Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


Thank God I’m a Kountry Guy and a biker.

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It’s the start of yet another week in paradise. Or at least a life of misery, albeit comfortable in a way, there’s still troubled seas on the horizon. In the last few weeks, since I left that disaster in Jerome, albeit due to my over ambitious thoughts of building the radio op, being conned by some real operators. Seems as unlike states like Utah, Idaho has very little recourse to make dishonest landlords fess up to the real deal in a rental. That being said I have put it behind. That said a week or so ago when I went into the hospital for a collapsed lung and pneumonia amongst some minor maladies. I was in the hospital, upon release that following Monday came back to the room I rent, only to find that most of my stuff had been bundled up, some things missing including my squadron patch. Food, right down to my coffee pot. Now if this wasn’t enough the gear that powers the radio op is held in storage until I pay the rent there. All of this caused in October when PoohBear decided that she did not want to fork over her club dues. Which put me in a very difficult. Now the preceding month, in some conversations with some gal in some troubled area of Africa, was looking for help to get out of that war torn area. So I for all the idiotic reasons engaged the project. However this did nothing to help my financial cash flow. As I was spending night chatting with her when I should be sleeping, then not being able to sustain my duties for a Church industrial outlet. All in all my car got repossessed, which started an entire pile of events. Mid October, I lost my daughter due to a DVT, Blood clot. Then my son got assaulted. All in all I thought Cook, would be a bit compassionate. Not so, middle of November Got served with an eviction notice. Had everything set to move to Wyoming. But Mr. Winter said no, here came a series of storms right after another. Nothing moved including me. When December 1st came I couldn’t move yet, and was financially raped, at the rate of $100.00 a day, until I got a prompting to move here into the Old Towne Lodge. Not much different than what I was to move into in ETown Wyoming.

But then you come to my roots. I thank everyday I had the parents I had, the circumstances I grew up in and being on a farm in a very different era. When I started riding in 1969 I grew to love the breeze in my hair, just me, my bike, and an open road. All I wanted to do was ride and build bikes. Then the Marines came calling, and due to some legal issues, it was best I enlist rather than face the local authorities. The rest is pretty much history.

Next entry, We’ll explore TV and a severe lack of new quality programming, and ad creation.

Stay Tuned

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Retro TV, Small button Noses, Jennifer Morrison, and a new dawning for HazzardAyre.

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It’s Monday Morning:

Yesterday right after Church, I came home and was so pooped, I hit the bed and didn’t wake up until near 2:00AM only then awakening to take meds, and grab some grub. I need to thank Bishop Nielsen and our LDS Ward for the help in my housing dilemma. With than need to raise $2,000.00 to bail out the radio gear, and all that is that, to where we can at least get back on the air. So scouring the interweb to find a venture capitalist that might be willing to fund the project. Look we were down before and we rose up and built something that is on the verge of not only going worldwide on Satellite radio, but to becoming a TV cable/satellite TV network of its own. Right now we are recruiting an experienced actress and fantastic personality you came to know on the TV show, House. Allison Cameron, portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. Could Jennifer become the next Daisy Duke? Hey stranger things have happened and yes we are drafting her into the docudrama of the Knytes, Okay then: Ya’ll know that I’m a stickler about legs and toes, especially legs and toes in nylon hose. That being said, I’m starting to become as attracted to women with tiny noses. Jennifer is a great example

1238095_10152813712398689_3644462967552353581_n Now that said, I still say the sexiest nose of all of Hollywood, still belongs to actress Kerri Russell. KeriRussell092595-JP186

PM79THI became aware of Kerri, on a TV show called Malibu Shores, and followed her career on the TV show Felicity. So then””: HazzardAyre TV is about to launch in three months. What is HazzardAyre TV? Take every single retro TV network, put a southern confederate fight the system, twist on it and a network directly targeting rural America, and you Have HazzardAyre TV. Stay tuned.

