Day Watch for Saturday and the FaceFart Report



Good Saturday Morning. Cold early but warming up a bit today near noon. Federal Employees will get their paychecks and go back to work, but only for about 3 weeks. President Trump caved to public stress over the wages gig, that he opened the Government long enough to make sure all the Government people, including Veterans, and us on military pensions will get our money on the first. Only to have it halted again on or just after the 15th of February. It doesn’t matter what political party you favor or whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, our nations Yankee government has become seriously corrupt, partisan and only passing legislation for the more affluent of society rather than the working stiffs like you and me that struggle every month. The situation even gets gloomingly darker for those on fixed incomes. While I fully agree that there are way too many on the tax payers payrolls, and I admit I too am in that, but busting my ass to climb off it. Only to be thwarted by greedy none compassionate landlords. that said, rather than so many Social Security payments, why not set up one time grants not loans but grants like say at $300k, or so to enable people to get an education, or create a business or gain skills to gain employment? In either case this would be much better than the millions of dollars spent on entitlements. While there are legid entitlements for those that really can’t work, still there’s many using the system. The money wasted on this could easily build Trump’s Wall. These is just one of the policies in the platform, of the Confederate National Party. Imagine if there was ads bought on say FoX Business, or FoX News Channel among others preaching this doctrine? This could open a dialog to getting the Confederate message out there.

These are just some of the things we will discuss at the 5th annual Hazzard County Knytes, High Council Coffee Camp, Conference. To be held at the Rest area south of Hagerman (aka Hazzard) Idaho, on the 28th. There will be other business conducted there as well, but getting us out there again is crucial. As many of you know I made a terrible screw up in renting the warehouse out on Grandview Drive. While the place was advertised as a residence studio apartment it’s a shop. Not a studio, and not much of a shop. But our radio gear is being held hostage, and every day that its not operational the Club is loosing $12,000.00 a day. So rather that bitch about it two things need to be done. One: find a place that we can afford, without the input of my XYL PoohBear. This dependency on her has been the core of our problem, and I’ll get into that in another entry, but suffice to say that’s pretty much kaput. There is never going to be a PoohBear and me. Any mile we need to gain some awareness and while we could pour money into Facebook, Twitter and such ads that do no good, I say lets do up TV ads. Run the heck out of them on both a local, and regional basis. The threshold going at a national effort on such news networks as FoX News Channels. Do the Southern Heritage education thing as an Ice Breaker. This will get eyes on us that can gain financial needs, mostly inputs to the cash stash. Speaking on Facebook.

facefart reportif your like me, you have been perusing Facebook for years. At least since the mid 2000’s. The platform gained so much popularity, that it has been at the bottom of murders to Russian influence on the 2016 elections. What facebook does not like, is when you stand up to them. Some times they freeze your account, but mostly stop any kinds of gains in the groups or pages that YOU create. Reason? They don’t or will not LET YOU, gain any real popularity. I spent on 3 occasions over $2,000.00 on Facebook ads, that never produced any kind of traction. No income, and really poor results. So posting ads there doesn’t help. Beyond our results, if you have visited Facebook here lately you find that the content level is just not there. The few groups and pages are censored including ours, so badly that there is no freedom of thought or opinion. YOU CAN’T SAY WHAT YOU FEEL, on facebook anymore. As a result, while many still have accounts there , most of us are there looking over a few things and going elsewhere online. It’s a shame that Google is killing its social network, as that was a great alternative to Facebook. Except for some serious exceptions and business customers Google + , will be yanked come this summer. There needs to be a front made, to a concept of building something that can go head to head with Facebook. Any mile, more on the afternoon edition.

Stay Tuned.

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FoX News’s Blonde Bombs, Roger Stone and Star Trek, and could you tell if in fact a woman was wearing nylons at a distance? And to 106.3 Cheyenne Wyoming, Which Article?


Finally back home after a long grueling heavy haul from Oregon here to Twin falls. We got back in at 23:00 and its my shot to hit the rack for a few hours.

