What I have noticed lately about facebook and Facebook is not the only one with trolls.

What I have noticed lately about facebook, is while they don’t always give you the boot, still if you stand up to them, they don’t let you have all the access to everything like they did before you stood up to them. Example; when I found out that I was getting grossly overcharged for some simple help wanted ads I put in a dispute to my bank, had the bank hold on the charges, and issue me a new card. Facebook couldn’t bill me, except eventually my bank caved, but that’s okay deed is done. But now I get a inquiry everytime I go to place a free ad. Now its no secret that the Knytes and facebook have a small war going on betwixed each other. Both on the basis of equality when it comes to posting such as its okay for a woman to show herself dern near naked, but let a guy show such and its facebook jail . But when it comes to trolls, facebook is not the only one. See trying to fish from a different pond, I looked into something called: MightyWorks. Which is something like facebook, with an aim more to commerce rather than a overall social site as is facebook. However I noticed a message from a gal from some iron curtain country on my MightyWorks account inbox. At first I thought it was a new author, writing something interesting. What I noticed was the same red flags as I notice from facebook. Photos of a hot blonde with a UCLA T shirt is NOT from some iron curtain nation. When you get inquiries that say things or ask things like; are you married? Do you have children? Where are you from? Then sings a song of she’s never been married, doesn’t have a SO, you have to say bull. An old saying Bro said, and it sticks. He used to say, ” if the Chassis is classy, someone is keeping it happy”, its not at home on a Saturday night crying the blues. More like out bar hoppin, .  If it is home alone, its something you do not want to get involved with since it will eat you alive. None of the social sites are safe, and any site is bound to have holes in their security infrastructures. Doing business online is frightening any more. If you use a credit card, its gets rather un nerving. Countless times, thank God, my bank flags any charges going to a foreign nation. Example those Nigerian fraud ads we used to fall for. I did one time when I lived in Centerville Utah. There was this Russian, or so she said, gal who conned me into sending a few hundred dollars. I was naive then about things Internet. She promised me that I was her only and so on. Bullsbreath. Turned out the she was a he operating out of some Internet sweat shop in Nigeria, defrauding many guys. Thank God too that we in the Knytes have a guy who works in and is a FBI Director, who got in touch with the State Department and got my money back. That’s why it took me weeks to make my mind up about sending PoohBear money for a bus ticket to come out to Wyoming to see me in the first place. I didn’t know if it was a real deal, or some troller, looking for just some damn sugar daddy. Thank GoD that she wasn’t and one of the few safeguards I have from not doing that again. Now while I’m at this juncture. Understand, my looking into returning to Evanston Wyoming is not a for sure thing, and not without some minor reservations. Remember there was reasons I left there in the first place, it wasn’t just to find a biggr Wolf’s Den for me and PoohBear. That year at that time, I had registration for the Stratus, paying near $300.00 for that against the $100.00 for plates, title transfer and all was much cheaper than Wyoming’s. Two; My drivers license was in for renewal, in Wyoming it was going to be one helluva chore to do that, so I went over to Paris Idaho, sweet talked a clerk there, license renewed. Third; There as here now, I was up to my eye brows in debt to everyone and nearly everything, from back rent on the shop to cash advances, to the power company, cable company, gas company. Plus getting LexiBelle Legal in Wyoming was a real bitch rather than doing that here in Idaho. Plus here I have a slightly larger market. Yet for every 10 tow calls I get, 8 of those 10 are from Evanston, or there abouts close to thereof. Two rent on a domicile is much less, three: I know the major players that are in the cable company there, meaning more time on air doing radio, less time doing diagnostics on my computer. Due to some ingested virus, that CenturyLink didn’t filter but that AllWest did. Plus still what used to be KEVA AM in Evanston, we have been made owners of license for and will renew that along with our new FM that we were able to clear through some geographic exchanges. The situation from my nosey neighbors in Wendell, Idaho. Being accused of atrocities that I would never have thought of there. The car being repoed twice, no real community support for neither myself nor the Knytes much less the radio station/network, and the final draw was being let go from my job at DI, that was a wrongful discharge at the least seeing how I was needed at my daughters side when she went to be with our Father in Heaven and had to take a couple of days off to do so, was just plain stupid and without compassion from a facility that is ran by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So I’m getting my WolfPack and me outta here. Evanston may not be perfect, but it does have a heart, but too, I’m not yet completely done with the Tragic Valley of Idaho yet either. See you tonight on the radio, at http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf just go to that web addy, and download the app, or just listen to us free from your computer or device. Before I go I need to share this with you. I joined a FB group called Wolf Spirit, on there I caught a photo of a gal, that just took my breath away here it is:

