How to cure epidemic Diaper Rash in America? Also, don’t be nice to anyone especially women, as it’ll come back to byte your butt.

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pillow talk phootenotesSo after I got done wrangling the shop deal, my the people who own that are going to get a helluva wake up call, I finally went to sleep. And I slept, then slept some more, I was really pooped. Saw my microwave clock that said 21:30 hours, thought two more hours then get up and go fetch some groceries. Except, at midnight or any time after until 08:00 hours there is NO PLACE in TWIN FALLS IDAHO to go buy food, much less a gallon of milk on a EBT card. No Maverick stores open, guess they decided they’d loose a few dollars of being closed than bigger dollars from shrinkage(shop-lifters) same goes for all the Walmarts here. And with Walmart, getting rid of their physically and mentally challenged greeters, guess what? No body to chase down shop-lifters. So might as well stay closed. Of course then got a soda from the vending machine here, took my meds, tried to find something to watch on TV, even with 500 cable channels of which we only get 50 of here at the Towne Lodge, nothing to watch. So looked over my FB newsfeed, some kid, (has to be a kid) asked what he was looking at; I smell 2on there? My do you need to have your hand held fixing trucks? Duh? Of course the epidemic rise in mental diaper rash in America is getting worse. You nearly have to hold the hands and lead these people to show them how to do anything. There is no longer any deductive logic or theory in our youth, which 80% of FB is; they just can’t figure anything else or anything out on their own. No wonder LinkedIn wants me to do mentorship, somebody has to, as KSL once said in a PSA, If I don’t do it, who will? Of course the women of our nation is super paranoid. It’s no wonder, what with TV shows like Law & Order SVU, and others. Trust me things are not that bad and anyone who says that a employee of a company or eat-em-up stop, is doing a fine job, ain’t out to ravish them with carnal desires. Especially when you explain that YOUR MARRIED. Didn’t they get that the first time? Just like the women on FB, they pitch a great gig, but seldom go read relationship status. I’m very much in Love with my PoohBear, and nobody or much of anything is going to part me from her. I had this same thing happen in Evanston once at a wireless cable internet company there. I complimented the gal at the counter for being intelligent and at least knowledgeable of what the company offered. Right away I had hate emails that accused me of improper behavior. Really? Then last week I was addressed by the manager, of the local A&W here, that myself and the MC has been patronizing. Apparently flirting and complimenting these people is bad conduct. For Heaven’s sake, grow the hell up. When I was pumping diesel at the RoadRunner in Bliss years ago, if a trucker told me I was doing a great job, I took it for face value and thanked him, I didn’t go in and tell my manager that some freight hauler was complimenting me and that I felt threatened. Several things beyond that. One I wont do again, is recruit visual(model) Talent on or from FB, anymore. You spend tons of money, but get nothing. Leave that to talent agencies, of which ours is Talent Management Group. I wont go anywhere else. Two; Make damn sure that every split tail, on FB knows your married. Don’t depend on any of the seatcovers to go look at relationship status. Next same goes for recruiting women for driver jobs at a towing service. Of my many years, I only know of about 4 that have measured up to the task, with any idea of what the gig is about. They just don’t fit in there. This BS of women being gave equal pay for equal work, and so on is poppycock. Few women really will go out and do the dirty work required. The bottom line is that our nation is under an epidemic case of adult diaper rash. Our nation needs to grow up, it needs some baby lotion put on its collective butts, or we are going to be in real trouble after Trump leaves office.

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What the DC occupiers and office renters there need, is more Wolves, and not so many Sheep. Also want to get my attention on FB ladies? These are a must.