Does, FoX News Channel have a corner on the talent market? Seems you see some blonde woman on most if not all their Newscasts, with their super mini skirts, on FoX and Friends and others. Sure I would rather see a angelic honey first in the morning, but then the critics bark if the male corpuscles get a bit frisky and touchy, hey honey can’t have one thing without a bit of the other. Then there’s this new guy Stone that the Feds popped last night for lying to congress. What about those Congress-People lying to the American People? Get Pelosi out of there. Telling the Commander in Chief that he can’t have his State-of-The Union Speech in the halls of Congress? Really? Hey Pelosi you work for us, we don’t have to bow down and kiss your feet. Hey I like feet and toes, but hers have gang-green. But does Roger Stone, look a heck of a lot like that guy they show in the closing credits on the old version of Star Trek? Now then, ya’ll know how passionate about women in nylons wearing a dress or not, but can YOU my fellow male corpuscle can you tell at a distance ? If she is wearing a dress, look when she crosses her legs, on the top of her knees half a circle about the size of a half dollar, it’s a good chance she’s wearing stockings. If she is wearing very tight jeans, especially Wrangler CowGirl Cut jeans on the back of her legs, look carefully as there is a very slim white line from just of the back of her thighs to her ankles. There’s other ways of course, like looking at her if she wears open toed shoes, look between her toes, And finally, before I drift off to dream land. First PoohBear didn’t call yesterday at all, guess that in itself is winding down, making me have to look at making many decisions. And two, there’s been this person from some radio station in Cheyenne Wyoming, that keeps sending me albeit thank you kudos for our posts on the Hazzard County Gazzette, then wanted to know if I’d write an article on something and what the cost be? Which all that would be fine. Getting money once for my writing would be keen, except one thing. They didn’t tell me which one of my articles that caught their eye, and two what they want me to write. I’m not a mind reader. While I do get premonitions and all, still I can’t read minds.

Stay Tuned

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3 bears, 1 wolf, and membership brother loyalty


Today after falling off a scaffold doing routine repair on one of our rotor craft, and coming home, taking pain killers like they were going out of style, at 15:00 hours I hit the rack. Figured I’d catch a few zz’s and wake up and go fetch some groceries. First PoohBear calls, didn’t really want to talk. then Marci texts, took care of that then saw a that it was getting a bit chill. So got up, turned up what mere heat I have and settled back in after setting up another diagnostic on mini compuuter. Seems that the 3 bears and I have one thing in common. This old Wolf either gets a place where it stays real cold, get’s too hot, but seldom is it just right. So saw my brother in arms Rick who takes care of LexiBelle, thought I had betrayed him, and all. Thing is since PoohBear screwed the pooch in October, I have been in a fight just to survive. Heck if you really want to get down to it, PoohBear screwed the same pooch in June. When she thought I was going to move in with one of my female associates in Boise. If I had it would have only been a short stay, just long enough to find my own Wolf’s Den, up there. Had she not messed with her dues money,to me in June, I would have been able to pay June’s rent on the place in Wendell, stayed put, not had to move to Jerome, and not went through a living hell there. Then came October, which snowballed, to where I’m here in this cock roach pit in Twin Falls. I think PoohBear does that subconsciously in the thought as long as she controls the purse strings, she controls me. There’s a self confidence poor self esteem, problem there that has been there since we met. While I love the woman very much, and want to make a life with her, there’s as I told her then, in ETown, there’s two things under God that I hold revere rant LexiBelle, and the Club. They come first. But when Rick said he had problems money wise in the latter part of November during a time that I was looking for housing since I’d been evicted.Just before I exited Jerome and Christmas, I took a $100.00 out of my own needed funds, and did a money order, from Simerly’s in Wendell, and sent it to Rick. I figured it’d get there on or shortly after Christmas so he amongst other things could keep warm as well as go see his daughter in Utah. Some how that never arrived. So I have to go dig out the damn receipt and back track that money order. Yipee. As far advanced in many ways the Tragic Valley, is back pedaling at warp speed. Heck I could have sent that money order on the pack of a mule and it would have gotten there by now. And too, I thought Rick would have been out here by now to fetch his engine for Dark Horse. Of course there was that gal from Africa, the club , not me(thankfully) but the club was spending mucho money to get her evacked out of that war torn nation. Thing is she was to have sent $300.00 to me the first week in December, that didn’t happen. Then send PoohBear $60.00 or so for a cell phone so she could call here, that never happened. Rick is the only one cept maybe Big John, that I ever will put money out for. To heck with this generosity stuff. I put out money, never get it back and its me in front of my Bishop, of our church asking for cash. Bullstuff. Rick is a brother in arms to me, as much as anyone in the MC.Even more so, I will not do anything to betray Rick, any more than I would any member of the MC. That’s why the one thing I hold precious on earth my beloved LexiBelle is in his care. That said, again I love PoohBear very deeply, however, she has been the one common denominator to my money problems here of late, not that I didn’t have these problems before she came to be with me. However, The problems intensified, when she stepped off that bus. If and I mean it, if she misses just one more dues payment, a full payment, as much as its going to hurt, she’s going to be a xyl, not my PoohBear. Because of her, I have to figure out how to get $1,700.00 to get my radio gear out of storage, and get that back in gear, since the loss of that $12,000.00 a month is hurting.