Nyte Ya’ll

knytewolf me1 

Yes A man can conceive and carry a baby to term, and there are I am one, Real WereWolves

So I got into a discussion with PoohBear regarding some of my satanic beliefs and such and I related to her of that mating of me and a real honest to goodness Grey Wolf when Terry and I went on a camping something horse ride up beyond Driggs Idaho back some 20 some odd years ago now. There are real Werewolves, or as I spell it WerWolvez. The interaction between man and beast or creatures of a none human form are not just myths. Take for instance the legend of the Vampire. This is not just a myth either. Documentation of scientific study has shown there are humanoids that while not able to fly, also drink blood, human blood for their meals. There was a talk show I heard just a week or so ago that spoke of this as well. Now to the main core of the discussion between PoohBear and I. Now I’m not making this up, thing is. I had just moved to the Burley Heyburn area of Idaho, had to switch Doctors, As such went to the Minidoka Hospital to meet with a Doctor Hansen. In the discussion, and the prior documents I had to fill out concerning my health, I jokingly put down that I had Mentstral cramps and periods. While I and my pal and PSR at the time joked about it, Dr. Hansen told me that its not a joke. That men can carry a child to term. That men had the parts inside of us that women do, just that in men those parts are just underdeveloped due to gender. However if stimulated that we could in fact carry and by surgery can deliver an infant. That men also have that time of the month, although its more like about 3 times a year and that men just don’t recognize it as such. What men call jock itch, is nothing more than what women get, when they get a yeast infection. It’s the same thing. 

So yes men can have babies and yes there are those that admire and all the Wolf, then there are those, who are one. 

I woke up very late in the day in fact about 20:00 hours so things for the show is running late, but we’ll be on, at 03:00 hours, that’s 3:00 AM for you none military folks out there, Mountain Standard Time which you can tune into online at http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

See you on the Ayre.

Another day, another show done and soon it’ll be time to let my dreams take flight.

Another day, another show on the radio done, and here in a short, I’ll be letting my dreams take flight, as in beddy bye time. So Friday was supposedly to be my pay day from Deseret Industries. Awoke at noon drove over only to find they had sent my final check via mail. It comes from Salt Lake City, I found that out from calling DI’s main human resources unit. It was however albeit a bit short sighted on their part, but a mutual departure, from the program. Now again, understand it was an okay job, that’s what it is, a job, not a career. Of course being connected to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(can’t say Mormon any more) that a large degree of compassion would be extended when one goes to care for a offspring that is severly ill. As in a DVT. Blood clot that took her life. Yes I’m doing well for loosing my one and only blood daughter, but I am comforted to know by Heavenly Fathers grace that I will see her again. That said you’d think that the Church could see beyond standard protocol and say okay take care of your daughters funeral, see you when you get back. Nope canned my butt. Needless to say although not that big of a loss, but still it was income and as such, a money hit. With that said, I’m not leaving this alone. Some people both here and in Salt Lake City is going to hear about this. 

Show overnight went smooth. Everything worked normally, even CenturyLink co-operated. 

