here.

Finally here, I’m still working on things here. One of the big problems I’m having is on my passwords. Seems as though I have a troll or something fowling things up. Don’t know if its that I’m running over public wifi, or what, but it seems just when I get one fixed, I’m having to redoux another. I’m thinking that its that Emily, that invaded my space a few weeks ago. Don’t know, but this really requires some serious sniffing around. All of this because of many events from PoohBear fowling up rent in Jerome two months ago, to me getting evicted, which meant no hard core wired IP. Just Wifi. Time to call in a few experts. One damn thing I do know and I don’t care if it does add one more asshole to the sue list, if I find out the malady is due to this joint, New Leaf Properties will be owned by me. My big question to them is simple. There’s an older phone system in this structure. Why not run or allow tenants to have installed a wired connection? 


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Report from the Wolf’s Lair


Friday morning, rent needs to be paid, PoohBear’s funds got muddied again, and now need to tuck tail, and brown nose the new Bishop for rent money. Verizon got cut off, and with some of my own monies I had to go and get a throw away phone from MetroPCS, which isn’t near the phone or abilities of my older phone from Verizon. But it was a war of wills between $600.00 to Verizon, due to the money farting around by PoohBear, and the Government screwing me out of $400.00 which the bank in Wyoming, charging me $5.00 a day for overage charges. Can I pull enough together to fix this? Yes, but its going to mean I’m broke all month. Of which I have just said pee on ETown. There was a reason I left there in the beginning, and yes some business can be generated there, that isn’t within easy reach here. That said, when one bank honors a old check to one of my financial accounts at Wells Fargo, there for $600.00 just before I departed, and then having to set up an account with another bank there to cover my butt. And me having to go through a living hell, because of shortages, with change in my phone came a change in my attitude. Stay the f**K put. DoD held up my pension, due to the fact I never told them I was moving, yet the excuse came that they had sent paperwork but it got returned , in Jerome, plus The Bank in Wyoming experienced the same thing, yet the power bill, water bill, natural gas bill, and a few other things got there. So why not 1st class mail? Why? Simple, Jerome Idaho is mini Tijuana no speak Española, nothing gets done. Hey I support Trumps gig on the wall. I say put guards at the fence with auto weapons, and lam blast every beaner crossing through without a green card. As far as the breaking up families? Got a solution, blast em all, no kids, no old ladies. No Beaners. Want to come to our nation? Fine get the right paperwork, if not get the feeling of a 50 cal enema. Just like this honey in Africa that is wanting the WolfPacks help to get here. Hey I’m all for it. Her son could be a great asset to us. However between the immigration policies, lack of a cash flow, and all whose going to pay for it? The WolfPack’s funds are frozen pending the law suit against CenturyLink and Cook Realty. That $.5 million recovery will be nice, but its going to take time to recover that. As far as LexiBelle? Right now as far as I can see, the best thing, is pay to have Charlie bum me a carrier and go fetch it, bring it back here to MY SHOP and fix it so I can get going towing again. Not saying anything bad against our Wyo rep there, but his plate is full to the point he has no way of fixing the truck. More over I have tried very hard to get Rick to relocate here to build a company, I know where there’s a place for $2,000.00 a month, that includes those two other trucks I been eyeballing. As far as AyreWolf Aviation? I’m having to fly out of 4 airports until our new facility is built near Buhl, Idaho. Out of one of those other 4 ports, last night one of our good helo’s got ransacked with near $10k worth of damage. Sure we’re working with the fuzz on it, but That $10k, has got to be made up somewhere. Add to that the $12,k a day lost on the radio op, and yet someone hounds me for money to bring her stateside. Sure we knock down $50,k a month, but only see about if we’re lucky $5,k a month in return on the investment. Add to that the bi-monthly trips between Boise and Utah, for treatments for my Cancer and all, and it eats up lottamonies fast. Look I was going broke in Evanston to begin with. I moved, its time to make that move completely official.

