The Epistle of a Harley riding radio jock. ( ME).


I haven’t been as usual or as a habit of writing to you all here lately, but be patient with me. Even though we have relocated here to Twin Falls, here in Idaho, I have had my hands full(no pun intended) . The weather first started out with deep snow. I mean really deep snow. Which kept this old high octane canine tow jock busy. Then it turned bitterly cold. Which meant not so many tows , but thawing fuel lines and battery boosts. Of course in amongst that the place I originally had pegged as the new home for HazzardAyre/SAMCRO MC Radio had people that wanted my life’s story and a pint of blood it seamed for a deposit. No thank you, so re-ignition of the radio werx is now delayed. for at least a month which is costing SAMCRO $12k a day. This isn’t a sustainable situation. But I will find something suitable. Been thinking of converting a office space there at the Wolf’s Lair, SAMCRO-Idaho’s Club house into a studio, thing I worry about most, how many women co anchors are going to go in there, much less work there>. Of course with that, I have to stay up much of the night, for two reasons, One I get better bandwidth so I can navigate Internet things a tad faster, as there isn’t so many people using the wifi, that I share here, and two: Them dern Cockroatches are not out in daylight as much as they are overnight, but then they don’t call me the KnyteWolf for nothing. Now then, the needs of this gig hasn’t changed, and the requirement of having a in house lady as a Administrative Director is more essential than ever before. The needs of our media side of our MC, is going to increase over the next year. With two more stations for over the air broadcasting, plus putting on the icing for our TV side, and of course on two of our programs gaining a green light of XM Satellite, my load to lift, has became even heavier. Now to put it simply MY administrative Director, needs to be me when I can’t be me. The duties go from discovering new talent to making sure the bills are paid to researching talk topics for air, to sitting in and doing a show. That’s the short list , which is why we pay just a tad over $500k a year, for someone to take on these duties. Thankfully I quite by accident I discovered a 50ish super hottie, that has so much in common with me, that its mind boggling. With that said, and I must make this as concrete as can be. Up until, the 1st of June this year it was all PoohBear. getting hitched and all of it. Yet she decided to injure the relationship, and with-hold her contributions to the MC which put us on a course of losses at the rate of $337,000.00 per month. That is not sustainable. So when the ball dropped at the 1st of October, I said its time to re-examine where that relationship was going. By a miracle again, this Angel entered the picture. The more, I see, the more I see me with her, than PoohBear. That said, its business 1st, personal gig 2nd. Where ever that journey will go. Finally, after months of effort, a Package of documents and 411 of a lady in Africa, or to remove her from Africa, was returned today. I tried my ass off you understand to get this lady out of that war torn area. Here’s the thing, and it goes to the same old story, of when I wanted to snag a side gig from another local TV station. Which I was disqualified for because, I’m Mormon. However I did go after it, I found money for gas to go get the application, I did, sacrifice to have money for fuel to go to the interview, and I had the dedication, to drive over and use my resources to do overnight studio time. Why? Because I WANTED it. Same goes for this lady from Africa, get me photographs, signatures, and new Identification, as well as a charachter letter, so I have something to put in front of Senators and authorities here in America to Do the deed. More over, don’t expect me to pay the fees. That’s not something I’m willing to do anymore. I can see the need for green to attain the 50ish Angel, but shy of that, the MC is making a policy, what are you willing to give to the MC for OUR generosity? 

As I close this cold and overcast Friday, here’s a set of photos, that are all to much alike and mirror each other Purrfectly.


what I like

AYREWOLVEZ-LOGO1_thumb.jpg samcro wings2


In the words of Barry Manilow, looks like we made it, well sort of.

Hazzard County Gazzette

Hazzard County Gazzette WP Banner

Why are you not a sleep you ask? Well there is a slight problem, that can pretty much be cured with about 4 bottles of bleach, a mop, and if I’m lucky they will all be dead. What I’m talking about, seams as though the grand Old Towne Lodge here in Twinky Flatts, has cockroatches so they have invaded my space. In doing so, they creep all over, knowledge gained via Google, says the little bastards do in fact bite and will consume flesh including human flesh, if they are hungry enough. So rather than be a side meal for the insects of death and being the dillweeds, hide in the light, I sleep when its daylight. But then I’ve always been a KnyteWolf any way. Been redesigning a ton of stuff, that I previously ignored, and if nothing goes sour, and Boss Hogg, don’t call an incomplete, well; the…