Saw a house for rent in Tweaker Flatts, for $650.00 a month, going to check it out. Understand I have no love lost in the Tragic Valley of Idaho, but there is the payoff of the remains of the Montgomery Trust to me, there is the finishing of what I moved here for to resurrect our flagship for the radio werx, and establish the Idaho Charter of the WolfPack, so ROS right now seems logical. Plus it would ease PoohBear’s mind. Which brings me to a goofy subject, and I can’t explain why, since I have no idea. But it seems that I attract women, and attain female friends similar to a fly eating manure. I have no idea what any and I do mean ANY woman except for PoohBear, would find so grand about a old 60 something old tow ruck op/aviator/radio personality. Let’s face it, although I am loosing weight and all , I still carry a spare tire, my hair is as grey as a Confederate’s uniform, and as far as money, although I make okay, still I’m not wealthy money wise. Is it that I understand most women better than most guys, is it that I have a tender heart and desire more out of them, than just a roll in the bed? I just don’t know. But PoohBear always get’s in a flustered state, any time ANY woman starts hovering around me. In my vocation with things media being the VP of one of if not the 3rd largest MC’s in the nation, as well as President of thee largest vintage military aviation collector restoration organizations in the U.S. when we do promotions and such its my job to be the final deciding factor and sometimes recruiter at the same time, of lady eye candy. Which puts me into some very close contact with some extremely hotties. With that said, I’d rather have a full all female staff under my command than I would a mix of guys and women. While most, not all, but most women are very emotional, but they are organized and multi task better than most guys. Face it balancing a feeding infant, on the phone and doing domestic chores takes multi tasking. Judge Kavinaugh who was just recently confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, also has this idea. In fact he is the only male Supreme Judge that requires a all female staff under his command. Guys are the go getters, women are the organizers. As such I’d rather have them in all areas of my operation. Yet some finesse has to be used when recruiting same for your company. Or it looks too much like your just trying to get them in your nest. So networking with women in say a majority female group on say facebook, is a way to get them or get them to aid you in that recruiting of other women for you to employ. But there are times, PoohBear doesn’t undrstand that. She thinks that everything with a set of breasts and a vagina, is hot after my body. It ain’t so. Any flyte I’m seeing double so here’s looking at you flies-eyes I’m headed to bed. See ya’ll tonight at 21:00 for KnyteWolf Radio on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 




I just appreciate my smelly arm pits.

I truly appreciate and am thankful for my smelly armpits. Now before you think I’ve gone onto another fetish its not that way. See friends and fellow WolfPack Members I as many of you know, have type 2 diabetes. There are times that I don’t have my glucose meter. So I know when my glucose level and A-1-C is off by the way my arm pits smell. If they smell like noodle soup, or such I know my glucose level is normal. If however my armpits, smell sugary or sweet like Koolaid, then I know that my A-1-C is out of whack and my glucose level is too high, thus requiring the ingestion of Metformin and Junuvia. Which eventually stabalizes my blood sugar levels. One of the shortcomings of having diabetes is the reduced flow or at times thickening of the blood in veins. And at times nerve damage. Such nerve damage causes numbness of my feet to where there is no feeling. Likewise the thickening of blood in the veins causes clots, where if not treated immediately can travel to my lungs and heart. This is what happened to my daughter Loraine. Her clot began at her ankles and she thought she had just sprained her ankle. As the day progressed her calves swolled up and less than 10 minutes after arrival at ST. Al’s in Boise she was returned home to our Heavenly Father. It’s a shame that this malady is a inherited trait, in my family. For me such things as eventual blindness, could result, It’s not going to get better, I have the condition and I live with it as best as I can. Which is why I’m mastering my broadcast skills. For when I can’t drive my tow truck LexiBelle any more, for when I can’t fly any more and when I can’t ride Southern Steele (My bike) any more, at least even by feel and such I can still be the voice of towing, military aviation, the biker community and ultimately the voice of today’s Confederacy. Bouncing on my feet and not having any place to once in awhile sit the heck down, started to cause problems. The other day, several times every time I’d stand up from kneeling or unloading a donors vehicle, I got dizzy as could be. I had to steady myself on the clothes bins so I wouldn’t collapse. I also noticed my legs going soft towards the end of shift working on the bailer. I did have every intention yesterday , grief stricken to return to work, but the advanced revelation from Dan my supervisor at DI, saying I was only getting paid for 44 hours, I thought that ain’t enough for me to risk my death. Not at only $7.30 an hour. If I’m going to bust my ass and risk my mortal life, there better be a pay rate of no less than $15.00 an hour and more realisticly $50.00 an hour which is what I’m worth. 

So yes I’m appreciative of my smelly armpits because those smelly armpits is the way I know what my sugar levels are so I can stay alive, although these days it really don’t matter much if I am or not.

I am not lazy, I love to work, but I’m worth more than, $7.30 an hour.

