cropped-samcro-gazzette-cover-1.jpg In mid day news from SAMCRO Toew. It is with pride and admiration that Chandra Ortiz has been reinstated as Miss SAMCRO TOEW 2018/2019. We averted a and have a short reprieve from our Landlords until a week from Thursday. At which time as it is predicted at this time, MC leaders will be rolling up to assess and put funding in place to rent for a year this place we are in, here in Jerome, as well as in two years outright buy it. I know that it was and its not just me of course, but my praying and reading scripture until 06:00 hours this morning that got us a hold off from getting our butts booted, until the powers that be can deal with the situation. With the MC leaders rolling up next week you can bet your next oil change that there will be a party. Just wish I could gather together some party girls for the one of the MC that aren’t hitched. The being up all night might have something to do with when Kathleen showed up today, EARLY why I was near dead to the world. When 07:00 Hours rolled around I was skimming the outer rim of the galaxy, in real REM sleep. One thing I have noticed and I think Chandra saw it the other night when she rolled in, was not only my hair slowly going back to some of its original chestnut brown that it was at birth and younger. She said I seemed rather more relaxed and reduced stress than a year ago. Two reasons for that. One the intrum counseling sessions with Kathleen, and of course the introduction of dOTerra , but I listen to her cite gospel, and things that I can relate to as well as comprehend to grasp onto. The second reason I am doing a lot better is I’m not under a stress press on making sure the radio gig is out on time, trying to gather together a on air as well as a poster girl promo crew, as well as not wondering where I’m putting my head at night. If crap goes poop here, its put all in storage, grab cash out of the low level stash and head for south western Wyoming, and gradually ascend back to prior levels there. Not too mention there’s two younger ladies there that have offered me their couch and shower should I need it. As for PoohBear and I still plan on getting hitched to her, but the wedding has been put off until February, in Layton Utah. Details this evening. Reason for the postponement? Simple , money. Even if I wanted to get hitched to PoohBear right now which I do, I just can’t afford to. There’s other reasons, the major one, is simple, in theory but seems PoohBear does not want to go there, and that is, being Temple Worthy. As I have told her numerous times, this romantic union is the last for me. I want this one to not only be solid on Earth, but solid Eternally. And Eternal, it will be. My emotions just can’t handle the ups and downs of date today gone tomarrow. Plus the finances need to be much more solid, she needs to get her stuff from SSA and all seperated from her mothers, and her own account established. Tell her damn Brother, that he needs to cough up the $350.00 he owes me and PoohBear, or he ain’t coming to the reception. The 1st $200.00 he and her mother swiped, is what blew PoohBear and me apart in Evanston, that eventually brought me here to western high priced Idaho. If he hadn’t with-held PoohBears money together her and I could have paid for the shop, I could have stayed there, ran a full toew season, and been $25k richer. Plus the shop by now would have been generating money. Nope, so here I am. Behind the 8-Ball, and busting my butt, and stepping on my pride, asking all that I know for money to save what I and we as a MC have here. The place for us is really ideal, MC office, Radio studio, MC shop, bigger studio office for both the TV as well as radio station that we plan on running over the air, as well as being able to re-establish, Knytes Hall. Thing is and I know that not many if any of ya’ll have $1,800.00 in your pockets. But if 18 of us rake out $100.00 to say $300.00 a piece, hey that pays the bill for now. More details overnight. But that’s what happening here. 

Teasers and trollers,Those that show true colors and those just in it for a ride.