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So was taking an eye ball on FB a few ago, and saw a photo on Beth-Ann’s newsfeed, that had a pic of wolves dancing around a fountain. Here’s my take, and this comes from one of the finest Church Presidents since David O, was in the big chair. The events leading up to it, is not important right now, but President Hinckley said that I was the Wolf in amongst the sheep. And that being such was a good thing, since it kept the membership(sheep) stirred up and not becoming too complacent. In DC, the only Wolf back there is President Trump himself, the rest are a bunch of sheep, including several of our politicians from Idaho. One jumps , no matter party, they all jump. There is no loyalty to their elected party, nor you their constituents. All they care about is padding their wallets, occupying an office, flirting with an office intern, many of which are fugdugly, Monica Lewinski was so tubby and smugly I wondered why old Slick Willie messed with her in the first place. If your going to snag some office candy , at least snag one that looks good. Okay then, there is no cohesion in DC any more, there is no independence, except for just the lone headed President himself. The rest of em are a bunch of stoolies. The 20/20 elections are on the way next year. With the ton and a half of Democrats running, this next election is ripe for the picking, for us Confederates. Why not put up a candidate representing the Confederate constituents ? Lets proudly raise the stars and bars the cross of St. Andrew and get our cause in front of all voters. Not just the so called Rednecks. That are far from being that in the first place. csaflagFace it Abe Lincoln was a liar, the nation has been sold a bill of goods since the treaty was signed between Lee and Grant. Our children have been taught falsehoods. The Liberals tell you , that you can’t paddle a kid for misbehaving. I’m not into beating a young-ling to near death, but a good swat on the butt, a bar of soap in the mouth for swearing, doing chores to help around the house to better the household, rather than expecting money for it. If these things were put into practice, there would not be the mass shootings and all in our schools. Things that CNP people believe in. Talking in class or wandering around in their thoughts at school, was rapidly solved with that ruler or yardstick across the desk, or thump on the head. Then you read about teens and such being coerced into doing the naughty with a teacher. This is bad? My Dad just felt that it was normal sowing oats, and I just might learn something. And what kid hasn’t ever had a dream or crush on a lady teacher? Maybe if the teachers taught life lessons at school, they might know something of how to treat a lady in life, or at least learn something they are not being taught at home. After all these city kids have not all been raised on the farm. Which if Teens and such were made to do farm work, like moving sprinkler pipe, or pitch hay, first they’d be tired, second they’d loose all the extra weight, and mostly we would not have to attract south of the border migrant farm workers. No they sit at home or such, on their electronic devices which is not healthy.

Okay then talking about lady teachers. That may be although the Jury is still out on the cause, but if you’re a lady, even remotely thinking of getting close to this wolf whether for work or play These are required>89e8b8fd45ed0f1c3b00bb8e7834ea48No nylons, ugly feet, fat beefy toes? Don’t bother me as I don’t have time.

Nor interest.

Until this afternoon.

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It might not be biblical, but it IS what Heavenly Father meant. Remember too; Be careful of who you trust, Satan was a once an angel too.

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I remember just a few years ago now, as I was loading up my stuff to relocate back here to the Tragic Valley of Idaho, My Bishop there said to me he felt I was making a big mistake. He was dead on. Since Vern and I unloaded things in Wendell until now, life here in western Idaho, has been a living hell. Full of untruths, liars, con artists the list goes on. If the next question is why didn’t I just move back to Wyoming when I got the boot in Jerome? The answer is simple, deep wet snow, too much to move, too little time, so I had to scramble, or keep paying $100.00 a day past the time of eviction. I have never ever been evicted before. So I begged my current Bishop, to help pay to bail out the radio gear and all, when he said no, I was very mad. Now while I never have found it in scripture, the saying of give a Man a fish he’ll eat for a day. Teach him to fish he’ll eat a lifetime. Even Ezra, taught this in The Book of Mormon. Now I can remember not too long ago, I read in a paper from Church conference about how one of the Presidents of the Church, said something to the effect, its one thing to feed or house a Church family, but its much better to help him buy a plow, so he can till his own soil, plant his own seed and feed his family from the sweat of his brow. Which is what I was trying to do with my current Bishop. Get him to bail out my radio gear and belongings so that I could make my own money to feed myself and my sweetheart PoohBear. Look I did not move over here to western Idaho to restart a towing service or even reopen Hazzard County Choppers. It was based on two reasons or platforms. Help two of our MC’s members as one had just died and the other had 3 coronaries in a row, on the same day. The other reason, was to reignite our flagship radio station KTOW. Towing services are numerous around here. In Evanston, as well as most of Uinta County there are 4. Out of that 4, I get the majority of the tow calls, a ration of for every one call I get(not A1, but me) here, I will get tow calls of near 8. 4 months of winter, severe cold, deep snow, I made good money. As long as it was winter. Plus I got plenty of motorists assist calls during peak holiday times, I got calls from every darn motor club, and road service company from AAA to Allstate, To GEICO. We were even getting close to going full throttle on the radio station there, we still hold the license to AM 1240. $12,000.00 a day, a full luxury apartment that overlooked mountains and a meadow, where I could see white tailed deer as well as elk. Clean air, and quiet. A cable/internet company that I could work with that kept me on the air. But PoohBear got a bur under her britches, there. So to keep peace I moved here. Here’s another scenario. Of every place I called here in Tweaker Flatts, that said no. I made maybe 2 over there and had a place booked and sealed. Nope I wasn’t born in Wyoming , I was born and raised sort of here. Although I pleaded with Mom and Dad back in 1971 not to move back here after their retirement from the military. Shoot I was happy in Utah. Where if we would have stayed there, I’d have been married in the Temple there near Layton, to Peggy, been working at one of the major radio or TV stations, and would have a stable homelife. Nope we moved here. I have tried everything blooming thing I know of to make it work here numerous times. But even though on the surface, it looks prosperous here in Tweaker Flatts, and surrounding area, its far from it. As long as you plant taters, or have a company to help the people who plant taters here you’ll do good, but don’t look to doing anything on the platform of tech, or media. Just wont work. To compare too. I can remember when I was sweating over about the same issue in Evanston. I went to Mark, my Bishop there and still in my thoughts a dear friend, to get our Ward there to pony up to bail out the radio gear. Not only did he help with the money, he got a older guy from the High Priests, to drive all the way to Woods Cross Utah, to load and haul it all up to Wyoming. Yet I can’t get my Bishop here in the 14th Ward of the Twin Falls Stake of Idaho, to help with the remaining $2500.00 so I can once again be productive. Boggles the mind.

