When is it my time? Plus from a famous guru the saying , Those who do the same things and expect different results, are prone to Failure.

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Heavy Rescue Toew BlogWhen is it my time? For the last 40 some odd years I have dedicated my life to, the Knytes, as well as the WolfPack. Every extra dollar I had and have goes to the Clubs. I have saw Presidents of the Knytes die, I have seen so much it’d make a Catholic priest cry. The Hazzard thing has served, but I have yet to get my percentage of any of the royalties off of that. I’m not quitting my service to the Clubs, but I need to reduce my stress level. Lying on a gurney with my butt exposed getting a spinal tap, then two days later the same procedure, but this time a tube stick down my throat for a biopsy of my stomach, having nothing to eat, but Jello, Milk, and bland soup makes one think is this all worth it? Working part time with A1 is great. My wages are kept low so as not to mess up my benefits from the state as well as SSI. But this being behind never catches up. Having MY truck, Lexibelle would mean instead of only getting $20.00 on every $100.00 I make from A1, I could be making the whole $100.00. I don’t mind helping a dear friend since he’s been there for me, but I need my truck. I had visions of moving to Evanston, for everything. However albeit it’s a helluva lot more expensive to reside here, still certain areas of this valley such as Bliss, Rupert, as well as Twin Falls is ripe. Few others focus strictly on heavy long haul truck towing and recovery. Most are to busy, farting around with cars and light trucks. Refocusing on the heavy duty market, with a new handle that fits, starting out with

Highway Rescue Toewingand evolving into HEAVY RESCUE TOEW 1 concentrating on the heavy truck market, rather than just simply light duty GP towing. Work the highway, not just the inner cities. It’s the difference in a $80.00 tow, and a $1,000.00 tow.

As far as the Toew Bro’s and all, it is simply that I can remember back in 1975 early 1976, at a organizational conference, I stood in front of every member of our Clubs and said the day I can’t ride, tow, or I pull the key out of the ignition, then I don’t belong leading the Clubs, nor be on radio and TV preaching our organizations agendas. While the radio gear and all is all locked up and its going to take $4K to get it all back, which will take time, its time for me to focus on what I do, that is ToW. As far as equipment, why buy new? A couple of Holmes 750’s with underlifts, A couple of rigs with Holmes 600’s, and 3 more trucks with Holmes 500’s like Lexibelle has. As far as a rotator? Why not put a Century rotator on an older truck like a Heavy duty Dodge Ram? BighornThat really would be trick, basically melding old with new. As far as marketing. The infamous toew smooch was okay at the time, but It might be time to either enhance that concept or rethink it. As I close, I think the new handle and core of this company is right here right now. It’s time to get r done. Stay Tuned.

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Sorry Google Maps and Garmin, GPS does not work everywhere, nor is it accurate everywhere.

Heavy Rescue Toew Blog

Okay then : 14:30 yesterday, sitting in the squad room, getting ready to head off shift, go do Rick’s thing, pick up some grub and head home to the room, consume the grub, watch TV and get some rest after a marathon, of winter , deep wet snow tows and plowing. So call comes in , empty bullwagon, other side of Contact Nevada, stuck partly in ditch. So fire up old Big John, and head down. Activate the newly installed GPS system, not that I didn’t know where Contact was, since there years ago, was a great brothel there, along with a purtty good truck stop. So we arrive. Yet the GPS wasn’t even close to where we needed to be. So being the Marine I am, I said going exploring. In reality after getting lost, and using what instincts I had about the area, found the rig, on the back side of Wells, not Contact. Snaked the bullwagon, out. Got the billing information, and started home. Didn’t get back here until , 23:30 even then Had two more quick pik tows to do. It’s one thing to just drive for a tow company, its another to have to own, one. In our case or my case, Heavy Rescue Toewing, is a team, headed by me, Tobey as President/CEO and of course in spirit, Tobey’s Dad Indian Rick’s. The name was just simply handed to us, from a similar TV show on the Weather Channel. The thing is, snagging cars and light trucks etc, means dealing with motor clubs, insurance contractors and people who do not pay. I’d rather take my chances with trucking companies, truckers, and do just higher ROI towing in the Heavy haul side. Heavy Rescue Toewing, will be a subsidiary, of Highway Hooker Toewing. Thing is, if I’m to get up in the early hours of the morning, or late at night, and go out and mess around in the cold snow, its going to be worth it. The last two or so weeks, of being in the hospital, a tear in my stomach and an ulcer, and gastridious, my life is getting shorter. I’m going to stay productive, but I’m also going to do what I can to reduce all of my stress points. Next stop, truck school, need to get my Class-A, as I was firmly reminded at the Bern POE. Its not that I can’t drive the trucks that goes , but since LexiBelle, is under the 23,000 GVW limit for requiring a class –A, I never have bothered about it, plus the med card. So I’m really needing to get it together.