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Do you ever get so pissed at Facebook that you just want to go there and crack a bat over someone’s head? Oh yea Good Morning Ya’ll

So your cruising on your Facebook pages, that YOU created and manage, but your restricted to not posting anything that YOU want to to entertain your crew. For a social site Facebook has become so much un-social, that all you want to do is either delete your account, or go and travel to Facebook’s HQ, walk in the door, and crack a baseball bat over the back of some idiot that decided YOUR page and YOUR account is too nasty or something to go full throttle. Yet you see others posting things that far out do anything YOU put on your PAGE or in your GROUP. Congress-person Nancy Pelosi is from the same area and represents the same area that Facebook is located, should tell you why things Facebook is so messed up. So what do you do? You put up with it because at least for business you need a Facebook presence. Although it’d be groovy if there was a competitor, to go head to head with Facebook, and give some pushback to the Social site. Trust me the WolfPack is working on it.

It rained pretty hard overnight, there was a period of light snow, but no accumulation. Its a bit warmer due to great cloud cover, but will scrap most low level flying today. For the WolfPack today is the start of a new era for our organization. While the radio op, is still in limbo, pending finding a good studio/office and rescuing our equipment, we are marching forward. We’ll be making changes in the future to the website, to more include the WolfPack and less the Knytes. In any case Good Morning from the WolfPack.

I admit certain feet at certain ages needs to be covered or enhanced or just plan hidden.

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Over the last few days of recovery from surgery, in want of a Double cheeseburger from McDonald’s and a tub of fries, limited to a liquid diet for yet another week and having to absorb tons of cable, basic cable TV been watching this 2 second blip on USA between my cop shows in the morning. It’s called Talk Stoop, a poor substitute for Talk Soup, that ran on the same network owned by NBC/Universal(Comcast) any mile they had a segment featuring famed It’s a Good Thing, home maker host, Martha Stewart. Now I’m a fanatic about women’s feet and legs, and ones that are just too much like an Elephant foot comes on , I have to say something. Now some boots, or leggings of some sort would have been more enhancing, as it was it was like the host was interviewing Tilla the Hun.Kind of gives some cred, of the wearing of nylons of some such.And no, I can’t see Martha in Yoga pants, or even Spankx. On food. Liquid diets suck. quite really.There is no flavor, no enjoyment of or from the tongue, outside of a slight sliver of taste from Chicken Noodle soup, forget the rest. The Doc says I need to start loosing more weight faster, both for my respitory system as well as my diabetes.Seems over the last few weeks because of some inactivity, between toew runs, I’ve taken on a few more pounds. And if I’m to fly this summer, need to drop back down to 175 or there abouts instead of the 257 lbs, that I am now. Need to take more walks, rather than so many drives. Although I’d both walk as well as drive to a McDonald’s right now if one were open. There used to be a McDonald’s open at least until 03:00 hours every day. Reason that quit? Along with the fact that Maverick and a few other all night stores is simple, robberies, and armed invasions. The degradation of the nuclear family, the lack of discipline due to the risk of being abusive, has given rise to children and young ones going against the teachings of both Christ as well as their parents. Spare the rod, spoil the child. A topic for another time. But our society is decaying faster than Boss Hogg polishing off a plate of raw liver at breakfast. Oh great, my protein shake, snack of the diabetic.

Next time the decay of Television. And lack of creativity in Television commercials, and if you jump off or quit a group or page on Facebook, why is it that they keep posting to you?


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Feeling a bit better, body strength increasing but still a long ways to recovery

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It’s Friday, two days out of the hospital and back into the real world. The ultimate decision of the physician was that body and mind had a complete breakdown, which considering everything that I have been through. Guess the Cook crook, can’t rent his building that he was so hungry for me to leave. Might have been better for him to strike a deal while he was banging me $100.00 a day after he decided to formally evict me. Hey you can’t move in pouring down snow and at that point, I hadn’t fully decided where to go. While its true the main point of my stress comes from PoohBear’s lack of follow through the last 4 months. Hey it was because of her that I moved out here, plus the two evictions, the list goes on. While for a few weeks in mid December I had thought of ending the problem, the fact is I love that little, pointed nose stinker, PoohBear. Yet I wont lie, if someone else stepped up and said she’d cover all of my debts, bail out the radio gear, or at least pay enough to where I could resume business, that I wouldn’t hesitate. As it is PoohBear needs to step up and help maintain the company she and I are building.But I am alive, thanks again to my Bishop, the Church, and the Knytes. With it being a new year, changes need to be made to rebuild what PoohBear and an area without a heart, or common courtesy, destroyed. It ain’t going to be easy, and it may include an environment change to Wyoming to do it, but I’m giving this 6 months, keeping on track and trail.