Stay Tuned.

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Being a Southern Kountry guy is one thing, being Hazzard County Kountry is much more.


Just because your in bed, don’t mean everyone is asleep, some people are working. Being Southern of of southern heritage is one thing, being back wood southern kountry is another, but; Being Hazzard County Kountry is a completely different. Hazzard County is not just a place on earth, but a place in ones heart, and consumes your soul. Where else can you see open fishing in one of America’s northern desert valley’s on one side, and a alligator raising farm in another. When the Hazzard County Knytes was originally formed it was just to be a marketing tool for the then Hazzard County Garage of the real Idaho town of Hagerman Idaho. Soon after the General Lee was parked in front of the shop, the most deadly car ever to reside in the Magic Valley of Idaho. There wasn’t one single patrol car, that could catch it. Even the local gearheads couldn’t outrun the old General. But before Lee, there was JaXson. As we spelled it. You see there was a afternoon just after doing chores. When a three cats from California decided they wanted to hunt pheasants on our ranch. Being southern raised and born in Texas, my Mom, threw out a big meal. As we sat on the deck in front of our home enjoying the evening, these 3 cats from California unraveled a concept based on another movie that had been done about Moonshiners. The movie was called MoonRunners . In our shop next to the house, was our old 69 Chevy Caprice that we had painted John Deere Orange, and called it the General JaXson. The JaXson, impressed these three Hollywood guys so much that the Knytes became creative consultants for the hit TV show; The Dukes-of-Hazzard. The rest of that is history. The year was 1981, upon a prop search of white go-go boots for the display of the General JaXson, I eye balled out of the corner of my eyes, and for the grand total of $1,500.00 and a bit of arm twisting of my Mom, we had the ground zero, point. The General Lee. In the shop, it went. (hold on here there’s some important connections coming) Jimmy Mac, myself, Allen Culbertson, Rick Kuhn, and Ron Adams, tooled on that old Charger. 13.5:1 Compression ratio , 440 mag TNT pursuit engine, limited slip 4:10 gears, that car would easily do 200 mph on the street, then the magic happened again. With a bit or arm twisting and even though the studio was touring a Gen, Lee. Mick Ellis said bring it, and bring it we did. That year the original Daisy Duke was a guest feature at that years Salt Lake City AutoRama. Yes we took home a best of trophy, but too, the studio was impressed with our handi work again. During the show, that year, Bro and I were bunking at the then Shiloh Inn next to the Salt Palace, when I woke up in the middle of the night. I conceded that neither Bro or myself looked at all like Bo or Luke Duke, but I did resemble Crazy Cooter(aka: Ben Jones) Other things in common, I ran(still do) run a tow truck in a small rural town. It wasn’t a big jump to me being the Crazy Cooter of Idaho. The legend remains. But there’s more. About the second season of the Dukes, I pitched an idea, how about Hazzard County having a radio station. Several episodes were done on that platform, with my cousin Richie Montgomery being the stations announcer/DJ>.  The Hazzard County injection and affection has not ever faded at least for me or the Knytes. Question is; and this is a loaded question: Can America, not consider our battle flag as being racist and all and allow TV to once again be like it was? Oh it is; it starts with HazzardAyre TV. The Ayre part in my next entry.