Want a job at FoX News? Be female, be blonde and have big jugs and hot legs.

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I’d love to be a fly in the room when FoX News interviews a new on air talent for their newscasts. Especially when the applicant is female. I’ll bet while most likely not spoken, the main requirement, is not news talent. Not on the ability to deliver a decent news cast, But that the who-evr is blonde, big jugs, and hot legs. I have criticized for just about the same thing, but is it right, if some gal, isn’t a fashion icon, but has all the rest of the qualifications, should she at least allowed to be a contributing part of that news department? While I’m not a big fan of CNN and for a time they too did the eye candy look-over before hire. Still I’m very suspicious of the thought that looks and eye candy should replace or supersede journalism.

So I watched the premier Friday of Kim Possible. While the premier did show some good parts, over all the plot, and story line was a bit off. The concept behind most of it was poorly written, poorly cast, except the lead, and the hamster. Past that, it really was not the big Bang that Disney hyped for two months.

TV now days is not worth much, networks to local stations, have shifted to reverse. ODTV and all like with NetFlix etc, has pushed the challenges to standard TV. Yet, in all of it the programs of yesterday, still are the best. Is there an answer? A solution to the sitch? Yes. That after the race.

Stay Tuned.

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America at least maybe my area, maybe more, but Stupid people are way too epidemic

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A snowy Sunday. Too much snow to head to Church, and of course at noon its Daytona 500 time. So my butt is parked in my room doing recovery from last weeks groove at St. Lukes, Hospital. On that, while in theory and overall I got good care, nurses and other hospital staff is so cautious about ANYTHING that might or could be sued over they overkill everything. They finagled this alarm, so I couldn’t even get out of bed to go piss, without a nurse being there. Then came the diet, Ice chips, and bland soup, with Jello was what I ate. All Liquid. So Thursday night I wizzed my bed and slept in wet all night. Something that I severely mentioned to the case manager there. Any one with diabetes, pee’s a lot. Its just what is, the nurses that came in on a regular basis to check my vitals should have noticed the sugary smell and addressed that I wizzed my bed. Serious education there needs to be done. Then went to surgery. Early Friday, morning they decided to thread a optic cam, down my throat, to look inside my belly. Which revealed a serious ulcer about the size of a golf ball. It was bleeding into my stomach which is what was making me so pukey. Woke up from that , and by Friday evening, just before 19:00 they sprung me from the hospital. But hey its not over yet. One prescription that I as it turned out had to be paid out of pocket. Even with that the hospital had not phoned in the prescription. So I had to strong arm the drug store, tech who had to call up there to the hospital, to find what prescription I needed and get the order. The throat surgery, made it to where I can’t talk much if at all. So for once I have to shut up, most of the time. The Doctors and ER staff were great. Thing is, while the only trauma 1 hospital in the area, still, there’s a bunch of inexperienced nurses, and can’s that need more education.

I’m headed to the hospital, again in the PM Monday, to get another exam or two. They assigned me a nurse, who drops by 4 times a day during the day to check my vitals, sugar levels, A-1-C readings and so on. Jocylin is her name and even though she’s a bit hard of hearing, does a great job.

