Now that the mutual bullshit is over we can now get down to business

Now that the mutual bullshit is over we can now get down to building a business. Our radio op, is the center of most of the income for both the Knytes as well as the WolfPack aka AyreWolvez. Running guns and weed, has not been that much of a income booster. Plus if one of us gets caught its jail city, don’t want that any more. So lets get this radio op, or radio operation , back to making money. There was a point the radio op, was knocking down about $500,000.00 a month plus some extras like service providers offering up free service contracts in exchange for on air promotions. So that works. Now the clincher is I have to move to ETown again, but if things work out right here this afternoon we’ll be in an office, just a few clicks away from where we are now. Wish the dern thing would have been built before I fell in the crap hole of cook’s but hey can’t do nothing about the past. 

Okay, ad sales. Let’s hire someone to do ad sales. There’s got to be a trusted someone to burn up some shoe leather and get out and sell ads for all our shows. 

Now then: As for me, I get at least one maybe two calls a day and at least two calls at night for towing and or road service in and around Evanston Wyoming. Something about the Name Highway Hooker Toewing draws people to me and the company. As such the need to find, secure a shop, get Lexibelle back in operation as well as our mini service truck. At $80.00 a call that’s $320.00 a day or $2,227.00 a week that’s just under $9,000.00 a month and that’s just with one tow rig and service truck imagine if we were running 3 trucks? Even considering a rollback. So that said, money can be made but it requires simply getting at it. Here in western Idaho it’d be a bitch to go toew. With all the toew companies here to compete with. In Etown, I’m pretty much it from the Utah/Wyoming line to Lyman. If we busted our butts we could be the absolute in toewing in Wyoming. But it doesn’t come with just sitting on our butts. So lets get people involved. Any mile I really need to catch some shut eye. I will be here overnight as I need to be packing and moving things. Volunteers are needed so if you can or would help, rattle my cage.

Ta Ta for now.

Sometimes you really need to ask questions, smooth talkers can lead you astray .

Sometimes and I hate to say this, but there are times that even church people or at least people that profess to be church people will take you down paths and even highways you don’t even want to go, especially online. Example: Went to the aid of a Phillipio on Facebook overnight last night. Guess what? I wont call her a spammer, but the only thing I did different online that has caused a whole lotta grief on my equipment was, yep her. Ya’ll got to be careful any more, even from folks on Facebook, sometimes they don’t catch it. If you run in with a gal named Maehope Berdon stay clear she’s a poser.

But it’s not just online. Take this joint I currently am housed in. I gave up a perfectly nice little house in Wendell, just on the whim, of a con by some snake eyed real estate scammer. So I have spent, what now $5,000.00 in rent, went hungry, truck still needs fixed and now need to put my life in tiny compartments all over the region. Really? Understand, the economy is shitty all over the world, people are hurting and in need I understand that, and Jesus taught to help the needy, but you need to be careful, there are coyotes in needy sheeps covers that can snag your butt. There was a time that one could Trust everyone, especially LDS Church members. We took care of each other, in all places and in all things, that includes having a heart. Thing is, by the hair of a whisper and the prayers, I got places for me and all the stuff. But did I really have to bend over and use lube to get anal invaded as bad as I did? I guess so, between 3 trips to the hospital, one trip because I was in the idea of sucide over this place, being roasted over the month of July, being gassed because someone tried to torch the place, then having a crew completely clean and all the place and I never got credit for it, just had to pay more money, having the Gen Jackson repoed twice, and for what? Plus only making a piddly amount at DI, no this ain’t for me, but in three more days I’m out of it, but my its been a shitter. 

So in closing here this morning, if you get a fb request from a Maehope Berdon on FB don’t give in there’s a problem there. Two; do not lease nothing from Cook Realty of Jerome, Idaho cause you’ll get took by those crooks, and 3: Just because they are LDS Church members, don’t always trust. Even they have or can have hidden agendas. 

We have a new sponsor; CoffeeMaid a quaint quick to go coffee place here in Hazzard, they have some really good java, great pastries , soup and sandwiches . Coming soon to Evanston Wyoming.

There’s a peaceful easy feeling going down

There’s a peaceful Easy Feeling going down here tonight. A far , far , howl from the last several weeks. Caught the green light to Evanston, and caught the caution light to the new home of HazzardAyre/Southern-Steele Media. That said I’m in a very small way going to miss the place, but not the rip off’s that own the place. Maybe and don’t push the maybe baby, in the future we might end up buying the place, but not today. Today we regain our warrior spirit, and will press on.