So I’m looking back at Wyoming, pay off this debt, and at a later date come fetch my gear. As I close and I’ll say it again. Be careful who you Trust and depend on, remember, Satan, was a Angel of God once too.



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You never miss it, until it ain’t there. And to My friend Zeb, isn’t this what we have been howling about for 20 or so odd years?

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Finally got my laptop back from the techy and I sure missed the little feller. You just don’t realize how much you depend on the little things until you ain’t got one(ain’t got one? Mrs. Brailsford at Hazzard High would beat me silly if she read that, followed close by my Mom). Haven’t got one. Watch TV want to look something up, nope , no can do, no computer, see a hottie at the Mall? Want to get close enough for a sniff? Can’t find her on FB. So I suffered for two days, expecting cash for my stash from Metro. Oh it came, alright, $108.00 Heck it took em more money to send it via Fedex than it was worth. When I asked the lady at Metro how much was it was for , she said well north of $100.00 , not very far north. I was praying it’d be in the $1k arena not a mere $108.00 . But it was enough to pay for getting little chirpy here back so at least that works. Then had to face the manager at our local A&W, apparently being kind a d friendly with the lady employees was frowned on a bit. Two things enter in there, not mature enough I suppose for working at such a place, and the two, didn’t understand, DAMN IT I’M MARRIED!! Just like many on fb. Don’t they go look at the relationship status before saying yes to a friend invite? Nearly as bad as sending out a hunting dog on a coon hunt, and not looking in the tree first BEFORE shooting in the tree to see if there really is a Coon up there. Its nearly as bad as this place I reside, and with any help from my Bishop I wont have to for very long. Sure I wont have cable immediately but I’ll have peace. I swear the Old Towne Lodge here in Twin Falls in fact most of the places owned by the same peeps have residents that are either on probation, just got out of jail, or recovering substance abuse patients, Or they are all out mentally challenged. Most don’t have much more money than I do, but the thing is, even when you kick the door open for one of em, they don’t or wont go look or apply for a job . If the Medicaid expansion thing here in Idaho, passes law, there is a stipulation, that in 2 or less years you need to be working a job, or show your really looking for work. No worky, no Medicaid.

So I read this thing from my good friend Zeb, on his blog, that was saying now the libs are going to outlaw prayer, and saying the pledge from our schools. That if you do say it you’re a bigot or something worse. Isn’t this what we as modern day Confederates have been howling about for 20 plus years. When they started destroying our Confederate monuments, our flag, our southern heritage, that it wouldn’t be too long before those libs would start destroying even the monuments and heritage of the blooming Yankees. The prediction is coming through. And very much becoming true. Just give me a good house, a horse and viddles out down near Strevelle Idaho somewhere and I’ll be happy.

Lady Hazzard County project and our soon to return radio network, in my next entry.

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Dirty brains drains, hey partner she needs it more than you do.


sTINKY KinkyThe women in your life is as much a demon diva as they are the angelic person that you were snaked by. They all act so pure and proper yet get em behind the parlor door and they turn into vixens in denim. Oh they are as hungry for that physical attention just as much as if not more than you. However if its to prove out a point, they can go a year or more.