Look friends, I love to work, I am not in the least bit lazy, in fact in my own entrapranueristic efforts I have not take a single so called day off for 23 years. So then circumstances here in the snobbish high rent district of America seconded only to California which is part of the problem here is that too damn many Californian’s moved to Idaho, but here in my forest, expenses became to where I needed extra cash coming in. Sure if LexiBelle and all was here I could be making my own, but she’s still in Evanston, after being raped my a Mexicali speaking Oriental, idiot. So no can go tow at least right now. The radio gig is not my own gig, it is a service of the Knytes-of-Dixie MC and the Iron Knytes Truckers Club. If the station/network makes money, I might dredge in 10cents on every dollar it makes, but here lately the making is not that frequent. So I needed to make money. Now in the questionare that you get on orientation at Deseret Industries asks how would you like to make $15.00 per hour? Of course I say sure, now we’re talking. In reality your making $7.30 an hour, limited to 23 hours a week, and thus you spend more time off than on. Schedules are scrambled so much you never know when your supposed to be there. Supervisors treat you like slaves on a northern farm field, rather than an associate. So if you get assigned to the dock, which I don’t mind since I don’t like dealing with people for any length of time, yet if its bad weather like the other day, the water pooled so much on the drive through that I four times fell on my keester, on my tail bone. Add to that, getting the chills, getting cussed out, and all that, not for no peasly $7.30 an hour. I have over 3 weeks accumulated 44 hours, just a tad under $325.00 really? My rent and expenses exceed that. Now true, had PoohBears money again not getting fuggled up because of some outfit called Amscot, and or certain family members, the $325.00 would have made up part of the $500.00 I had to lay out to keep my car(yes I know, the church helped with the other $250.00) Now that I have the car paid off, question is what the heck am I still doing here? So lets review, I have to fund going over and back to Twin Falls every day for at minimum 4 days a week of 20 miles a day, have glucose imbalances because I can’t eat when I need to, freeze my but off, get the wet chills, can’t sit down at anytime, so my clots in my legs returns, the list goes on, for $7.30 an hour? No way. Now PoohBear don’t like this, but it needs be at least for the short term, if I’m going to be here, this radio gig needs to be generating more than its spending. That means getting eye candy out there on at least 3 or 4 websites of our creation to get peoples attention, plus ads on every gearhead TV show, Magazine, or social media site. Just a pic of a rod or truck or bike don’t get it. Having some bare butted (even though I think the bare or near bare butt thing is way over done and very over ripe), squating on a bike, masterbaiting on the hood of a truck or custom, or doing the pole dance on a stick shifter in a rat rod. That equates into listeners, that equates into getting the attention of sponsors that become advertisers and that feathers the nest and puts more green into the jeans of the station, the network, the MC/TC/AC and that puts a few more green backs in my pocket . Since the eye candy is not all that dandy in these parts means recruiting from everywhere, from Utah to Boise to Idaho Falls. That’s why I have the Little General to begin with. Cheap on gas consumption. Bottom line its time to get damn serious about HazzardAyre/Rebel Radio. As well as KTOW/KSOA.  Then there is location. Someone much wiser than I said, I think it was Bo Duke, who said, sometimes your doing all the right things for the wrong reasons. In our case I think we have been doing all the right things, just in the wrong place. SouthWestern Idaho, is not, repeat NOT the right place to plant the seeds of a media company. Yes Boise can be, and some spots like Pocatello can be. considering Idaho State university, with tons of hungry college students looking for ways to enhance their pocket books to continue their education. This means albeit limited, but a labor/talent pool, and some smb incubators . That is just not in the Twin Falls or greater Twin Falls Idaho area. Then there is Nurse GoodBody. Sure she is still a dear friend and one of the only female patched members of the Knytes. However, even with that honor, she and I have touched bases maybe two perhaps 3 times since I have been here, and she as of yet has not been all that ambitious about jumping onboard the HazzardAyre/Rebel-Radio wagon. I think its a once bit twice shy thing. Outside of her unless he gets really swamped I am the last to get called for or with Charlie, so what the heck am I still doing here? Bottom line, it is my intent not to be by Thanksgiving if not sooner. Stay tuned.

Well that was fun, and just how much fly stuff do you eat? Welcome to the Edge-of-Wetness.

Have you ever considered just how much fly stuff you eat? Have you ever wondered just what would happen if you swallered a fly? Or maybe two? Here’s the skivy on the divy, see there was a fix it guy here working on the heating system. Capping the AC swamp cooler. Now any time any one opens that door to that furnace room countless flies escape and invade everywhere. As long as I could keep the AC on the air circulated and thus the stench from that smoke fire in the room where I sleep was low, no flies all was okay. Since the AC is off have to keep the window open with no screen and thus mucho fly invasion. Which leads me into the next part here. When I met with my supervisor on Tuesday, and he showed me what I was going to get paid, my enthusiasm was rapidly diminished. At $7.30 an hour times 50 hours total for 3 weeks means if I’m lucky after taxes and all, I might take in maybe $250.00 for 3 weeks? Bullsbreath. Hell I can make that in 4 days running tows, in the snow. So let’s break this down, I’m paying nearly $1,000.00 for a run down place, plus now utilities that was to be thrown in, and only knocking down at tops if I stayed at DI until the end of the month, $400.00? Naw not this old Wolf. So its time to cut my losses, and put my sails in the wind for ETown, where expenses albeit high, isn’t as much, ever wonder why I never changed my phone number or bank account? I never planned on staying here this long. 