Did I miss something or did Google some how take a nasty turd? Seems as most of the day yesterday, I was resetting all my browsers and all. Was it the gal I met up with online, on FB, after all Phillipio folks do have those tendencies or did my computers swallow another germ? Cyber terrorism is especially this time of year epidemic and if your not watching, someone swipes you and your equipment is gone. Or at least seriously injured. The question I need to seriously ask, north, south, east, or west, can’t we all just get along in peace and lovingly? Any way that truly would be a Peaceful Easy Feeling going down.

Thanks but no thanks

Thanks but no thanks, can this stuff get any worse?

Seems like it or there’s a strange demon lurking within my environment. No matter what it is, my ass is frying. Now dig this; the place I went to look at in Heyburn, well it burned alright. Spent a half tank of gas to gain nothing. That same tank of go fluid would have taken me to Etown to get into the Classic Lodge could have been moved by now. So why have me wait over a 3 day holiday, plus drive over there if the dern thing wasn’t accessable to me? Add to that, find out that, that Zumper outfit is full of crap as well. Ain’t no openings at Timberlake apartments. So why do they even have em up on Facebook? If ya’ll ain’t got it for sale, don’t advertise. Which means my bones are heading to Wyoming. Too bad Idaho, you blew it. Now its going to be some time until KSOA is running and need to get something on the concept for KTOW here, but for now nailed a place in ETown where they don’t clown around. Ever wonder why I never changed my phone number or bank account? Now you know. It’s time to undo what I did a year and a half ago. But at least I now have a place to be and can get back to creating things. That needs to be created. Need to find storage for mini Lexi, and all but at least now I rest with ease. Funny this though. I sailed through everything at ETown, yet couldn’t get approved in my home state of Idaho. Amazing huh?

Have a good one, now I can snag some sleep.

Just when you get to liking FakeBook someone throws a curve ball.

Wolf with a Blog hedder2boa-2

Just when you get to liking fakeBook, someone throws you a curve Ball. Or insults the heck out of you to the point you nearly just want to shit can FakeBook and delete your FakeBook account. Quite frankly I have been near there quite a few times especially lately. Then if you bring up a subject few want to look at you get told sorry, nothing we can do. Of course there is the gender bias on fakeBook. I swear if you’re a woman, you can show as much of your body on FakeBook as you want and you will never get put in the FB freezer. But if your one of us male Corpuscles, and you put up a photo of a pretty lady in stockings and they can your ass. Really? Is decency and what’s proper for sale? Of course there’s those ads on FakeBook’s Marketplace. Searching for a place to live found a few, but the rest are tied into this outfit called Zumper. Company is on of San Francisco, the problem is either Zumper don’t screen the folks placing ads or FakeBook doesn’t so what you find are listings by people that you nearly have to chase down just to get a phone number. Or if the blooming thing is rented, no one goes to the effort of taking down the ad, or the ad leaves a heap amount of details out. And yet, your just supposed to know. Then there are those so called FB friends. Of which maybe 10 at the extreme you really know, out of that 10 you might get 5 to give you a helping up hand, or out of that 5 you just might, maybe, don’t push the maybe baby, but maybe 2 out of that 5 that will pony up some money to help YOU get out of a jamb. So I quite frankly put up a notice, unless you ride, fly, or I really know you, to where I could call you up and grab a cup with, don’t ask me to be your damn friend. At least on FakeBook. Naw just ain’t for me. As I said before, if it were not for the Knytes Samcro patch the WolfPack

ppj 3 or the radio werx, I’d kill my FakeBook Account, its just not worth it any more. FakeBook’s ad rates are way too high, the results from those ads are slim at best. You can’t really pinpoint or target certain customers, so why even bother? Hell, I get more traction for the action from Google My Business, and/or Yelp than I ever have on FakeBook. Now dig this. And Yahoo, is still the free Email king. I get better email results there and more recognition there at Yahoo, than I ever have on GMail. Technology is failing, and one of these days its going to go bang. Guess mail will then have to go through the Post Office, and for social things guess, Church and café’s will once again rule. Not phony FakeBook friends.


my blog signature1The End

Today was Sunday the prescribed day of rest, and so I did just that I rested.

Today or most of it, was the Day the was called the day of rest, and so I did just that, I rested, considering the heavy week I have in front of me this week.