More later, after the 500, on my review of Kim Possible images and my thoughts on America in the west.

Plus , I need to get some $’s sent off to my pal in Wyoming.

See ya’ll here this evening.

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Enough, already , must you keep repeating the bit?


Do they need to repeat gibberish when important news is on the boards?

I counted 10 times that FoX and Friends repeated crap about the Grammy’s last night yet there is another Government shut down on the horizon, while Democrats are massing in numbers to a epidemic way, that will kill our nation or the way we all live as Socialism, and Communism is instituted. Look I think in many ways that the Don, is a bit off at times and a bit crooked. That said the President is doing his best to fix things that for all too long has been messed up. Sure , I’d like to see a full Confederate Party in charge in DC , and while I see tons of FB pages and groups that proclaim they are for preserving heritage and Southern history, I say we are not done fighting, yet few if any of them, will skip a weekend of beer 30’s and contribute to the one organization that is fighting for Today’s Confederacy. But I regress, FoX & Friends is a fairly good news channel, they just need to keep from always repeating gibberish, and keep it news.

Okay then, was watching Highway thru Hell, last night and then followed a new show or at least new to me, called Heavy Rescue. trailer-thm-heavyrescue401

which asks the question, has what we do towing all of a sudden become a popular career choice? Not that I have anything against that. I’d love to see new blood in the industry, but all of a sudden we’re hip. Towing on TV. First was Wrecked on SpeedTV, then came several repo shows showing our industry , then Highway thru Hell, and of course Heavy Rescue, HeavyRescueS3_TopShowI remember when I started towing in 1976. I went to our local TV station, the only one here at the time, KMVT. I asked for inquiry on advertising on their station during weather casts. I was told, why would a towing service want to advertise on TV? Isn’t just a listing in the phone book enough? Oh and the one that nearly came to fist to the jaw, the sales-jerk said that towing wasn’t a real business, just a good sideline to some other business. Really? Of course they didn’t say the same thing when we were hooking their yellow news Ford Pinto’s. Of course we were the first over the air radio station dedicated as our core to the towing industry. Nobody had ever addressed the topics and news of OUR industry. KTOW first signed on the air in 1975 in Hagerman Idaho. With 2,000 watts FM. We started with a radio show called Heavy Hooker Radio, which was a show directed to those involved in Heavy Rescue towing. In 1985 we fired off a show from our Boise Idaho studio called Highway Hooker Radio, and the rest is history. Guess that sales-jerk at KMVT was seriously WRONG, huh?

As I close I want to say this: Don’t Abort, Adopt.

Stay tuned.

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Can you just tell Yahoo and others, I just don’t want to?

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So was looking over the Club’s inbox on Yahoo. Apparently they want you meaning yourself, to convert to a whole new system. Can we just say NO I just don’t want to? Just like WordPress. They wanted me to convert to a whole new thing, I told, no but hell no. I like what I got the way I got it, and since I’m paying for it, I’ll have it my way. Weather gals been saying that we’re in for one big whammy of a snow storm. I see it all around me, but not here, yet. Which means when it does his Hindness will have me out towing, which is why he told me, stay home and get plenty of rest. Considering I bruised my ribs, and nicked my spleen, was a good idea. Rollback tow rigs are great to a point, but the beds are extremely slick. Especially if they get snow and ice on em, one wrong step like I did Monday and your on your keester in nothing flat. Got news from Metro, day before yesterday, that there’s money coming to me, which I would have had by now, but the last two, namely one solid address, was no longer accessible. As such USPS kicked it back to them, and now once again pony express is bringing it back here. Now it’s only $100k, but that should be enough for the time being, and making me able to hire a attorney to nail the buttwipe in Jerome, and CenturyLink. Which together should pull in just under $185,mil. On the housing front, been thinking a lot, and came up at least a go look and see plan. Go take a gander at Grace, Soda Springs and that area of Idaho. Reason, mainly is I have kin folk there. There’s family, and even looking further my headstone is there so what the heck am I still doing in western Idaho. Then watching the previews of this new Disney movie Kim Possible,

images and of course the new in theaters flick Captain Marvel, both are chicks. Women at least young women being the lead actors in these two films. So I thought, with us doing up a revised Airwolf, why can’t we reverse the gender roles? Make String, a woman? It might just be the concept, still working on it. You know put String as a red headed , super hottie, in seriously just gotta sniff the crotch, leather outfit, flying the Lady with a slightly older guy as Dom, and have the rest of the team be babes.