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An AyreTymez entry


Well here tiz Liz, a snowy day in our village of Twin Falls. I haven’t been posting much lately as I have been under a heap amount of stress, and pressure. On one side is to stay towing while its snowing, on the other side its get the radio werx back up which is becoming a drawn out if any advancement what so ever. The first place I picked is okay for a shop, for Hazzard County Choppers, but not to house HazzardAyre Radio. So found one in Twin Falls next to where Hastings Music was at off of Blue Lakes Blvd. After meeting with a super fox, that was a rep for the leasing company, thought we had it clinched. Kelly is in Utah, just ready to sign the check, as soon as he got the lease. Guess what? Now the Leasing company wants my and the MC/AC’s pedigree financially and so on. I don’t think these folks or any folks knows how our financed or the financial structure. More over they just don’t understand that 60% of our financial support comes from the Department of Defense. As our organization is made up of military aviation(fighter-pilots) aviator Veterans. I also don’t think these people understand that for every hour of everyday we are off the air, we loose $12,000.00 , we were just starting to get it up and running, but those dingle-butts we rented from that liked to give us the tube-steak enema every month on rent and all, we had to move. When the lady Saturday, said we had it in the bag I believed her. Now there is a snag in her nylons, that is holding us up. This is getting strenuous. So my orders are, keep looking for a shanty to get the station into that wont kill the bank account. Since I have a witness to her saying we had it in the bag, pending signing of the lease, and two the ad on Facebook that said the place was free(I have a screen shot of that) I could hold their tails to the fire. However Samantha is to cool to do that, and I know its not her fault. Then of course there is Jenni. I think Jenni is about the hottest mid 50 something women that I have ever met. She’s witty,sweet, and someone I’d love to have on the media team. The problem with Jenni, Samantha’s company and a few others, is that, they don’t see the rest of the forest for the trees. What they see is the immediate, not the long vision. I’d be happy to share the ad sales and profit sharing with Samantha’s company, Jenni, and all. So would the Knytes. If they’d just say , “Okay, we’ll let you in and all so you can get up and running again, if you put us on your money tree.”

Any mile, I’m beat, 42 tows, 23 slide-off’s, 15 pull outs. I need sleep. As I can smell the stinky tow(toews-pantyhose_feet_sniffing-4_tmbnose 1} of the morning commute.

L8R Aviators:

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An AyreTymez Entry 2

So I attempted to do an entry from Win-LiveWriter earlier, but it seems that somewhere between my computer and WordPress is being blocked. Sound familliar? I spelled it that way for a purpose seems as much as you pay for something its never enough. Times like this I’d love to have crap in writing. 

Haven’t been writing much lately , mostly due to stress, and heavy lifting of a bunch of manure. Here’s where I start to think, just say bag it in Idaho, move this thing to Wyoming and be done with it. Thing is I hate the idea, of failure, and being so stupid as to have moved here a year and a half ago. Here’s why I say that. When the dingle-butts, in Jerome Idaho after giving us the tube steak enema, for the last 5 months, told us they were upping the rent and they wanted us seriously to move, I was beside myself. No where to go, making out application after application, being told because we were a renegade biker/aviation organization which is only part of it, couldn’t find nothing, within the under $1,000.00 a month mark. However, all I needed to do, and it was such a relief to do so, but I called my friend in Evanston, and boom housing problem solved, and radio studio would be ours following the holidays. No big song and dance, no women in black yoga pants, no farting around. But winter, cash on hand and all, had to settle for a sort of hostle, and a shop with an office that with some major investment could be made into a studio. Problem is few if any on air women app types would show up. So discovered this ad on FB which little is what it says it is, saw an ad in housing of all places, that said studio for rent. Groovy I thought, especially the location, just off of Blue Lakes BLVD, in Twin Falls. $500.00 a month, spit the power and other utility bills. So I take time out of my groove, Friday , come away from the meet and greet, with the thoughts we got the place, pending lease signing. Sure the ad said free and all but I knew that was BS. Now I think Sam, and know its not her fault, nor her control, but now her company wants us to send out our financial pedigree, some of which we can do, most we can’t as we are under the thumb of the Department of Defense since our organization is a Veteran service organization. Yet Kelly the main bean counter is ready to ink the pay to the order of paper, of $1,100.00 again a hold up. Damn near as bad as CenturyLink, and the $12,000.00 a day they cost us, the reason I’m sweating , rather bleeding money right now is there’s way too many companies and people that can’t see the forest for the trees, They only see the immediate few, of the fact of including that Geneva outfit that Sam works with, in both a percentage of our ad and syndication fees, as well as profit sharing and us being willing to include them in the board of directors and give them stock in HazzardAyre Media, when we go public on our IPO next year. With that Big John the President, told me that while the pregnant beauty shop space is pending to look around a bit more, even see if there’s a stand alone structure. In both cases of Utah and Wyoming. and Why the hell Idaho is so darn stubborn, The place at the old I4 Solutions building in West Bountiful/Woods Cross, it took one call,one visit and we had an executive suite for $300.00 , no long song and dance, same place with the shop in Evanston, both of them, plus housing. Why can’t Sam’s company, and a few others just give me a break. What I can tell you is this, and its nights like this. For every 2 calls over night of 60 here in Twin Falls and surrounding area of which we get $40 % of each call booked through Uncle Charlies, I get 200 calls from Evanston, of which we get 100% of the call. Oh they got 300 slide off’s, and stuck calls over night. Bottom line, if crap don’t change really quick on a bunch of stuff in Idaho, Idaho can kiss our grits, talk is already going on of killing the Idaho Charter of the club and splitting up between Nevada, Oregon,Washington Montana Wyoming and Utah. With us leaving , that will take out $285,million bucks that we generate in Idaho that will go elsewhere.