Knytes Chronicles One of the true ways members or those aspiring to be involved with the Knytes, is digging in a wallet once in awhile when crap hits the fan. Even those that in part caused the malady, that created the circumstances to begin with. Example what looked like water in an Oasis on a dry desert is smelling again like a mirage. Not insurmountable but a malady. Met with the Landlord of this complex today, right now we are $400.00 short between what is due in a week from now and what should be okay to be held until September 1st. Let me tell you this then I’ll shed light on the current situation. Back in 2008 I arrived in Gooding Idaho, after another Landlord went belly up in Glenn’s Ferry. Originally I had planned to go to Boise then when rentals were a far more affordable. Any mile there I was in Gooding. My cousin and main bean counter, Bud; said can’t live there in Gooding, he found housing in Bliss, with that contracted with another asshole named Richard Strickland. No being near freshly discharged and all it was taking time to get my military benefits, pension and all that straightened around. So there was a mismatch of money transfers, and then LexiBelle took sick, needed a carb and fuel lines redone, which were done half assd . The bill came to a tad over $700.00 . Our then just hired sweetheart Erin said can I help as she saw my stress and near mental collapse. I said, not unless you have $700.00 in a magic hat somewhere. Now in most cases a employer does not ask financial help from the employee, especially one that had only been there on the job for not hardly a month. But shazzam, out came her Checkbook, she wrote me a check and LexiBelleLexiBelle was out of bondage. After that many other things went much smoother. Figuring the Post Office would have found the missing mail including two months of my and Club’s earnings. But nope, Strickland waited for us to go to dinner, he had the  locks changed and my equipment much more than I have now, locked up and never  was able to be recovered, including a sound library worth a few hundred thousand. Okay then fast forward to the end of May last year. With at the time, PoohBear and I broken up, earnings near zero, due to a severe winter that had even LexiBelle snowed in, nasty landlord shows up, wants the $750.00 for the shop. So moved LexiBelle and Mini Lexi to Ricks place. and zeroed in on the radio bit. Middle part of May last year saw an ad for a 3 bedroom house in Wendell, $550.00 he said, sounds good. Powr bill is usually $80.00 (really?) So then PoohBear calls and texts, saying she’s the only one for me. I said, tell you what start sending me $600.00 a month to help cover the costs, I’ll move to Wendell, since she thought people in Evanston Wyoming did not like her. Now understand with the move Mini Lexi, my old Dodge, and some help from our LDS Ward there and I moved, leaving LexiBelle in Wyoming. All she needed was the secondary fuel tank replaced and replumbed. Only that I missed an entire tow season, which could easily put an extra $10k in my pocket right now. But PoohBear has helped in the $600.00 a month situation, yet if she had just stayed put and we work things out with her SSA money, as well as between her and I and Evanston, this entire year of a gall blamed year and near two would not have been. In Evanston I had rent control, in a nice apartment, with Rick and I working together. But because I love my PoohBear I moved to make her happy, only to face as I nearly am now homelessness. Now then there is in Utah and Wyoming, Consumer Protection Commissions. Those CPC’s prevents the ever increasing rents and un needed financial crowding. The CPC’s in Wyoming and Utah, prevents unusual spikes in rent and forcing people out of their homes, especially those on Military or otherwise retired fixed incomes. But here I am, no bitching over spilled milk. So why did I move here to Jerome in the first place? Saw an office here for $600.00 a month so they said. Apartment for $500.00 including utilities so they said. With Angel amongst a few others saying once its in a professional business like structure they’d come on board. I had two choices Try an hold onto the house in Wendell, try to pay the $600.00 for this office, and the $650.00 work on my rides outside, and do the radio gig. Look many of you have said the radio thing keeps holding things back. Understand I’m not the only one who things that a full online all the time LIVE radio station is not such a bad thing or a unprofitable one. There’s a station in Ohio, called owowcleavland.com . The guy who created that found no FCC licenses available, so went the online direction. And I don’t think they are looking back. Now lets figure that we as is planned put together an all online 24/7/365 radio station with two people in studio at all time both male and female, doing radical, rebel, off the wall uncensored radio playing seriously hot music, of all kinds. Charge the advertisers a standing rate of $200.00 a month, flat with no extra airings fees they pay $200.00 a month we air the ad as many times over that month as we can. Instead of like other stations doing a every time the ad is aired charging for each airing, usually $10.00 to $80.00 a play or airing of the ad. That ads up for small retailers and small business owners. Think of it this way; $200.00 multiplied by say even 10 advertisers or sponsors there’s our $2,000.00 a month. with a bit left over. As we get more popular, more people look to being advertisers, and the sky is the limit for what we can make as well as for the people here of the radio gig, who help them sell the ads. If it were not for that, I’d sell this radio stuff of mine, take my car, my mini truck, go to Evanston Wyoming, find a decent place to live, and forget about radio or broadcasting and just tow, and build Harley’s. Likewise if I can’t save this station, and where I live right now there might not even be a PoohBear and me. Because I can’t afford her and me together at the same time. So if all these people that signed on board, Angel who wanted something for near nothing, that caused this move to Jerome to begin with, all these younger honey’s that have always said they wanted to be here with and for us, wants this plant to bloom, best furtilize it with some cash for the stash. 