Stay Tuned. L8R Aviators,

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Thank God I am Southern Fried and can still Fly

Thank God I am Southern Fried and as well as I can still fly. For those with their feet and minds so on the ground and those that can’t see anything beyond their immediate view is all too much at least restricted. It’s like making a race horse wear blinders and all so it can’t divert their attention to other things in the wider focus. I was reading with some hilarity, some udderings from a few so called and I mean so called Confederate and so unknowing rebel pages and groups on FB and elsewhere, that the thought or question comes up, would they want to see a rebirth of the reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard? I am not so much sure any more. Now saying that I’m speaking treason and all is not accurate. I am as much if not more of a fan and dedicated to everything the show itself was based on. As well as what it all was about. That said two attempts at ,motion pictures based on the series, that went into the toilet, and might have made much more sense had they used the original actors on the movies that were on the TV show version > . However April Scott doing Cousin Daisy was in my opinion much better than Cathy Bach did it. Plus the fact that there are so many other TV shows that have been shifted in being resurrected and put on TV and those that have been plainly forgotten. Two of which we are working on in colaboration. AirWolf and BJ & The Bear. With redouxing a short lived series produced by Kountry celebrity Kenny Price, about a bunch of sweet hearts that are tow truck drivers by day, Private detectives by night.  That series was called the Highway Honey’s that should have ran longer to gain a following and it had as much appeal as B.J.&the Bear had. Doing reruns of the Dukes isn’t such a bad idea. I can watch several episodes and see my own name as well as that of the Hazzard Knytes in the credits. Thing is after awhile it gets, really boring. You want to see a continuation of a story line, or make several episodes on one plot. They did that twice, even casting the same lady who played DiDi McCall on the cop show Hunter. When the producers of the show started using miniture cars and such, and trying to make more money, but spending less on production, it was clearly seen by many of us involved that it was time to close the book on it. They tried to do two TV Movies based on the series, which without, Boss Hogg, and a few others, and trying to urbanize it in the last made for TV movie based on the Dukes, the entire enterprise was spoiled. So my answer as it was then, remake it based on the movie from which the Dukes came from, fine. Let’s see a remake of the MoonRunners then redoux it into a weekly series that way, but as it is just running reruns. No. It’s like watching puppies lick their balls. At first it looks cute, but then after awhile just looks trashy.  More on the subject of me getting back into and back on the air later, but I need sleep. I can say, that with that blooming Cell phone off for a time, its refreshing, not having to listen to thousands of telemarketers and collection firms calling me at all hours. I can really sleep. 

L8R Aviators,

No war or battle was ever won by quitting

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Yesterday I had a rude awakening. Not the couple upstairs balling each other and hearing straining bed springs. Nope , My phone was unplugged. Yep disconnected after how many years with Verizon, and they couldn’t wait until President Trumps Military Pension dispensing system puts money into my bank account. Nope, no money at least until mid week next week which means I’m going to be humbling myself to my new Bishop over here for rent money. Then came the delay with PoohBear who nearly got run over going to the store to send me money, which caused her to bust her arm. So with that and the constant $5.00 a day overdraft charges. Which wouldn’t have been a problem, had DoD and President Trump fuggling up the Government money just because he needs to prove a point, that he will build the great wall. Watch Michelle Obama become President in…

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Friends, let’s face it, the Internet is broken and way to chicken of it self. Time for Knyte-Grooves.

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I have been trying most of the nyte to grind something out here, and after 3 hours of Garage Squad, the conclusion of Descendants on the Disney Channel, and doing graphic work at 04:00 I’m finally able to howl. Which the crux of my howl this morning is in fact all things Geek, and IT. Let’s face it friends the Internet, and many sites are in dire need of new seed. The creators and censors and all on social sites like but not limited to Facebook needs to take off their blinders and see what’s going on. More over remove their bias’s on things that are posted there. A few ago, saw three pages of things Dixie and Confederate barking about being gave the Facebook freeze and interrogation. Really. Some body chimed in there about it being too bad there isn’t a rebel social site. Excuse me? What the revenuers did they think ours here is all about? The Hazzard County Gazzette’s website is another. Besides myself, Ray of Dixie has offered to put one up, and include it on his site, if there was enough interest shown. Yet for so many that get that time of the month over Facebook, the tampon heads are still there, on: Facebook. Now let’s not just pick on grand ole Mark Zuckerburg’s pride and joy, it don’t matter if its them at FB or in the trenches at The Internet is broken and needs a revision and upgrading, not to mention a full overhaul. Even to the point that such old gems as AltaVista amongst others including Lycos are still out there. Outside of huge metro areas bandwidth has not been increased in the recent Century. CenturyLink, who the Knytes are filing a suit against for breach of contract and revenue loss, for just over a quarter of a million bucks, but CenturyLink which used to be a landline telecom which few use any more, most have went to Cell systems, CenturyLink, PMT, and others just have not invested the kinds of $’s to make a quicker more get to it connection. Back about 8 or so years ago, there was an act concocted by The FCC, to create a all for all super broadband connection that was supposed to be for even the remotest hook up for Internet, mainly broadband, funded in part by the Feds, the rest from Telecom’s etc. That’s why there was a mad rush to get you to shyt can your analog TV for digital. So that would free up what termed White Space or spectrum. What happened to that? Simple; the big Cell carriers, like Verizon, A.T.&.T amongst others bought up that airwaves real estate, and said piss on the rural people. Of course one of the proponents of the idea is currently the FCC chairperson, who at the time was a huge exec at Verizon. Which the same damn thing happened shortly after Trump was sworn into office. Huge amounts of Spectrum was remapped and many local still living like KBAX and KCJY of Twin Falls Idaho were shoved off the air. But I’m getting off topic here. There really needs to be a Web-3.0 or even a Web-3.1 brought into being. If Fakebook and others want to farm off everyone that don’t agree with their idea of iOt and such, why not let the bias be on the free offering, and have a $20.00 a month pay to use, version, where you could post and bark and squall to your hearts desire what you REALLY want to say.Consider this; if Fakebook set up a pay to use offering, and charged say $20.00 per month, the billions of current Fakebook users, could pay to use. Now then make it mandatory that the money raised would be used to improve what’s out there, plus expand the offerings. Then the Internet could be repaired, upgraded and made much better. Have a slight kickback to the Telecom’s like CenturyLink, and all to improve their systems. As it is, too much artificial intelligence and virtually no real intelligence.