Finally. I just gotta ask those at Facebook, why the heck do you put up that thing of here’s some people you might know fb shit If I don’t know you, if I haven’t had coffee, or broke bread with you somewhere, and you don’t fly, don’t ride, don’t tow and don’t wrench, I am really not going to send a friend invite. I’m sorry I have done the blind invites too many times only to find that the who that I invited is about as phony as a $3.00 bill. Speaking of FB friends, I noticed from all her posts, here lately that our sweet gal, Chandra, has found Jesus. Something I suggested a year ago. There is a peaceful tranquil feeling and one of comfort knowing that no matter what is going good or bad in one’s life, that Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, is there with their hand on your shoulder and their hand in your hand leading you in the right direction.

Stay Tuned


Its not just the premier, its how long the series lasts. Its new show sweeps time, and Disney is breaking wind with Kim Possible.

Hazzard County Gazzette WP BannerKNYTESSCRIPT

I have started to see a pattern: New shows on TV for this premier period of some new shows is not how good it is at first, its to see how long it will last. Most shows see maybe 4 episodes or so to see if they become a mark, then usually get cancelled in about 7 months or so. Even the Disney Channel has had a few blunders here lately. One would be better if they’d put it on in a better time period, and give the show a chance to gain a following. The casting is good up to two of the adults in the series Coop and Cami. The mother does a dance at the title sequence that proves that even huge women can dance, just not that gracefully. Then of course there is Raven’s Home, that brings back a Disney alumni actress Raven Saymone , she keeps coming back like bad onions on a not to cooked hamburger. Two series are destined for greatness. Andi Mack is one that is filmed in Salt Lake City, its got some good casting and good writing. The next one if all goes right and Disney is banking a lot on it; is the Live action version of an old animated series, called Kim Possible imagesmaxresdefault (1)

maxresdefault The lead actress Sadie Stanley has a look and talent that quite literally can kick butt Screen-Shot-2018-12-09-at-20-920x584At only 17 years old she has the right amount of eye candy and abilities in acting that this should be quite the premier movie and eventually series. Even the newly released title theme has quite the rock beat that could easily become a hit on its own. Even the cell phone ringtone is regaining popularity. It’ll be interesting to see the viewership numbers after the movie airs on the 15th.

You just have to watch.

Stay Tuned.


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I’m proud of what we do, who we are and why we are here.

hazzard gazzette header backSAMCRO HIGHWAY HOOKER JOURNAL

Since the very day I met her at what was known as Sambo’s Café here in Twin Falls to this very day, she has been a part of and the center of my life. I’m not talking of any human, but LexiBelle. my LexiBelle since then my life has never been the same. The company progressed and begat several subsidiaries , but its always Highway Hooker Toewing at the center of it all. Now that said, in 1979 one month and two days from the premier of the Dukes-of-Hazzard, which that will enter here in a few, but I thought why is there no younger owner operators of towing? Sure there was TRAA, and a germinating Idaho Towing & Recovery Association, but these were as it seemed to be more for very large fleets, not for us smaller Mountain West rural towing owner operators. So we started once the old General Lee was in Hagerman(aka Hazzard) Idaho, that we started the Hazzard County Toewing Association. Which today is known as the Iron Knytes Association. In our creation there became what I came to understand, was no radio shows like those that were on the air for over the road truckers. As such we fired up a radio station, KTOW. or Kay—Tow. The life of someone like me who tow is not for everyone, more over not many would do this profession and it is a profession, not just a job. I take pride in what I do. I thirst for the challenges of this gig, and I love the excitement. Sure I love flying, and being on the radio, but I’m at my most peaceful in the cab of LexiBelle, with a paying tow on the sling, open highway, and stereo, giving it her all.