I’m headed to bed, cause I’m dead.

cropped-214-pic.jpg shoulder patch tatt 2

If Monday is such a drag, and Friday is the start of the weekend why not just go to work on 3 days of the week, do the rest of our office tasks online, at home?

Before I get started here, just wanted to say thanks to Jana and team at CenturyLink, and Hope, and looking forward to a long relationship there, lets just get the 20/20 side hooked up so I can get back on air.

I have been reading in many places today about how most folks that is not in a technical work flow, dread Monday’s. Its all about how bad they hate to wake up. Just in the same lane, is the fact that many yearn for Friday and would just assoon hit the bars and watch the Hollywood stars a day early and have a consistent 3 day holiday. So why not do Monday’s and Friday’s online on the telecommute program ? I was reading an article in Men’s Health Magazine, about three younger tech affiliated men who do 80% of their work, in a home office. Which is not a bad thing. They set their own hours, set their own speed on tasks and as long as the tasks are completed , they’re the commanders of their own destiny. It really makes it work well. They created their own home office and as long as that room is seperate from all other rooms, there are tax benefits in creating such so makes sense. At least the pair of gents get to have Monday’s and Friday’s off. 

Now there are some things you can’t completely do at home. While in ancient USA you could run a service garage and all from home, However as I learned in Wendell, Zoning laws and such don’t allow such things. Yet even that is still possible, however that said a high vehicle and People volume can make otherwise tame city government types nervous. 

Well got the good and bad news, from the Landlord today all is good if we can cough up $1,000.00 by Tuesday next week, if not got the downstairs to drop. Was hoping that our MC Princess Chandra would have drifted in here today or some time this week, if she does and wants the downstairs apartment then we need some green from her, as our cash stash is near bare. Then went out to our local Walmart, which everyone was so chipper. Guess that day shift here at our Jerome Idaho Walmart is not so friendly. From what I gather from an insider there that we have made friends of, the management and the CSM’s are real bitches. Do you know if you swipe something from Walmart, the policy is they can’t pursue you? Even the greeters, can’t make you put stuff back, or detain you if you can’t show a receipt?It’s a far different Walmart than what old Sam Walton had in mind. 

It was finally a Friday, plus I learned don’t trust an all too perfect face.

samcro toew talk

Friday was fun. Woke up to view the news and views of our congregation, when I see PM on yep FB from that Katie over at that tatt shop. Saying she did not like that we displayed her face, pic, and flat did not want to work a 1%er MC. So okay that put me in a swell mood. But hey the day got better. Shortly after I meandered over to the MVM, in Twin Falls, to stay cool, plus craved a Orange Julliuss so after 3 of those at $4.00 a pop, decided before I ran out of Skoal money best quit. So concerned about what that Katie had done, I texted our original and should have stayed Miss MC, Chandra, and said I really needed to see her. Come to find out she was down here anyway. Set up a meet at the new place, and she’s still on board. So came home yanked all of that Katie’s BS and all off our files, and canceled the ink gig. Piss on em, using someone to front or tease customers, only to have it when someone calls their bluff say she really wasn’t serious, I thought fine loose at minimum of 1000, customers paying $1,000.00 a piece. That’s $100,000.00 she just cost her boss. Maybe ole Vince ought to choose a better technique to gain customers than having a female fronter. Some might say we do the same. Not really , yes our poster girls and that is to give some eye candy enhancement to what we do here. Plus the on air talent means being on air, no matter the gender. In resturaunts , bars etc, sure flirting means getting tips. And yes some Paul Bunyan types can get grabby, there is an in between, but when someone agrees to do something, and she gives you her cell number, and asks to befriend you on that confounded FB, then says no. I have no sympathy. Let’s see how modeling jobs she get’s now. Maybe her so called agent and all might want to suggest, that if she’s booking gigs, that they contact her agent first. That’s usually how it gets done. What did I loose? $60.00 , but past that, nothing. Guess I and the 1,000 members here in Idaho of the Knytes, can get our ink elsewhere. So how was your Day? 