Stay Tuned:

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Thank God I’m a Kountry Guy and a biker.

hcg1book of rw

It’s the start of yet another week in paradise. Or at least a life of misery, albeit comfortable in a way, there’s still troubled seas on the horizon. In the last few weeks, since I left that disaster in Jerome, albeit due to my over ambitious thoughts of building the radio op, being conned by some real operators. Seems as unlike states like Utah, Idaho has very little recourse to make dishonest landlords fess up to the real deal in a rental. That being said I have put it behind. That said a week or so ago when I went into the hospital for a collapsed lung and pneumonia amongst some minor maladies. I was in the hospital, upon release that following Monday came back to the room I rent, only to find that most of my stuff had been bundled up, some things missing including my squadron patch. Food, right down to my coffee pot. Now if this wasn’t enough the gear that powers the radio op is held in storage until I pay the rent there. All of this caused in October when PoohBear decided that she did not want to fork over her club dues. Which put me in a very difficult. Now the preceding month, in some conversations with some gal in some troubled area of Africa, was looking for help to get out of that war torn area. So I for all the idiotic reasons engaged the project. However this did nothing to help my financial cash flow. As I was spending night chatting with her when I should be sleeping, then not being able to sustain my duties for a Church industrial outlet. All in all my car got repossessed, which started an entire pile of events. Mid October, I lost my daughter due to a DVT, Blood clot. Then my son got assaulted. All in all I thought Cook, would be a bit compassionate. Not so, middle of November Got served with an eviction notice. Had everything set to move to Wyoming. But Mr. Winter said no, here came a series of storms right after another. Nothing moved including me. When December 1st came I couldn’t move yet, and was financially raped, at the rate of $100.00 a day, until I got a prompting to move here into the Old Towne Lodge. Not much different than what I was to move into in ETown Wyoming.

But then you come to my roots. I thank everyday I had the parents I had, the circumstances I grew up in and being on a farm in a very different era. When I started riding in 1969 I grew to love the breeze in my hair, just me, my bike, and an open road. All I wanted to do was ride and build bikes. Then the Marines came calling, and due to some legal issues, it was best I enlist rather than face the local authorities. The rest is pretty much history.

Next entry, We’ll explore TV and a severe lack of new quality programming, and ad creation.

Stay Tuned

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Retro TV, Small button Noses, Jennifer Morrison, and a new dawning for HazzardAyre.

HazzardAyre Gazzetteretotv logo

It’s Monday Morning:

Yesterday right after Church, I came home and was so pooped, I hit the bed and didn’t wake up until near 2:00AM only then awakening to take meds, and grab some grub. I need to thank Bishop Nielsen and our LDS Ward for the help in my housing dilemma. With than need to raise $2,000.00 to bail out the radio gear, and all that is that, to where we can at least get back on the air. So scouring the interweb to find a venture capitalist that might be willing to fund the project. Look we were down before and we rose up and built something that is on the verge of not only going worldwide on Satellite radio, but to becoming a TV cable/satellite TV network of its own. Right now we are recruiting an experienced actress and fantastic personality you came to know on the TV show, House. Allison Cameron, portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. Could Jennifer become the next Daisy Duke? Hey stranger things have happened and yes we are drafting her into the docudrama of the Knytes, Okay then: Ya’ll know that I’m a stickler about legs and toes, especially legs and toes in nylon hose. That being said, I’m starting to become as attracted to women with tiny noses. Jennifer is a great example

1238095_10152813712398689_3644462967552353581_n Now that said, I still say the sexiest nose of all of Hollywood, still belongs to actress Kerri Russell. KeriRussell092595-JP186

PM79THI became aware of Kerri, on a TV show called Malibu Shores, and followed her career on the TV show Felicity. So then””: HazzardAyre TV is about to launch in three months. What is HazzardAyre TV? Take every single retro TV network, put a southern confederate fight the system, twist on it and a network directly targeting rural America, and you Have HazzardAyre TV. Stay tuned.