Met, quite by accident, a gal on FB that could be an aid or associate once we get to ETown, her name is Aubrey, and she has this FB Group called Just for Fun. Which is so cool. I had a blast on there overnight. For once there was and is a reason, to go on FB , besides PoohBear. Now as far as ETown and all, I don’t think much has changed there. Maybe a few things, but damn few. Janet was telling me jobs are few, and while it may seem high to them, rents and all, are not nearly as expensive as it is here. The only real person I have to blame for all this is me. I was the one that was convinced that the fields here were really greener. As old and wise Uncle Jessie Duke said to me once, the field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it. So later today , I’m cutting myself loose from Deseret Industries and getting things in line to relocate me and the Reaper Crew to ETown, Wyoming. 

On the air at 17:00 on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf

Today was not one of my better days, and if you want to make friends sometimes you have to be the one that extends the hand.


Well today was not one of my better days, and if I seem a bit off overnight understand I’m not myself. See at 09:00 just before I was to show for work, I got a call from LifeFlight, saying they were enroute to St. Als, in Boise with my Daughter Loraine. She had suffered a Pulminary Embleizm (okay I can’t spell it) It is a blood clot that if not relieved could go to her lungs and heart, could I meet them at St. Al’s? So I called Dan at work, took the last of what money I had and cruised to Boise. They were just wheeling her into surgery when I arrived. So I sat in the waiting room, watched ten episodes of Jessie on the Disney Channel, there and finally she came out and I sat there until 16:00 and only came home so I could go to work in the AM at DI. Being here not knowing is what’s hard, wish PoohBear’s money would have been on time and that I hadn’t had to pay up on my car as I had to, that way I could be there by Loraine’s side in the hospital. Okay then, With all of this I’m not walking solo here, I have to march to the beat of a different bugler as such my time is not my time. All for $7.30 an hour, when I could be making $80.00 an hour or so at the place in Evanston. So PoohBear sends me this text that says that she didn’t feel welcome in Evanston. Heck when I first got there I felt that way, but I started getting into the community, going to meetings, church, and other places and over time took nearly a year finally Evanston learned it could trust me and I made contacts. Things got better. Sure just before I moved I was in over my head money wise, but I had support, the one thing I had, was housing, that was rent controlled, Had housing assistance, all the benefits, and I could make money on my own, on my own schedule. Its not that way here. Everything is so much more expensive, outside of Boise, decent medical care is none existant, there’s at least a 2 year or better on Section-8 housing apps, so if you think I’m not aiming for Etown, your wrong. There just is not anything here to keep me in Jtown Idaho. Outside of Kathleen and the Smith family, and Charlie and A-1 Towing & Heavy Haul’s crew I’m really not all that fond of or close to here. Its not the grand days it used to be, or I had envisioned it, nor are wages keeping up with greedy landlords, here. I need some relief, or I might join my Daughter. See our family has that tendancy for clogged veins. I had one of those Blood clots back in 2010, had it not been for the fast action of Ron Adams and crew there in Bliss, I might have bit the sand. The results was they gave me a shot, a meal and I drove myself home. Sat at my apartment there in Bliss in the bath tub, on boxes Goody’s and Rat poison. My right leg had swollen to the size of a tree trunk. There was virtually no circulation in my right leg. Had that clot broke loose, my life would have ended right there. So when this happened to Rainey (short for Loraine) I was west bound and down as fast as little General could run. I had an Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ward there that cared. I had two families that in a way adopted me, and I had a shop, that had PoohBear not had a tantrum, and split I could have kept. Okay seasons change. But I had mostly a Friend and a Bishop there named Mark, who really cared. I hate quitting a job, I hate looking at moving again, but for nearly a year and 4 months, I have went through a living hell. I have been rejected by a bunch of peeps that misjudged both me and the Club. I have poured out more money than I can recall, money that could have rebuild LexiBelle right down to the last bolt. Yes I was born here in downtown JTown, yes I was raised near Hazzard and West-Point Idaho. But I , since I came back here, never have quite fit in here and haven’t felt at home here. More on what’s grroovin on the show, see you on the air on” http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf   

So how was your day?