With that, I’m going to bed. 

We got moved well sort of, deets coming up

We got moved well sort of, half of my stuff is in one place at the shop, the other inventory is here in this no room apartment, but at least I’m warm , with cable and internet so I guess its okay. 

So a few before I began the migration replantation of my environment I met online this super fox in some rebel group on FB. She immediately took my breath away. Just a few photos and some ice breaker conversations and I’m more drawn to her than just about any lady I have ever been drawn to including PoohBear. Which I’m having second thoughts about. Yes PoohBear has been there contributing to the MC pretty much on schedule. But the fighting online and on the phone, the crap of with-holding of funds some months, which lead to me having to shack up in a roach filled hostel and my radio gig coming to a halt. She is not into Church or at least mine, heck she wont even entertain the concept of Church Missionaries visiting her and taking lessons. Then well the list of atrocities, is very long. Not saying I wont continue with that, but there is this sweetheart that stepped in the picture, and if that happens its all Jenni, no PoohBear. What I need in a lady is very simple, beyond the idea of killer legs and dainty feet and toes, is a bit of that with a bit more eye candy, to at least give me a bit of stimulation in the right direction for night time bed time flights. Add to that something more than just a foundation of an old tv show, that is of my companies beginnings, there has to be chemistry. Sure one can’t judge that unless your up close and personal, but still if there’s age, wisdom, and at least some maturity, without all the anger and self esteem issues, look I’m I’m at the 60 mile marker of this road of life, before God closes the door, and I take that final exit, I’d like to have someone that was , or at least is mine, by my side. As Emma Goldman put it and recited by John Teller of the MC, many people only think they want freedom, yet they yearn for the structure of politics and society, as for me I reflect it on this, true freedom does not come without sacrifice and pain. In the end true freedom for any man , is that he just wants to be Comfortable.

 More in the morning, but I will leave you with this and an observation. We rather I stumbled across an ad on FB’s marketplace. Of retail space in Twin Falls. It was a place where women could get ultra sounds for some reason. Any mile the place came up for rent. $500.00 with everything utility wise included just off of Blue Lakes in Twin is prime retail space. So I met with this stunning young lady named Samantha, put the deal together, HazzardAyre and KTOW/KDXC have our new home. So we should be back up on air both over the air and online, by mid January. More on wuzz up with that in another entry. Until then……………………….

Start A Scan, the movie in Technicolor

I have this program on my Computers, for a watch dog, and there is a piece of it, that boldly says, Start A Scan. So for shyts and snibbles I thought, make up a movie, starring Clippy the paper clip, and Call the Movie; 


START A SCAN, in Technicolor. Or whatever colorization system one would use, could be a barn burner of a film. I have always had a soft spot for little Clippy. I got introduced to Clippy in 2002 through MicroSoft Office, besides the little guy helping me with spelling and such while writing in Windows LiveWriter, I could play games and sorta visit with Clippy. He’d do tricks, wink at you, lounge away in his tiny chair, not much, but when your very lonely, things like that are a comfort at least limited. When Office-2005 or so rolled around, and Clippy had been pulled out of that program, I quickly decided that I’d opt for Open office instead, until such time as the guru’s at Micro-Fart reinstalled Clippy. Angel and I had this vision, of bringing the little guy back in a cinematic way, of something called: The Revenge of Clippy, thing is we had trouble finding someone in this area that was comp code smart that could snag the Clippy program so we could manipulate it to do a feature film. And why? Simply stated, just like the Bandit told SnowMan, Just because they haven’t done it. And that’s the reason. 