Chat with you this afternoon. Much to do today.

Good numbers to ya’ll.

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As we wind down the year of 2018 and enter 2019, I’m not sad to see the sunset of 2018 as 2018 was a , no, thee year of hell.

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Pappy's LogAs we conclude and wind down the year of 2018 and head into the horizon of 2019 I must say, 2018 was indeed my year of super hell. The year started out sorta okay, I was in grumpy but manageable Wendell Idaho, with albeit a small one, but some what of a surplus. Then came March, nearly was homeless. But some fast talking and strong arm twisting saved the house,at least up to the 1st of May. Now the start of April, found that some twisted Oriental jerk, had mangled and violated LexiBelle. Understand I left LexiBelle in Wyoming for two things, a fuel tank problem that needed replacement and two , because of advice a rewire. Seems as all I did wasn’t very good. If PoohBear hadn’t cut me short in 2017, on funds so I could keep my shop, I’d have never ever moved to Idaho. But promises by both Cable-One,, CenturyLink, and a few others including but not limited to some spoiled wanna be models from this Tragic Valley of Idaho, kept me here. First of May, Super Fox, Chandra was getting out of the cross bar hotel, due to being entangled in a situation, and as such I was looking real strong at Boise as a home. Had my sites set was outta Wendell headed for the city of trees, found that the account from the owners of the Wentworth of Evanston was transferable to the Boise Area. So had some money saved , waiting on PoohBear’s money, and with a week into June, hired a gal named Angel, who was to run things in the trashy Tragic Valley that is so filled with absolute stupid, I’m not talking an occasional slip of brain drain, I’m talking retarded pedaling backasswards stupid. Found PoohBear’s money had been hijacked so had to go to plan B, move the radio gig, and for a time me to Jerome. Which is where I got tangled up with Cook Realty and Tyson Cook. Where what’s said, ain’t what’s done. Started out with getting smoked out to neighbors in the upstairs apartment, followed by heat stroke, where found late July that the bigger apartment with air conditioning would be available. So I scraped off the first move idea to Wyoming, and got the upstairs, for $850.00 a month. No deposit if I could and would clean it up and air it out. So called on my dear friends in Wendell, named Smith, to help. Kath and crew came over, went Bizzardvark on the place. But came September, found the Cook’s wanted more. Guess they thought I was a cash steer or something. They wanted rent plus the deposit on the place , $1800.00 were they kidding? No they were not kidding. Pay up or get out. Came the 1st of October, had the tent pitched into the wind of Wyoming, attempt 2move. But weather and all did not allow that, plus the poultry $300.00 I made busting my butt for and with Deseret Industries, pulling my shoulder which still isn’t healed getting my hot rod repoed again. Some fast talking to the new Bishop, and rescued the car. Then came the snow storm from hell, so no departure at the end of November, which brought me to December. Thank God, and I mean that as defined, decided to remain on station here in Idaho, at least until now. Will 2019 be better? I think so, am lining up people and Knytes members to get things rolling again, in Wyoming. Not saying Evanston is so great, but in many ways while not as populous as Twin Falls is, still Evanston, is making strides towards progress and being within an hour from Utah and Metro Salt Lake City, means human resources the Club and I can tap into, that will never be in Tragic Valley Idaho for another 250 years into the future. When the rest of the planet is using molecular transport, aka beaming to get from place to place, Twin Falls will still be trying to find a way to shift out of 2nd gear even double clutching it, and getting off a horse pulled stage coach.