If the claims were true, it would be amazing,

The ring on the phone says, ” Welcome to CenturyLink” the Hispanic translation and a very long wait to speak to some one at the company, who does not have a single clue as to what your talking about. But they put you on the ignore button, that plays the same old music that we heard when the company was nearly Mountain Bell. At least then there was a office locally where you could get some help. So now here we are, one month after finally getting the 20/20 system connected, yet 20 down and 20 up is not happening. So again I called, no idea they said. Now then I do get the email bill, but that bill is not for here. Its for our old connection in Wendell Idaho, that I had turned off by Jana, just before we moved from there and here to Jerome. Which was reconnected with a different number this is the simple DSL connection, not the 20/20. Did somewhere the memo get lost? So then Jana get the ball rolling for the 20/20, which originally was to be a 30/30 fiber connection. But site engineer said couldn’t be done here. Okay, then it should have been that CenturyLink should have refunded nearly $10,000.00 in our lost revenue and all so we could have got the local cable system installed. Nope be there next week. Okay it took 2-1/2 weeks since it took that long for the people in where we were moving into to move out. So Greg shows, had the gear except the old gear would not work here. Had to reorder the router, and CP for this location here in Jerome.  2 weeks later it shows up, but not here. Delivered to the wrong address. Instead of 209 North Lincoln, it went to 209 South Lincoln. Of which a unknowleged clerk at a womens clothing store put the box and all on a storage room shelf. Greg goes down there, fetches the new router, except the order gets put on hold again. All the while at $500.00 an hour for nearly 3 months in lost ad revenue is lost. With much work between Jana, Greg and a few higher ups in that company the right things finally show up, but one problem, over the stress of it, Jana quits and goes to work for a competitor in Utah, Now who is my account rep? Since the final installation, I have not heard anything from my new account rep, some guy named Zollinger. Where did Hope, and all go? Who is looking after my needs? All the while, while it does work only marganaly still its not of the $600.00 a month that I’m supposed to pay, nor am I even getting a printed bill. With that, know this; Changes are coming, and our location in Wyoming will not be served by CenturyLink. Hello AllWest. 

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I howl of that which few dare and sorry about not being on air, will be Tuesday evening.

This has always been me and a curse or perhaps a blessing , but I am a true proponent of fight the system, anti-establishment , full anarchist. That said I say and do what few dare to do. When it comes to certain things like FakeBook, and all, I really don’t care. FakeBook has became in many respects the cesspool of social media. After all who ever said I was social, more like Jesus Christ was, a social outcast, or if you will, a social outlaw. Think about it, Jesus was the original 1%er outlaw. Few loved him, many despised him, and he was always being sought by the law for speaking the truth no matter who he hit between the eyes. With that said here let’s move on here. 

So there were two FB groups I joined, that I might have said a few off color comments about. Instead of giving a warning, the admins took all but one post down. That’s been going on a lot lately. See in my view, its okay for women to post naked or very nearly naked pics up, but if a guy does it, oh he is labled evil and the post is taken down and he is put in that place called suspended status aka FakeBook Jail. Why is that? Is it that those commie, Oriental FakeBook male employees running around Palo Alto California love to see naked women, but not a naked or sharp looking guy? I would think that being nestled in Gay bay that those FakeBook fellers would like to see a near naked guy. Lol. A few years ago, I saw a posting on one of the rebel groups, that said, under this flag csaflag no Native American’s were ever killed, no Native American Women were ever raped or otherwise by a Confederate, yet under old Glory, and the Union Militia were.  Yet when I posted such on a Native America group site, guess what ? Yep it got removed. Truth hurts don’t it? Every time I see something about FB removing and/or banning our rebel flag, somebody ripping down one of our sacred Confederate monuments, or just plan cussing out our Confederacy of which most likely they too were in fact or are a ancestor of one of those who fought that war of Northern Invasion. It just makes my grey blood boil. Why not blame the crap on the Northern Yankee Union, not that of the Confederacy? Just once and I may not live long enough to see it, but just once I’d like to see a full national holiday, or remembrance of Robert E Lee, StoneWall Jackson, or my great , great, great Grandfather General Montgomery. Yes a Confederate General. Over 80, million decendants are of the Confederacy, few admit it, many of us applaud it. Many honor it. If we are to remember Columbus , lets remember those from south of the Mason Dixon Line that fought a terrible war. Oh and remember a few years ago, when I asked about if Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Doctrine concerning that great war, and no body seemed to know? Well upon careful study, I found the answer. Section 87 of the D&C has the entire story of it, and it was predicted about three centuries before it happened. The Church was giving a nod to the South, not the North, now isn’t that special? Now on to why not on air tonight.