So , By the Grace of God and many, many prayers, found housing of sorts, in Twin-Falls. Now living in an oversized motel room is not high on my list of things to live in, but for a short haul, it keeps me here, long enough to get the rest of the project put together, get the station back on the terrestrial radio air, as well as the online version. As a Marine my training, means never to give up, do or die. I have came a long, long way, building the station, and the network, too much money, blood and tears, has been shed over it, I’m not going to just unplug it and die. No way. So the search now is for studio/office space in Twinky Flatts, to house the station, maybe even Filer or Buhl. Now what about Evanston Wyoming and that plan? Still in the werx , but with no shop, dreaded deep freeze cold, and not a helluva lot more than what I saw last time I was down there, what I can do in Evanston as far as housing now, and all, is what I can do here, for $150.00 more a month. That don’t mean, I can’t go down there and set something up to help my friend Rick who really is in deep need. I love him enough to help as best as I can, in the mix, find a shop, wait for those apartments next to the Wentworth to be built, pay off bills, get LexiBelle back in shape as well as get Rick mobile again, both his rigs are down especially Dark-Horse, you know for two cents if he’d do it, I’d buy that truck, and do the refix , but like Rick , my pockets are a bit lean as well. Come spring, after PoohBear and I are married and all then move to Evanston, with an already established infrastructure. Including but not limited to a re-established, Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing, of Wyoming, going towing. Why go over there now and freeze? Can’t work on my truck, so, finish the station build here, then move. Have a few people in mind for the station at least to manage it, this one older gal I met through Kathleen, named Priscilla , is mature and smart enough with some training to run it, on pretty much sweat equity. For those who don’t know, sweat equity, means doing a job or task, for mere low if any dollars, with the understanding that once the gig is making solid money , they get a piece of stock, as well as a percentage of net income for the effort they already have put in. This is what I had in mind, with Angel, and Chandra. Looking back now, wish I had not fallen, for the con that moved me here to Jerome. I had a nice house, a good telecom system for the station, and of course Angel. We , her and I and all worked well together in the studio. But with a hiccup in PoohBear’s money, in June. And mine, thanks to good ole FB, I had to move and was not able to pay anything to Angel, which hurt me a lot since she was a great employee and biz partner. I can tell ya’ll this; once we get everything redid in Twin and all firing on all cylinders and if I can find her and she’ll come back into the WolfPack fold, she’s more than welcome to cause I would rehire her in a Hazzard County, millisecond. On Thursday we are completely out of Jerome, and will be in the rebuild mode, but will be back on air in full power right after February 1st 2019. In the meantime, you can keep up to date on things with all of it here in this newspaper/blog. 

So you think what I do is easy, try it with a limited budget and staff.

So you think what I do is easy? Try doing it with a very reduced limited budget and a thin and small staff. 

Doing a good to excellent radio show takes hours of prep, There’s getting the music, then delving on the news, then combining that into a workable form to air. Then there’s the engineering, keeping equipment going. Then there’s all the administrative things from hiring to firing to promotional projects to attracting listeners of a radical, fight the system , anti-establishment attitudes, then there’s the big one, selling on air time, which in our case is the best deal any where, at a $100.00 a month, the advertisers get not only an on air voice ad, but their logo is placed on the site here, plus gets a 1/4 page ad in all our published, print newsletters. Likewise, being heard around the world online on our online platform. That’s a great deal, considering that $100.00 a month is all they pay, not priced or billed for each ad airing like other stations and networks do. So if you think, what I do is easy, try it. Having only 5 people on staff, in an entire region, I mostly do this all, by myself. Apparently no body wants to work on a sweat equity basis to help us increase our radio op. So its everyday, from 5:00 PM or 17:00 hours to 06:00 hours every day even weekends. Add to that , still going toewing and flying. Can I have an Amen? 

Haven’t heard from Kathleen, on her eviction thing. It’s tough this time of year, even me, I should have been outta here by now, but tags on the General, are expired, plus heavy snow, with only $800.00 left to do everything. Plus my mini truck where to put it? It’s supposed to clear up Tuesday, but I can’t keep paying the crooks, so I’m sweating right now. So too, still doing the radio gig, hey the shows must go on. 

Yea it ain’t easy, so how is your day starting?

Welcome to my Universe won’t ya’ll come on in?