When I moved from Wendell Idaho a few months ago into this place, I never gave it a second thought of having to move out , much less get evicted. There is plenty of blame to go around. On my side, its my fault for being so gullible and allowing myself to get sucked into this trap, in the first place, but too Scott never said no to the money either. The claim no money has been paid is 100% bogus, outside of two months, one not PoohBear’s fault the other PoohBear holding back a few hundred, but still I thought between my money and that of what I had envisioned making from Employment from DI, I thought I’d be okay. Had I known at the 1st of November that I’d be in this mess, I’d have never gave the $500.00 to Cook’s and moved on my own to ETown. There’s a none LDS adage that says, if your dealing with Church members, you might as well get some lube for your anal canal, cause your going to get screwed. Not all church members are like that. I have met good and bad and there’s rotten apples in every barrel. but couldn’t the local Bishop here with the weather as it is done a huge kindness and paid two months rent, so I’d have time to find, apply and move to something a bit more reasonable? More over the folks I rent this from being Church members been a bit kinder and thought there’s holidays like Thanksgiving in the middle? Guess not. I was told, by several members of our ward in Wyoming, there is a major difference between Wyoming church members and those from or in both Idaho and Utah. I now know of which they spoke. So now I have to be out of here from Jerome Idaho a week from today. Just wonderful.

Until Monday night.

Cooter’s Journal

Cooters Journal2Blog Hedder

I used to sing Here comes the girls, now I sing here comes the online swindlers. As many of you go romping around your shopping malls toting your smartphones and all, looking for the next great deal, you might not be as careful as you might be usually. Right there whammo there goes another infection of a spammer or hacker. It can happen to us all. Thankfully I’ve learned a few things. Never, ever open a inbox, spam mail or junk mail message. If you really know the sender it might be safe, but many look the real thing. I usually look for such things as typos or improper grammar. Mis spelled words as well. Sometimes you can read the accent usually from the Philippines, or India. Sometimes Africa. Even if its not an offer to buy something, phishing expeditions over such platforms as Facebook, and more often over Yahoo is common. Yes Google gets a few , but Google does a mildly good job policing their networks. Not always, but most of the time. Of course visiting porn sites and the like can harbor in some pretty nasty virus’s and malware. Even a few Trojan horses. This time of year, there’s many of these fraudsters out and looking for holes in security and firewalls. Many firewalls and anti Virus programs do a good job but they’re not as comprehensive as they could be. Any mile Church for me today.

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Today On: CooTer’s Gearz

Does it seem to you that no matter what you do for some , that their friends decide to trash YOU. This Wayne fartard, from the UK, decides to try to trash mouth about me. Shit I don’t have to do anything for any body, except PoohBear and Rick, past that I don’t give a diddly, cept maybe for the Knytes crew and all but still , the only thing I have to do, is find me a new roof for over my head by this time next week, add to that wake up, eat, tie my shoes and take a poop or piss those are the only things I, HAVE, to do. Beyond those things, everything else is out of kindness. This gal from Africa and her son, I am busy trying to get her extracated from there here. The trouble is with this Caravan shit from Hondoorus, and all anything immigration wise is a long procedure. Yet I get criticized for it. Really? 

Okay then; saw this old Dodge 2 ton on FB, now this is the half nostalgia and half modern age, buy an older truck , fit it to a modern carrier, and whammo, you have a truck that reflects old to new. Paint it up nice, drop in a big Mopar 440, just what we here at Cooter’s needs right? 

More later need to catch some snooze time.

Cooter’s Corner

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We finally got to this point. It usually is a sour thing when one gets evicted from a domicile, but hell I’ve been looking for a new Wolf’s Lair since I moved in. The place was a dump when I moved in and outside of some piled up trash, this place is in better shape than it was when I moved in. Had I not moved in when I did, the Cook, crooks would have been without any tenant in any of this complex. The thing that motivated me moving in was air conditioning and the fact that there were two bathrooms and a bath tub. Had it not been for that I would have removed myself from here the first of August. So in a way the eviction enabled me to kill a lease without killing the lease. Okay enough of my personal barking.

The boys and I have been doing the private site howling most of the day. While we still will be parent over Highway Hooker Toewing, SAMCRO TOEW and SpeedWrench Toewing, we have decided in reference to move and all to fire up and operate as Cooter’s Toewing for the foreseeable future. In essence go full out on and about the Hazzard County image and persona. Stay tuned.

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