SAMCRO BLOG SIG1shoulder patch tatt 2

Here’s my two favorite pics of our Miss MC, oh and yes I do have permission.

When its UPS and Fedex get together it becomes, FedUp. Creating a new site for folks over 40, Called FakeBook.

Ordered the incredible ArcticAir Evaporative mini air conditioner. They say its supposed to be here a week ago. Looked up the shipping tracker, its in North Salt Lake, hell no, now its supposed to be here on the 15th. Are they going to tell me it takes that long to drive from North Salt Lake in 5 days. Shyt I could drive there in 3 hours and haul the things home myself. I’m always suspect of anything bought online, or through a As Seen On TV ad. So many scams out there and still with your butt, and credit card hanging out there you have no idea who has it, what they might do with your 411, Security breaches are all over the place. Who do you trust. Found after I ordered the thing its available at Home Depot. Supposedly Walmart sells it too except not our Jeromer Idaho Walmart. Even their manager had no idea what I was looking for. Guess she don’t watch overnight TV. So the wait is on.

There seems an incredible gap of social sites that are supposedly real, One is going down although it still is the biggest on Earth, yet stock ratings and all have plummetedto record lows. After the Russian election meltdown, and Facebook being in the middle of it followed by Twitter, its seems as the obvious is about to take place. What does that mean? Its predicted that Facebook will become like MySpace and up for grabs by some other conglomerate corporation. Its happened to MySpace, Yahoo, even Google which officially the Alphabet Corp. So why not enter; yes you got it, FakeBook,fakebook

A social website for the not so geeky, not so much for the 15 to say 35 crowd, but for those of us who are in our late 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s and older? With say a built search engine, as well as say a built in translator app. Allow all but target to those of us nearing our Geritol years, with content publishers looking for a new place to place content without censorship. This could be something.

Now to the answer to the question of why I’m up working at night rather than snoozing. The answer is not so complicated. First being a human wolf prowling is by nature at night, second the change from night to day sleep, came from entering the towing world. Used to be, 80% of my calls for vehicle rescue came at night, so I started sleeping days, and staying awake until about 4:00 AM, that’s 04:00 for you military folks out there. Then came my radio stint , my shows ran at night, so again day sleep. Now days its A; apartment is cooler at night, B: no distractions of phone calls and daily daytime activities, so I can write and research topics that are good for here in this publication, as well as on my radio shows. Used to be the same when Mac and I ran our shop in Hazzard. We could get more work done in the shop on tedious projects, from our engine and transmission builds, to body work and especially painting. Back then Imron was about the only acrylic paint. That had to be spread on at night or when it was cooler, without humidity. So that’s what we did. 

Social web sites don’t like competition and if one of the sheep jump off the cliff the rest jump with it.

cropped-our-bizz-card-draft.jpgsamcro toew talk

Before I get into my main topic here I want to ask, does corporate America really if at all care about us as consumers? Example; with the Mayansmayans-mc-key-art coming on the 4th of September I began scrambling to find a pay TV provider. Started with DirecTV. DirecTV says I owe money, nope; the account was a business account, not business account. After near a week they cancelled the order. But not before swiping $1.00 from my checking account to run a credit check. So contacted Dish, after several attempts and now $3.00 for the credit pedigree out of my account finally talked with a nice lady who, could speak full 100% American English. The degree of unintelligence in this nation is mind numbing. So with that solved started working on the new station location right above me in the same structure. Which one social site says is a business address, part of it is the other is not. This social site needs to send out their hounds to sniff out the real information. Which leads me to two points tonight. First if one social site drops you, many of the rest seem to do the same. I want a ful definition to the words Hate Speech? If something is uddered about or involves someone of ethnic, or color its Hate Speech. According to these social sites. However if those same people does something towards or a thing is said about us white folk, its supposed to be all right. No it ain’t, to Government officials,  It’s okay to tear down the historic and ancestrial, monuments of our south and destroy or attempt to destroy our Dixie culture that’s okay. I have said many times, if the same thing happened in Yankeeville USA I can say for sure you’d hear the loudest screams and yapping ya’ll ever heard.