Okay then:

What is it about Afro’s? Seems as though that hair fashion especially on African-American’s is even more common. Even corn rows. It don’t matter, any more. TV, TV ad’s , music videos, doesn’t matter , they still have to have those Afro’s and Corn Rows. Guess it is better than seeing a blonde black chick. Of course that used to be the pop style, for Blondes especially white women that had the package for it, the style was what they called the Spiral Perm. Spiral curls are hot, made Kerri Russell curlyhairandkerirussell05look hot on Malibu Shores and Felicity. I have seen Red heads look good in a Spiral, e03c4186c2faf0921f39e65291dd114bf4d0c440 however I draw the line, when it comes to mixed races marrying other races. I’m not being racist, more of a cultural purist. In the Wyld, A wolf 2af31b11b7e829ef93de25374f1dde64 does not breed with a canine not of its kind. Be as bad as a coyote, humping a poodle. Both are canines, but they don’t mix the species. Same OUGHT to go for humanoids. Or Commander Data doing a refrigerator. Sure both are machines, but its not to be, to mix species. That’s why ad’s for a recent airing app for your Cell phone, that calculates the reproductive days, irks me. Here’s a white male about to do a Gigaboo woman. It just ain’t right. Of course there is the GAY thing, and I will not go into that much further but that goes way beyond just sexual preference, it means, that your telling Heavenly Father , that you think YOU know more than HE does. That is a tight rope I sure as heck don’t want to walk.

Last however , speaking of biblical things, when the Church, proclaimed the concept behind polygamy I think they might be onto something. Hitching up young girls is wrong, but having multiple wives (of age) might not be so wrong. If there was  ever a way to prevent straying away from home, Polygamy is a good deterrent. After all if you have variety at home, why go elsewhere? Not condoning the behavior, but could that be why Heavenly Father promoted harems and multi wives, even in Jesus’s day? Even as recently as Native American’s are concerned. The grand Chief of the tribe had many wives. In fact the number of feathers in his bonnet were the number of wives he held. The reason I say this, is a severe hunger. Been darn near 15 years since I dipped, and with geography between Pooh, and I , the need to plant seeds is getting serious. The other day I took matters in hand, and it felt like I went through a Rolodex, in my mind to find someone in my thoughts to keep me hot, in fact it two sessions, just to get Herman to spit up. Brothels have their place for curing the illness. Too bad one isn’t around here. Sure there are massage parlors all over the place, mostly Oriental massage parlors, just don’t know if the finish with a Happy ending. Got awakened by a complex fix it guy, at 11:00 hours. Doesn’t everybody know I’m a overnight person, I don’t do days , waking up before 13:00 hours is a good way to get shot, or at least your head handed to you. This old wolf needs my sleep. dc080da31e1bce26ea61965700ff3d4f--wolves-art-wolf-spirit speaking or should I say howling of such things, I’m taking my nap now. 323395

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Did you see what RadioInk featured yesterday? Has RadioInk been taken over by Hispanics?

Did you see the feature lead article in RadioInk Yesterday? Something to do with some idiot barking about the President being unfair to Hispanics/Latinos and that Latino stations should spotlight this unfairness. Really, and this is what RadioInk is all about today. Seems as there’s a bunch of invites to go to Latino oriented Radio events from RadioInk. Does this mean that the publication has been taken over by some Latino regime? Asking broadcasters to defile public media and criticize our President? I thought the idea of the press was to be unbiased in its news coverage. Like Sgt. Friday used to say on Dragnet, “just the facts, just the facts.” When our industry starts kissing the butts of foreign powers or idealists, then we’ll be the ones savoring a Free Radio.


I saw too yesterday an article that was poorly written in TV Tech Magazine about TV’s Past, Might be TV’s Future. I say yup. Why, there is little if any creative types in Hollyweird. Nobody is willing or able to create anything new. There is a reluctance by financial institutions willing to fund unknown productions. That said as much as they try either TV or for that matter radio, there’s only one still creating none full computerized radio. With LIVE people on the boards 24/7/365. You Know who.

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In the morning, I’ll be following up on a report I did on African Americans, including the question, do they all need to wear Afro’s? To answer the question, no I do not have any kind of a racist cell in my body. The gal who appears in the H&R Block TV ads, I think is rather hot. Diana Ross was too, its when the race card comes out or for that matter the Hispanic card comes out, to further a political agenda, or to incite panic then that seperates, the African Americans, a the N’s. 