Going to do a thing on Artificial Intelligence, and such things as WordPress,Google,and of course my pet peeve, Facebook. AI is only as good as the HI(Human-Intelligence) that writes the code and, makes AI possible. Stay tuned. Oh and need to say this, got green lights on three film/series gigs in Utah/Wyoming today. The True Story of the 214, Hazzard Knytes, and the revised AirWolf has been approved. Plus some walk on and specialty work on Andi Mack on the Disney Channel.

Good night ya’ll .

Before I go, and I need to get this out, and as of yet don’t know what its all about. But I started getting dreams, I call them visions from the future. One part has the Smith’s in a rather large home near Heber Utah, with Myself and PoohBear living just outside of PickleVille Utah, on the Utah/Idaho border. I will get into the depths of this in future entries here. But its been said that Ancient see-ers of the Church saw much of future happenings and direction in their sleep. While I certainly would never think I have that depth of focus or anything, I gotta wonder am I seeing something even deeper? As I saw, land being cleared near Paris Idaho just outside of Montpelier, for the construction of a new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Temple. Business wise it don’t make sense , since the Church just built and dedicated a Temple just outside of Afton Wyoming, a couple years ago, and Afton Wyoming and Montpelier/Paris Idaho is not that far away from each other. Yet I saw it. Could this be a future happening?

Stay tuned.

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Of and On Rebels and Wolvez.

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oh my wolfFirst out of the Lair this extremely COLD Sunday, is its cold as a bankers handshake and all I’m doing is watching MotorTrend TV, aka SpeedTV , AKA Velocity. My question to those investors here’s an idea, give the damn network back to those who created it, aka the Knytes and of course me. SpeedTV was created out of my then Towing service, SpeedWrench Towing, that became SAMCRO TOEW, but it’s the idea, that myself, , my step son Mike, sitting in a front room with a gal from Rupert, Idaho said lets do up a 24/7 gear head style TV network, based on What was the POwerBlock, on then TNN(Spike) Network. Then of course came a different set of parameters, and here today is MotorTrend TV. Petersen Publishing who also did up Hot Rod and a few other publications like Car Craft, which I like better than the other two. but that’s personal preference.

Today is PoohBear’s birthday she’s now in the mid 40th lap on the race of life. nearly grown up , but still a kid in others. Next this coming week, I’m headed over to Margie’s to get all this damn hair cut off of me, pay shop rent and get my ass moved to Evanston, and grow beyond that. This life style here at the grand Old Towne Lodge is not that swell. When you open up the micro groove and you see 3 cock roaches climb out of the nuclear cooker, its time to think , hey this ain’t it. So lets ease into today’s thoughts.

Every day I see pages, groups, and others that bark about being in and for Wolves, and/or the Causes or causes of southern heritage. But that’s all they do, is sit on a keyboard(where its safe and warm) and say they are willing to do this, and/or do that. Here’s the truth, whether its wolves or rebels, they are all that unless declaring this or that might hinder their love of living on the outside or inside, or for that matter might put the skids to that powerful SSI money. Nope if being for the causes might create some sweat on money benefits somewhere they back off. Right now its everyone is for Trump, in a way so am I, but let me remind my southern patriots, in reality the Southern people were not Republican’s, remember, Lincoln was a Republican, southern folks or those who walked in the heels of Jefferson Davis were DEMOCRAT’s nor republicpukes. I don’t like either one, and as such in 2007 a friend of mine from South Carolina named Steve Monk, he began a very serious, just not as aggressive southern movement. Under that we started as gear heads group to get our noses into politics. Steve started work into the idea, of establishing a political party called the Confederate National Party, aka CNP. Of three western state, Wyoming, Utah and at the final just before the election in 2008 Idaho. The Confederate National Party became a bonfide political party. While the few candidates that we placed on the party’s masthead, still the CNP got recognition. Today whether any one wants to take a look the CNP, is alive, and we could gather enough oomph to get the CNP in front of both liberals, and what I will call, Conservative Liberals. Yea it is that people talk a big game until its to suit up and get on the field to really play in the game. Then comes the preservation and defense of the Wolf. First off, the Wolf is only a canine in some very minor species building blocks. One should not compare a wolf to a simple mongrel mutt. The manipulation of the ecological world of animal and so called idiotic human is just well, idiotic. The fact is this. Few years ago, some tree huggers feeling bad for our canine counterparts, took bird, trailer, trailer trucks and so on, went to Canada, forced the wolves into those crates and trailers, and then transplanted the wolves into Yellowstone, thinking the wolves would stay there. Not so. Now I could go on here, but just to simplify this, people are willing to bark and howl, about something, until they are mandated or simply requested to pony up, or at least do something for a cause. Putting it street simple, everyone is for preservation of everything Rebel and all until its time to sit up and take action, just as much, its all ya’ll can do is talk about Wolf things, until its time to do Wolf Things. Like I always say, the Knytes do, what everyone else just whimpers about.