So then this guy named Alex Jones host and creator of InfoWars, get’s booted from FB, soon after YouTube, Twitter, Amazon and a half dozen others followed suit. Here’s my offer to Mr. Jones, you get your team to get in touch with us and for a very low price we’ll air your show. What’s happening to Mr. Jones is the same kind of thing that started this southern Confederate bashing. Some idiot white boy goes into a church guns down a bunch of colored folk and from media to Walmart to Hollywood, went everything southern, our flag one of 5 gets attacked. The attacking still has not stopped. The reason the Dukes-of-Hazzard was pulled from CMT, was that ye old General has our flag on its roof. If that was not the case the Dukes would still be on TV. Same goes for several old TV shows. The Beverly Hillbillies is an example, why? because good old Granny is a Confederate, and our flag was shown on many occasions on that TV series. Then discovered several times one of our fb pages says page no longer exists. Except same social site said update it. No social media site wants competition. The minute they discover your telling the truth about them bang your account gets throttled down if not frozen. By the way; Did you know that now if you post something on Twitter it no longer shows up on FB?  It’s sad one of God’s biggest commandments says to be honest and tell the truth. Yet in social media the real truth is too much for them to handle. See ya’ll Saturday morning.


Writing this with swelled arm so if I mis spell forgive me. And why can’t all be happy and just get a long on FakeBook?

samcro toew talk

So was here at the complex kicking back enjoying the night when at 02:30 I get a call. Some college gal messed her tiny car up at the fair needed a tow. So fetched the rollback, and retrieved the car. Just as I was unloading it had my arm resting on the flatbed, and crunch over my arm went the car. After uddering some profane words, off to the hospital we went. Sarah finished up the tow, Tommy took me to the ER. After radiology found nothing broken just seriously sprained, so with good meds, and my arm in a sling I am home now resting and as dopey as I was after my high school prom, and two bottles of EverClear. So been cruising FakeBook, Seems as every single comment or such that comes up on several of my mechanic type pages, you get 4 out of 10 comments that are so stupid. Or someone that wants to pick a fight. If it isn’t that someone has to put up some gal half naked to get a point across. I’d much enjoy more a few photo’s of a classic ride, don’t matter what it is car, rat rod, truck, bike or warbird. Show the photo, or if a gal is placed to enhance, get rid of the near naked butts. I do not want to look at the place where she poops from. That isn’t exciting, all that makes me want to do is hurl. Guess its being near hitched I suppose, but I have seen all too many models, cover girls, actress’s and all in my life, to know as nice as her behind looks it still stinks. And stinks like poop. Now her feet and toes are much different, feet and toes have a leathery, musky scent that’s pleasing. Not smelling like poop.  Question is: Why is it that people on FakeBook can’t just answer a new wrenchers question, or just get along and say that’s a cool pic, rather than pic it apart? Why downgrade a person’s lack of super modern technology? For that matter find fault just because they don’t have the latest stuff, or is a mechanic rather than a photog? To me when they say something like that to me I just say what it is some days like today, I’m in one of those moods. Maybe its that I don’t care much any more, as I look at it, I make $5,k a month, I have a place that’s costing me $2k a month. and tow trucks that make just under $7k a month, but I still have to pay expenses, which drops my total income down to just over $800.00 a month, and that doesn’t allow for a lot of un needed spending. Like buying a Smartphone or fancy camera phone. With the radio station still down, and the loss of right at $500.00 per hour as it is with still waiting for CenturyLink and all, I sit in my domicile, in pain, just about out of Sunny D, and Skoal, and can’t do a dang thing about it, plus I have a bigger house to clean, and still can’t prompt, Kathleen and family crew to come help clean. Meaning I’m going to need to do this myself. Are we having fun yet? More on my overnight speel.


And so with this we start a new chapter.