The Knytes are still working to evacuate our friend Laurette , however the organization has issued requirements for our further involvement. The main one is money. We can’t keep doing things for free. How much is still being decided, but its in the area of $500.00 as well as being willing to pay for such things as air fuel, for the bird to evac her from where she’s at.

We’re still a long way from and to recovery but we are climbing out of the trench we’ve been, under.


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Your news should be Local, as well as on time and current.

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I was reading in this morning’s RadioInk that Facebook is looking to invest big money into covering local and regional news in the near future. This would not be bad, except for one thing the few outlets that Facebook, let alone local contributors news coverage is far from current, extremely past due on anything you need to know now. While we might have been laxed here at the Hazzard Gazzette, you can always be certain that at least once per day there’s a timely post that is of today, and news you can use. Guess the fake news barrier and squabble at Facebook is beginning to ease a bit. Guess too many advertisers were going elsewhere.

Go news that’s the blues, landlord again, all but for $50.00 short is going to give me the boot. So sent word out to both Kathleen, and my Bishop to see what they could do. Wouldn’t be in this jam if PoohBear hadn’t shorted me $300.00 . So if I’m here after noon Thursday, you’ll know the malady got cured, if not well you know I’m huddled in the General somewhere trying to stay warm.


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Did you know? You can’t make better fries than those at McDonalds by law?

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So was talking to a friend this morning about the upcoming launch of the Reaper here in Twin Falls. The subject came up , since I’m still in recovery of the junk I was served at the Depot Grill, a few weeks a go now. So was chatting on food quality and such and I said, as we were chowing down at the McDonalds here about why can’t French fries be made elsewhere that’s as good as or as slim cut as those served at McDonald’s. The answer is, if a commercial eating establishment does serve fries as good or even better, they can be held liable for copyright infringement. In towing at least Ada County and a few other areas, that used to be the case with truck colors. You could not have the same truck paint colors as any other tow company. The idea was that a cop working a scene, could identify a company just by color combination. Some trade marks can be good, and some not so, but they can enhance a marketing program. Here at all the companies under and as part of Highway Hooker Toewing, including RodeWolf Toewing, the Toew Smooch IJUSTLOVETOEWS for good or sinister has became our signature. Icons are also important. From the GEICO Gecko , to Tony The Tiger, for Frosted Flakes. People whose bread ain’t quite done, need a focal point, or a sub conscience message, to remember a company or product. A simple mis-spelling of the name such as Toewing, instead of Towing. But its amazing that even something as great as the fries of McDonalds, can’t be made as good or even better than that of McDonalds.

Feeling a bit better today, still kind of groggy, from yesterday’s surgery and all. It was so simple however. Went in , they did micro surgery with a optic tube to view it all, then a mini tube hooked to a vacuum cleaner thing, and more tube to swoosh everything. 2 hours later the only I was out and okay. Here’s a tip, don’t try eating anything solid after such things. Certain foods don’t mix with barium.

More L8R.

Stay Tuned.

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Then of course there’s the Disney Channel, Question is shouldn’t there be a Confederate or a Dixie Channel?

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What would it be to have a cable/satellite TV channel dedicated to all things confederate/Dixie?

For as long as I can remember, there has been this underlying concept of launching a full service cable/satellite channel dedicated to all things Southern. The first step in that direction, came in late 2004 while residing in Centerville Utah. There was a cruise that took us through the tiny Wyoming town of CokeVille . Which had a place that could have handled the studio. After some very serious bad happenings with the local authorities there. The plan went on freeze mode. We gave the channel the name Farm Kountry TV , which was a primer for the cat who launched RFDTV. With that out of our hands we looked at what and where else could this be done? So project moved to Evanston Wyoming, to yes, a office complex owned by a foot doctor. The first step there was the radio station. So KDER or Dixie-Eagle Radio. Taking on then the same station that we in years to follow to buy. Ya’ll see the Knytes, never say, just because it hasn’t been done, don’t mean you shouldn’t. In mid 2008, just before the SAMCRO MC thing hit we formed a mini LLC called SouthernSteele Media. In mid 2011 while residing in Buhl, under just about the same living conditions as I’m in now, I got a vivid prompting and a sudden smack in the head by Heavenly Father. In mid 2012, that prompting was launched as HazzardAyre Radio, Which lives still today. But we are not done there. Something Big John said a few weeks ago, now lets go big or go home. Lets do Dixie-TV. Now for the Disney Channel.