Happy Birthday, my PoohBear.

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It must not take much of a brain drain to work at tech companies, or maybe its just too many can’t get out from behind their cubicles.

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Tonight into early this morning must be a web-tech nightmare. Seems as though that just about every tech uplink, and broadband speed system is out of sorts. Beyond that is there a meltdown at todays Tech companies? Such as Facebook, that can’t seem to get its steps together and its right hand, has no idea of what its left hand is doing. The interlinks seem way out of sync, none OF MY pages can I like as my OWN page, says privacy settings say I can post, my posts elsewhere. Bullshit, I made the frigging page, the pages represent the various subsidiaries of AyreWolf Aviation/Highway Hooker Toewing, an of course the Iron Knytes Association and all its subsidiaries. There are people, our members, many of whom are stationed at military bases and on American military NAVY Ships, needing to know what’s going on with the club, yet I can keep track of it to save my butt. But hey that’s not all. Nope Thursday I had placed an ad on 4 of our pages and in our groups for us searching for lady talent for our spring and summer yet , the ads got flagged by Zuckerburg’s minions as being discriminatory. Now I’d be willing to bet meatballs, that If Disney placed an ad on Facebook, looking for a lady to play Mary Poppins, that the ad wouldn’t get flagged. Side note, did any of you know who remains and was selected for special projects company for the Disney Channel’s Andi Mack? Yes; SouthernSteele Media(aka-Hazzard County Radio) Its not discriminating, its looking for a certain gender to play a specific role in a certain production. Just as much as its not discriminatory to to cast for a honey or two to play some of Pappy’s Lambs in the upcoming movie of the 214, nor does it discriminate by requesting talent for a lady to play Mary Poppins. Or for that matter Tinkerbelle. The problem and its not just Facebook, its everyone from Google to Pinterest to WordPress, the idiots are not getting out from behind their cubicles and looking outside at not only their immediate area of vision.

Now then as I close. To Corporate America. I understand you felt the need to seed the fields of commerce, by running thousands of dollars to give enlightenment to your products and services. Guess what? Christmas is over. Just like many take down the Holiday decorations(TV ads) put em away until next year.Finally. We lost the bid on buying the proposed sister to LexiBelle. Seems as over the weekend someone came in with a bit more money , in cash and their now gone. Hey some days you get the bear, some day’s the Bear gets you.


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Due to the circumstances of FakeBook having its head still up its Butt, we will no longer be advertising there.


Due to circumstances of FakeBook still having its head up its butt, and refusing to publish the same Help Wanted ads for our talent searches we have decided not to place any more ads there. In weeks to come many of our pages and eventually our account will also be deleted from FakeBook. Something nasty must have crawled up the keester of those frat boys at FB’s HQ, but its hurting our business. There are two things that I ponder. If say me and the MC were to take it easy and take a Slow ride to  Silicon bay California and just crash the gate at FB, would we really get in the door to lay upon the floor some of those foreign nationalists call their work place , being FB ? There are tons of people just jumping off FakeBook, Piss On FakeBook now its no secret that the MC, and I have been at battle with FakeBook, for the last 8 years, but they don’t mind taking money from us, its only the no pay ads we run there that they fuss with. Even the ones they delete, due to not meeting their stringent standards they never fully refund the ad payment. Now there are those of both genders as well as many of the gender challenged (many work for FakeBook) that can and do put up porn videos, and really raunchy videos, and they are allowed to remain. But let a Club 81 affiliate post an ad for some honeys to employ for and of our media arm, and the fuss goes to a level 5. So if you still want to know what’s going on here get im touch with us here or email us at,  

In closing when it comes to FakeBook and the Knytes, simply put we are at war.