And so with this we start a new Chapter in our company and Organizations journey. Some once said, that to keep doing what your doing the same way you are doing it and expecting different results is just being an idiot. Some things we are keeping from our infamous toew smooch luv toews2 remaining loyal to the Confederacy,37365005_837626523103337_1797340974679064576_n but doing more on an level of less ass kissing and more butt kicking. Call it, SAMCRO MC meets the Dukes-of-Hazzard, and you have pretty much what we are all about. Rescuing stranded and disabled Harley, Indian and all bikes when they break down, or such is our priority. Sure Truck towing, is secondary no matter size or description of truck heavy or light duty, but chasing car and auto toews is not high on our list of fave toew jobs.13254625_1094758430546948_9066186825001606061_n Havent heard from our sweet Chandra, Chandra 1 in a spell, don’t know why she’s being reluctant, but we are in a serious deadline. Winter is coming, the photography needs to be done, so we can shine in either snow or sun. My Dad used to say, ” Time waits for no one”, we can’t keep waiting so the search for a Miss SAMCRO TOEW is on. Last night I did me some cypherin, and came up with what this facility and all that’s on the front burner is going to cost. The total came to just at $1200.00 a month, if we keep renting. So looking at getting things in line to buy the structure we are in. After all if we are going to renovate to bring this outfit up to code, might as well own it. With that said we need to make money this winter. So contracted with Jared over at A1 in Twin to go fetch LexiBelle, Although for the cost, I could damn near rent a shop short term, heal LexiBelle LexiBelleand drive her home on my own, even if I did need to go rent a U-Haul car dolly. Once LexiBelle and all is healed and the shop etc is ready to go, along with radio done by SAMCRO, means we will have to have our poster gal, be it Chandra Chandra 2 or Kate KATE8 or someone yet to be chosen, trained and ready to shoot photos. There is no more just doing long coffee meetings and fluffing around, its time to let the rubber meet the road. Yes I went over to A1 today, good ole Charlie 1899263_268326679996747_2074632750_owas on one today, barely said anything. I think him being all alone in a serious condition is effecting Big C more than he’d like to admit. I’m so very blessed that I have my PoohBear 35645527_246225439265036_8096436935519633408_n no my PoohBear isn’t going to win no beauty prize, but what she lacks in the superficial looks department, she makes up with unconditional love and loyalty to me and the MC. Yes PoohBear some times makes so dang blasted angry I could drive nails into wood, bare handed. Still at the end of the day, I love PoohBear to no end, I found a treasure in her, and in October she will become my mate. What we created today bringing all of our companies into two is monumental. Highway Hooker Toewing of Utah and Wyoming, and SAMCRO TOEWING of Idaho and the great mountain west, is us. Now just need to pull all the rest of the pack into two.  As I close, guess my bitchin to both Google and Fakebook is taking heed. As I saw Google’s mapping car was rolling around Twin Falls, maybe if Google and FakeBook would just roll over to Jerome, during the fair and all, maybe they could discover that my address here, in J-town, is both a residence and a Commercial/business address. Some days ya’ll just cain’t teach city folk, nothing.

So what brought all this on? As I sat in the shop mapping out the design and all, for what will be the rebirth of Hazzard County Choppers, I remembered that pull my boot straps up, butt kicker discussion I had with Kathleen, just before I unplugged from Wendell. She flat told me to ignore the hecklers, the past and allow God take over  the circumstances. I did and I can see a great future. I have four people that I take advice from, Who know what things are and how to make them work, Nurse GoodBody, is the first I go to, second in Big C, third, is Kathleen, and last but not least my PoohBear. Maybe number 5 should be and is our MC’s President Jonny. Betond that I don’t give a rats ass, if DILLIGAF, applies here. More later on Knyte Fall. 

cropped-our-bizz-card-draft.jpg toew tail1

Sad but true the one way to get ignored by the Knytes is your failure to communicate with us. Oh and Today was a purrfect day