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Do you ever get so pissed at Facebook that you just want to go there and crack a bat over someone’s head? Oh yea Good Morning Ya’ll

So your cruising on your Facebook pages, that YOU created and manage, but your restricted to not posting anything that YOU want to to entertain your crew. For a social site Facebook has become so much un-social, that all you want to do is either delete your account, or go and travel to Facebook’s HQ, walk in the door, and crack a baseball bat over the back of some idiot that decided YOUR page and YOUR account is too nasty or something to go full throttle. Yet you see others posting things that far out do anything YOU put on your PAGE or in your GROUP. Congress-person Nancy Pelosi is from the same area and represents the same area that Facebook is located, should tell you why things Facebook is so messed up. So what do you do? You put up with it because at least for business you need a Facebook presence. Although it’d be groovy if there was a competitor, to go head to head with Facebook, and give some pushback to the Social site. Trust me the WolfPack is working on it.

It rained pretty hard overnight, there was a period of light snow, but no accumulation. Its a bit warmer due to great cloud cover, but will scrap most low level flying today. For the WolfPack today is the start of a new era for our organization. While the radio op, is still in limbo, pending finding a good studio/office and rescuing our equipment, we are marching forward. We’ll be making changes in the future to the website, to more include the WolfPack and less the Knytes. In any case Good Morning from the WolfPack.

I admit certain feet at certain ages needs to be covered or enhanced or just plan hidden.

Hazzard Gazzette Wolf Howlrw phootenotes

Over the last few days of recovery from surgery, in want of a Double cheeseburger from McDonald’s and a tub of fries, limited to a liquid diet for yet another week and having to absorb tons of cable, basic cable TV been watching this 2 second blip on USA between my cop shows in the morning. It’s called Talk Stoop, a poor substitute for Talk Soup, that ran on the same network owned by NBC/Universal(Comcast) any mile they had a segment featuring famed It’s a Good Thing, home maker host, Martha Stewart. Now I’m a fanatic about women’s feet and legs, and ones that are just too much like an Elephant foot comes on , I have to say something. Now some boots, or leggings of some sort would have been more enhancing, as it was it was like the host was interviewing Tilla the Hun.Kind of gives some cred, of the wearing of nylons of some such.And no, I can’t see Martha in Yoga pants, or even Spankx. On food. Liquid diets suck. quite really.There is no flavor, no enjoyment of or from the tongue, outside of a slight sliver of taste from Chicken Noodle soup, forget the rest. The Doc says I need to start loosing more weight faster, both for my respitory system as well as my diabetes.Seems over the last few weeks because of some inactivity, between toew runs, I’ve taken on a few more pounds. And if I’m to fly this summer, need to drop back down to 175 or there abouts instead of the 257 lbs, that I am now. Need to take more walks, rather than so many drives. Although I’d both walk as well as drive to a McDonald’s right now if one were open. There used to be a McDonald’s open at least until 03:00 hours every day. Reason that quit? Along with the fact that Maverick and a few other all night stores is simple, robberies, and armed invasions. The degradation of the nuclear family, the lack of discipline due to the risk of being abusive, has given rise to children and young ones going against the teachings of both Christ as well as their parents. Spare the rod, spoil the child. A topic for another time. But our society is decaying faster than Boss Hogg polishing off a plate of raw liver at breakfast. Oh great, my protein shake, snack of the diabetic.

Next time the decay of Television. And lack of creativity in Television commercials, and if you jump off or quit a group or page on Facebook, why is it that they keep posting to you?


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