Day 4 , still not moved yet, snow storm, and Cash, has held things up a bit, but after Tuesday, I ain’t going to be here at least online, and most likely phone , until after the 1st of year. Reason, need to pay phone bill, and since I have pushed that out for a couple of months, well , its no phone for a bit although I’m going to see if I can rectify that in the morning. Add to that, in all the hoopla, over moving, a quiet but very informative officer reminded me that my tags on ye ole General were expired so, rather than try to fly through two other states with expired tags decided to put my feet up for a couple of days. Highway Hooker Radio will start to air again after the first of the year, as well as Rebel-Radio. Did find out about a place in TF for a grand that could stand to be our radio werx HQ. So that looks promising. 

Okay then; I don’t know who this gal is, or where she hails from, but I saw her on a FB group once called Wolf-Spirit, and she took my breath away. You’d think, I could get one of those admins, on there to tell me where it came from or who put it up there, but needless to say , who ever she is, I know we’d love to hire her.

Going to try and grind out an early morning show in the AM, on the AM, at 06:00 Mountain Standard Time, but its the last one here until after the first of the year since Tuesday, we unplug and do the UHaul boogie. Didn’t go to Church this morning, I slept like a baby, now that I have a direction of what I’m doing and all, thought good, Heavenly Father granted me a miracle blessing, so I’m going that way, the other two reasons I didn’t do Church today was A; Expired tags, B; really bad snow storm this morning, so stayed home and am finishing up things, cause I’m going on hiatus for a month. 

L*8*R ya’ll.

On the air again, can’t wait to get on the air again, yep we is

Hey, KTOW is back on air again at least until mid week. Yep all is online once again. Holding off the haul to ETown until Monday as there is a winter storm warning for that area, and with sorta bald tires not chancing it. I’d rather shell out to cook for a few days rather than get killed. Anyway needed the extra time to get things together here. Found a few things hacked yesterday, so again spent time all day getting that unwound, wasn’t purtty, maybe FakeBook recognized something or someone comprimizing my security. Who knows, but best be safe than sorry. PoohBear was in distress yesterday, apparently her and her brother went to McDonalds to chow down and PoohBear got deathly sick to the point of overnight hospitalization. 

Think I found a new ali on the war here. Can’t really remember where I know her from, maybe Church, any mile told her that I’m sinking faster that a lead ball and need a bit of a helper to find quarters for the station and all. I will be glad to get the move done, then my blood pressure will come down and can get back into a planning and operational mode. While doing overnight radio and all is fine, I usually have early morning to sleep. But since this upevil of being gave the boot here, my nerves and all, and the constant series of rejections, primarily because my current landlord, tells people calling in for a reference that I’m not a good risk. Now dig this; Classic did a complete credit and all search , and background, and that I came up clean. For some odd reason out of the state of Idaho, I do, very well, the office at I4 Solutions in Utah, got in there with a song, places in Wyoming same thing, here? Forget about it. Where would you rather be. But moving a radio station is not as easy as backing up the Uhaul, and loding up and moving. The FCC amongst others needs to approve a major relocation, before you even move one stick of furniture. Sure, regular filings, and operations as of last year can be done by internet, and operations can be ran by remote studio, but; where that 200 foot stick is located and that big silver box at the bottom of it can’t just be unplugged and hauled away. There’s much paperwork involved. Thus it takes time. So for the short haul on that got to find local quarters for the station. 

Any way, much to do today, be with you this afternoon on our online and over the air station, KTOW FM 105.7.

This can be displayed on FakeBook, Mine somehow can’t

Dig this friends, had an incident earlier on the prime social media site FakeBook, where I commnted on two photos that they were a bit dorky, and then got hammered, and froze out of FakeBook until I went through a pile after Chicken crap to get back in. While this could be displayed

This can’t 

At least not by me or the MC or the AC. Really? The whole problem still extends to the fact that ,A: A disliked a troller or two, and B: I once stood up to FakeBook so they couldn’t keep draining my bank account dry. 60% of the reason I was broke so much the year before and this year is simply that We bought ads to hire new on air and web ad visual talent, and got little if any response. The ones we didn’t get a response to, I unfriended. Oops  , FakeBook don’t like that. Plus I disliked and left a bunch of groups. I think there’s many more than me leaving FakeBook, and going elsewhere. Along with their ad checkbook and credit card. As much as many would claim we have moved past the ancient and moved into a more anarchist realm of thought, in many ways in many places, we are still living in Victorian ways. Not saying covering up, is a bad thing, there ought to be something left to imagination , but a little skin don’t hurt no one. Any more than Daisy’s legs. So wuzz up with that? Be careful what you post on FakeBook.