As you all know, On Friday for the last time, the little greedy fellers from Wendell, Idaho from Happy, Happy, Motors came over to DI to repo the Little General. They just could not wait for me to pay their precious $200.00 left on the car. Thank God he was listening, as my Bishop here jumped in and saved the car, by using his Credit Card to pay that off. Any mile up to that point I was busy on my cell phone working on that, plus arranging for me to get a way home as well as to go fetch the Little General, in Wendell. I was fit to be tied and I mouthed off. I was to go to work Saturday, but didn’t simply because we never got the green light to go fetch the car until 16:30 Saturday, by that time the shift was over. And last night by the time I got done doing downloading conference , I was too pooped to even think of going in to work today. So I have a meeting with powers that be at 10:00 Hours in the AM morning, so need to catch some sleep after I study scripture. And that’s that story.

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One thing I have learned in life, is don’t bomb bridges, and a mix tape? Haven’t heard that idea in years.


Be verwee quiet, landlord creeping around wants to siphon blood out of my turnip. 

One thing amongst others that I have learned in life is that you don’t burn or bomb bridges. Especially if that bridge might come in handy. Example; With eyes on relocation back to where LexiBelle is at and all of that, eyes are on ETown Wyoming. There’s a gal there, that might could help locate a hidden place where I can make a home for me and Poohbear. Yet PoohBear doesn’t like her, because, PoohBear regards her as a threat. Which in reality is bunk, since PoohBear has me for life. That said I have in my life kicked to the curb, many professional as well as personal relationships, that today I could utilize as a resource. Another example, my good friend Nate, member of the Toew Bro’s Club. A subsidiary of the Knytes, for those going heavy haul towing, which Nate does. Mid year this year, he and I got in a scrap online and as such defriended him on FB. Now that I’m prowling for a Wolf’s Den in Etown could use his help.  One on FB said its best to always be honest. I agree, however there are times that you can’t be, and still save a reputation. Several examples: If your lady asks, ” Does this make me look fat?” The wise man needs to fib, or he’s sleeping on the porch. If someone introduces you to a new born and says ain’t it cute?” The worst thing you can say is; ” naw that kid looks so butt fugdugly looks like it hit the fugdugly tree and all the branches”. Then there are times, you just don’t say all that there is; Example, and she did not know better, but PoohBear and I were looking at an office space in Etown few years ago. Was a former law office at the right price per month, might have saved me from moving here to Idaho. PoohBear had to say to the new maybe landlord, that it’d be great for the MC. Which it was for, yet saying it was for an MC made the lady we were going to rent from retreat. If she had just left it at a Veteran’s Aviation organization, we would have been in like flint. Just like Friday at DI, had I bit my lip, and not got an attitude with two supervisors my job would still be intact. I think it still is, but I’m going to have to talk like a Dutch Uncle to save it. While that bridge is not yet bombed still it is on very shaky ground. Sometimes its best to just shut up. Just like PoohBear and her money. I believe her when she says it got fugled up, but SSA don’t fuggle up that much or that often, and that Amscot? Maybe there is someone there handing off money of others off of PoohBear’s account, yet I gotta think, that Amscot, must have either very poor IT security, or there’s something other than the ocean that’s fishy there. BTW her brother still owes the Club $350.00 from two years ago. Now if you burn Bridges, or seriously bomb one, when you need to tap a resource, its just not there. 

Now then; saw a question on a FB group, that inspired the Whiskey with a side of Grease, the post asked if you wanted to make a mix tape, who would you want on it? Do people still make mix tapes? or even mix CD’s any more? I know I do, because standard over the air radio bores me to tears, and the talk stations, are just pure junk. We even have one here, that I used to work at, doing a show as if he were Jesus Christ. Watch how fast that one get’s burned . But do folks still make mix tapes? Do people still have a cassette deck in their rides or at home?  Maybe there’s a bit of maturity creeping into FB, ya’ll think? 

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