Catch ya’ll in the PM .

Guess both Facebook and Google Search didn’t pay their power bills, or is it something else?

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My it was a busy day just all over here in Idaho. 10 big rig flips, what with the high winds. So I come home, and after at least 5 refires got on line, only to find both Facebook and Google Search was down and not functioning like usual. The cause according to sources was a massive power outage. Must be the torrential winds and really inclimate weather in both Denver and Chicago today. Something that both NBC News, and our local Channel 7 failed to cover. No lets look at the Lori Laughlin scandal instead of looking at a condition or story that effects us all. While I think Facebook’s future is limited and will self collapse under its own weight. Still for both Google Search and Facebook to go foul at the same time for the same amount of time. Is very unusual and suspicious. For both Facebook and Google Search to go offline for this long, and the same time, tells me Facebook and Alphabet Companies are more in bed with each other in ways we will never suspect or imagine.

We are starting our talent search for the WolfPack as well as things Hazzard County early this year. Mostly because we want it to get done to incite some efforts of our fan base to once dig in their jeans for green to get our cash stash flowing again. Even once the gear is recovered and we are back on the air again, to regain those fans and regain the Trust of both fans, and supporters, is going to take time. So plan is flood social sites and TV with ads, as well as enthusiasts publications and programs. Maybe even do up a TV show ourselves and put it on MotorTrend TV. Plan on that is pitch the project to Jessie Combs,Jessi Combs (FILEminimizer) and do more of a show, showing that even bombshells can turn a wrench, weld and do up custom bikes and trucks. As well as toew. Could be cool show. Getting women on board as something other than eye candy, might increase ratings, and ratings means ad sales.

stinky foot So if your frustrated with Facebook and Google Search, it ain’t your account nor your computer. Its those two companies.

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But did you have to wake me up on a Saturday?

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So I’m really sawing lumber, in slumber dreaming of Jennifer Morrison(House TV Show) and I in a romantic twist, and here comes a knock on my door. At first I’m thinking , what? Did I miss the entire weekend? So attempt to rejuve the dream, I turn over for sleep. When the knock comes again, I holler out and say I’m sleeping. It was some woman. Well now I couldn’t go back to sleep, but the whomever thought it was great to wake me up for nothing then disappear , phooey. Probably one of these bums here trying to find cigarette money.

So got dressed and headed down to the local A&W. Seems they have made us in the WolfPack very welcomed. Whether its Makayla or Kaci , it doesn’t matter, the two make me feel like me spending money there to chow down, is worth my effort. Forget McDonalds, Artic Circle , or one of those big chain outfits. This A&W has become a hit with me, but then to; the one down in Woods Cross Utah at RB’s Truck Stop, is no slouch either. Now Zeb was barking on his written piece this morning about the cheerfulness and all of the greeters at both WalMart and some other store as opposed to Best Buy. Best Buy’s people are not to swooft. If you do get to a service desk employee, the college gal there has no idea as to how to solve your problem. Sales Help? I once had to draw a picture of what a patch cord was for them to be able to help me find one. Really this is what modern retailing has become? On Zeb and I, There’s only about 3 times he and I have crossed paths that we didn’t get along. The first was meeting for a brunch meeting at then JB’s, now Denny’s In Burley. The second at a Real Estate place, and the third was at a time I called into his show wanting to voice a comment on some war between the states thing he was doing once. Thing is I got about 3 minutes or less. I have learned since that it was both Jena and Zeb that powdered the behind of the buy out that the Knytes had going with Kim, on KBAR in 2012. No matter we moved on. Seems every time however that we do something Zeb has to do it too. Amazing ain’t it? I always have to chuckle, when I hear or read about something we were up to, even years ago. Example; 1972, my family had just moved here to the Tragic Valley of Idaho. My Dad suffered a stroke, Ambulance came, couldn’t do much except transport. We did the transport in the old Chrysler. It was then , I thought what would it be like if a junior Paramedics course in the Explorers (BSA) program. So met with the local fire chief at the time, he and many others thought I was nuts. Around here its not what, its who suggests anything. Not of the Royal families? Don’t expect to get any traction for your action. Now some 40 years, and I read that EMS out of Gooding is looking to upgrade to a full on Paramedic service. Really? It’s taken 40 some odd years? When we suggested it in 1972? As I said, my what a way to call the kettle black.