Knyte Fall PhooteNotes

The first and fastest way to get scrubbed off our incoming list of our teams is to flat ignore us, or your failure to communicate. Communication these days is not that difficult. Phone, Cell phone, SmartPhone, Email, or that dreaded Fakebook. we are all over those and many more. Saying you can’t in touch is bunk. Saying you have other things to do is the second. Considering that we pay twice what any and I do mean many beginning career opening does, from our on air talent, our poster pin up girl talent and so on, a starter wage of $20.00 to $40.00 an hour is better than ANY base wage you’ll find. You have better things to do? The food service and janitorial industries need you, and you should stay there, just don’t come whinning to us later on. Question I was asked earlier tonight was why Jerome Idaho? Answer I gave is the same reason Bruce Willis gives about Soldier Mountain Ski Resort, because he wanted to and likes it there,. Sure Evanston Wyoming does have a few advantages. Close to a metro area like Salt Lake City, 4,000 more people, and a Walmart that stays open around the clock. Jerome’s Walmart closes at midnight. It takes 3 hours or 6 hours round trip to Salt Lake City, but only an hour and a half to Boise. Weather is warmer here rather than the 50 below zero, that is usual in Etown Wyoming. Last our new home is a start and I’m staying here the Knytes also agree.

Okay then; had a purrfect day, got a good nights sleep, in peace, Had a good visit and all with daughter of the Knytes as well as Nurse GoodBody, heard a great sermon, and am starting to fit in here. Why couldn’t this have happened in Wendell? Why after so much being on the verge of eviction, starvation, and near death on three occassions couldn’t what we’re doing here now fit in? After all I was raised in the outback of Wendell, between Hazzard and Wendell? Why did I get fought? Is it as simple as Jerome being a bit more accepting of bikers, and rebels? Was it something else? I have no idea. But I’m finally content, my hair is even going back to some of its original color. Hannah is growing into a fine outstanding young lady. She is beginning to take on some of her mothers looks, and she has a humble but go get it attitude. She’ll do fine. Seems as Renew Coffee shop is looking at renaming the coffee blend called Peachy Keen, into The Dixie. How cool is that? Life is good. Looks like we just might get back on air by Christmas this year. Rather than the March 2019 date I thought it would take. The place we are moving into was left horrid, the urine smells and dung smells from 8 dogs, and all is really bad, but into the place we go, cleaning and all, hope I can employ the aid of our friend of Kathleen and family one more time. After all the sooner we get in there the faster the stuff including my truck and radio gear is here rather than at her place. Any mile, big day today, stay tuned.

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toew tail1

Knyte Fall PhooteNotes

cropped-toew-screen.jpgKnyte Fall PhooteNotes Then there is Chandra. It’s not at least on my end anything on the avenue of a he/she romantic thing, but she represents a concept that both the Knytes as well as the WolfPack has been attempting to bring together for at least the last 10 or so years. You see in our way of thinking and it is of course more a guy thing than a woman’s, but guys love women that look, hot. Once you bring them to attention you usually can sell them us guys that is, anything. But this goes much deeper. It started about midway in WW-I, aircraft military pilots would decorate their aircraft with pictures of women, usually very near nakedness 

So as those all in nylon hose, and so on we as a organization in all ares of the organization are military pilots either still active as 80% of our membership is right now and recently discharged assigned to civilian duty, we thought since some of these nose art beauties could be brought to real life, 

Why can’t we get, train and put on our ads etc these sweet looking ladies in the concept of the original pin up / nose art queens. Enter in Chandra

Chandra entered into our picture nearly a year ago, just as it was about to turn winter. When I met her she was still fighting with the law, and the law won, so wearing a GPS tracker, we met at the mall. For once here was someone that I never felt nervous about being around. However past that one meeting no real contact since. Then we set up a meet at the Depot Grill, she didn’t show even after multiple phone calls. Yet I still have not gave up on her, although we have at least one that has said yes. Her name is Kate, 

So with that, Kate has said yes. Mostly because she with supervision of course is the same person that’s going to apply my ink for the MC this is the image soa tat This image is going to be on my back till death, so yes damn straight I want to know the who that’s going to be doing it. In conversation’s Kate, just said she models and all and as such she’s in the model mix, but my stand out is always Chandra. Just wish I had a good photo of Chandra’s feet and toes. Later Aviators and Toew Op’s.

toew tail1