Okay then; there are people who ask why I am up at night rather than during the day. Of course that started when I started going towing as back then just about all real recovery runs happened at night. But even as a kid, I never could sleep well before 04:00 hours(4am) at the shop, more could be done at night, because we weren’t running for parts, or the phone, or having to deal with customers. It was just me, my tools and tuning engines. That was my main stock in trade, Jimmy did all the paint and body work, although I did do a bunch of sanding, and molding. Then came the radio show overnight, but here lately its more to do with night time fewer people are online in this complex that I live in and the bandwidth is much better. So that’s the answer to that question. Yes I’m proud of what I do, and I’m even more proud of the Knytes, and KTOW.

Stay Tuned

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Remember you read it here first,

hazzard gazzette header backKNYTESSCRIPT

Remember you read it here first. As with most things our small news crew here at the Gazzette gathers information 24/7 then sends it to me to piece together. Remember yesterday? I informed you that this year’s SuperBowl flat stunk, I don’t mean the pleasant musky aroma of a woman’s toes in stockings, nope as in stunk like a wet cat. And what did you see on and in so many media outlets even newspapers? The same stories. Just about every critic including publications like AD-Age and a few others even said that this years SuperBowl was a dismal failure. Was the failure caused by too little time to play the game, as well as perhaps the out of key and tone deaf performance of Maroon 5? Was it the cussing that CBS had to bleep out at least 5 times on another performing artist? If nothing else, it was poor and both viewership was down, but most people just went elsewhere to look at something else, like scenes from prior SuperBowls? What ever it was again it stunk, and we told you here first.

Stay Tuned

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Could we have Just got this stuff wrong?

csg coverAncient Aliens

Before I get into my main topic here, I need to reach out to a young lady who feels pretty much if not right on with the same feelings that Rick and I am going through. Promises are great speak, but in reality are like a star. A big ball of gas with no real substance. The promises and dedication to others goes away real easy when the request comes by you to someone you trusted. Or an assembly of people who said, just ask we’ll be there. Where are those people that time and again, I have dug into my own pocket to help even at my own peril, and yet now that I’m in need, not to mention the Knytes in recovering the radio gear need them? Couldn’t one of them look for some people they know that could help? What about one of them, posting our needs for external funding on their fb newsfeeds and pages? If just 20 people each contributed $100.00 each, we’d have the goal met, and we could get the station back on air. Seems pretty bad that something that easily generates $12,000.00 a day is being held up due to a $2k storage bill. In this life of mine, I trust 5 people, Kathleen, PoohBear, Rick, and Chandra. Past that I don’t trust know one outside the Knytes.

Okay then. I have been getting into this series on the History Channel, called Ancient Aliens. While I have deep roots and all in Christianity, still the theories on Ancient Aliens, kinda makes me scratch my head a bit. Just like the episodes I watched Sunday night. There was discussion, of ancient areas of southern Mexico, and Central America, on the Aztec and such. If the theories that came forth are exact, then that would throw the gospel or teachings in the Book of Mormon way outta whack. The reason I say that, is much of what is taught through the pages of the Book-of-Mormon, Alma and so on, happened very near or right at where the discussions that were presented on Ancient Aliens. The Bible teaches that we are to have only one God, that God, is a jealous God. I believe that, yet I have to wonder were the Gods that we are not to be at least observant of, not the God’s of ancient texts and times long before ancient man? Could the carvings and all in ancient burial tombs and such be teachings from beings from outside our pity little planet? The structures that were constructed in ancient Egypt, and that area, as well as all around our planet be of alien design? Ancient earth man, did not have that kind of knowledge. Why is it that certain structures and such have a bee line straight at certain star systems, constellations and planets. In essence could we as a arrogant society, just got this stuff wrong?

Stay Tuned.