In short, the only time I want to be awakened on a Saturday before 3PM, is if its AirMed needs one of our Jolly Greens to go do a EVAC run, or its Charlie or somebody from A1 needing me to do a tow run. If you ain’t them, you best be Jennifer Morrison, in scrubs at my door wanting to do the wild thing.

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The Wolf is Back in the ayre Ayre Crew News1

HazzardAyre KTOW JournalAYRECREW NEWS1

Before I get into my rant topics here, need to lament the passing of the main character of our organizations name sake. Jan Vincent of AirWolf passed away overnight, due to causes of diabetes. We offer our condolences to his family. And our family of AirWolf.

Okay there is a fact that we haven’t gave the proper attention to the WolfPack here lately. Which is my fault, as I have had my mind grounded in beefing up Heavy Rescue Toewing. Which is the rejuve of Highway Hooker Toewing. However with that said, its our time and season.

The search for a Miss, AyreWolf for 2019/20 is on, in the images of the military style pinups and nose art corsaircute20girl20with20american20bomber20nose20arthoosierhotshot440

Aircraft20Nose20Art_21The winning candidate applicants will appear in all of our visual advertising.

AyreWolf FM has been off the air for a few months and most likely will not be back on the air and online, until mid July, when we rejuve that , it’ll be all new with better fidelity than what it was. We’re lining up a new studio, with more 1920’s big band type music to fit the time era.

Have you ever gotten a stiffy over some gal on some of these retro TV type shows. Seems as though there was a ton of them. I remember, my first crush on a gal was Cat Woman from Batman, speaking of Batman, there was Yavon Craig aka BatGirl. Of course there was Nurse GoodBody f97b27007bffc66fdd60f133a2fe2c15f75efd1427dcd697b4f2b357862dadb8 yet you look em up on line you find they are not as hot today and time wasn’t their friend. I looked up Cissy from Family Affair, kathy1 yet today her looks have faded , Garver_13_1080h of course being a Trekie Dr. Beverly Crusher aka looks much aged today star-trek-tng-then-now-gates-mcfadden which makes me love aircraft and trucks, since as old as they get they look even better slick 65Lexi2Big Johnmini wolf 1

Last this evening, when flying,and you partake of anything like Skoal Skoal Girland you take your fave soda, that the bottle you discharge your Skoal waste in has a different top and a different bottle that contains your fave soda in is WELL different. Drinking from the wrong bottle will mean a very puky flight.

Keep it wings level

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Is Google loosing its Glue? Is Facebook fools? Is all the rest of those once upon a time tech startup’s loosing their heads? Must be. They can’t even verify a phone number. How hard can that be.


For about the last week, I’ve been getting texts from Google saying they are attempting to verify my phone number. Really Google, not like its not all over the gaul darn Interweb, Its no big secret, and its publicized all over local listings. Yet Good old Google and their minions can’t seem to figure it out. Google isn’t the only ones, both Hotmail, FakeBook and several others can’t seem to find me. Really? Did me changing phone numbers and cell carriers confuse these tech giants, or is it that these tech giants, can’t send out one of those little cars with the long tower on top that looks over places and visit people to verify this schitt? Or is it the fear of these tech giants, to send out those alien India people that they might not have they’re green cards and get busted? Artificial Intelligence still has a long way to go before its perfected. The ability to reason the ability to figure out that not everyone has a Smart(stupid)Phone. Some of cruise cell space with flip top phones. Not all phones have a cursor or mini mouse to pin point a hyper link. So what can you do>? Not much.

I’m going to get into this further in the afternoon tomorrow , but, have you ever been watching some sort of retro style TV, doesn’t matter the network, MEtv, RetroTV, BBC-America, any of em and saw some super fox that immediately rose you nether region to life, only to look up that super TV fox, and find, damn she got old and even worse, dang she got fugdugly. Years ago, there was a series called Family Affair, that had a dream honey whose name was Cissy. So I looked that up, kathy1Cissy then, Cissy nowGarver_13_1080h Of course there’s Dr. Beverly Crusher from STNG, Gates McFadden. In the day she was a dream even did a poster, 1.-The-Good-Old-Days-Of-Paper-Backgrouds Gates then>star-trek-tng-then-now-gates-mcfaddenand now. Kinda lost the attraction. Marky Post who first was seen on the Fall Guy, now plays the mother of a detective on Chicago PD, and even her has her looks fading. Hey they don’t look great forever. I will be doing a pictorial on this tomorrow afternoon.

Night Ya’ll

the grand pairayretig

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