I’ve always been impressed with the creative brains at the Disney Channel. They come up with some of the best series ideas and shows. Some of this years new shows is really hip and peppy. I compare Dixie-TV with the Disney Channel in the idea, of a channel that has shows that entertain, make us laugh, even deliver a message without a bunch of sex, drugs, death, and all things gruesome. Even shows like I used to love, set in a more rural focus. From the Beverly Hillbillies to Petticoat Junction. Maybe even a relaunch of something on the concept of HeeHaw. What about a slightly older adult version of say Kim Possible? Of course we would not be opposed to building, producing and executing the remake of , yes The Dukes-of-Hazzard. How about a revised renewed version of the MoonRunners the movie that was the pilot movie to the Dukes-of-Hazzard? So yes we have been quiet, but there’s a ton of things going on. We found a facility that could easily house the TV as well as the Radio station.

Yes: KFXc9V1d


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Enough with the reruns and Reality TV, Please!!

HCG HEADER BIG1tv and beyond

Enough with the reruns and Reality TV, please!! Seems you can’t turn on any broadcast TV channel without somebody digging up or producing some sort of prime time game show or some reality TV program. NBC being the worst of it. But hey cable, which is the normal deliver path of most, satellite TV is still catching up, as well as streaming TV networks like Netflix, Hulu etc.I even tried Sony’s Crackle, but was terribly disappointed. But even pay TV, still is on a mission impossible. Even the grand Disney Channel, and now MotorTrend TV is still getting their feet wet. Seems as though all you see is rerun, after rerun. Even our precious Dukes-of-Hazzard has had that problem. Everyone wants it back in rerun form. Which really would be a dis-service to the fans of the show. I’d much rather see a serious effort at reviving it, taking what was good in the two major movies of the show, and casting the important parts, and giving the middle finger to those who are just terrified of our battle flag. In my opinion its there own self  paranoia and lack of knowledge. But I’m getting off track a bit.

The Reality TV thing started out of program need, networks needed program, the screen writers guild was on strike, and by the time the mud slinging stopped the ability to recover, write new episodes and give something for that years fall season was again mission impossible. So in came a concept; a program platform that needed little of if any kind of script. Throw out some big money, a format and invite near none unknown contestants and put em on TV. The first of this was the big bang Series on FoX broadcast then we had even more TV series introducing new musical talent to the public. Some even where the audience could vote via cell phone of who they like. This was the first effort into interactive TV, which Google in their effort to become the streaming lead put into their OTT offering. Again I’m getting off course. Since that strike, in mid 2007 Hollywood has not had ANY new creative brains amongst themselves. Add to that banks that are willing to fund studios even the major ones with the $’s to produce off the wall out of the box fresh productions. So we are stuck with junk on the tube.


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I hate bullies, especially between employees by older women feeling a need to preserve their territory, and job.

I just hate bullies, especially when its being displayed by employees to fairly new employee who is just starting to get her legs under her. For as far back as I can remember going to the Depot Grill was a treat. Great food served home made and never being not being satisfied. Up until a week ago, Saturday when I ordered my normal French toast combo, which made me deathly sick to where I got food illness and had to go to the hospital past Tuesday. Food quality and prep is a real problem at most area eating establishments here in Twin Falls. But that even can be over looked. But there’s this sweet little thing that works most afternoons there at least weekends that is so charming you really want to stay there. Now I don’t know what slight goof up she did but this one older Wait-person there named Annie chewed her out to where my little angel there was in tears. I was surprised to see not only see her work the entire shift, but has stood it out this long. Then I go Saturday, tried something simple a Grilled Cheese. Which I ate only part of, and left. Then came Sunday(Yesterday) and our sweet heart was being being bitched out again, by another older blonde waitress in there. I don’t like seeing these episodes. Some of these kinds of things might be related to our gal making a mistake or two, but our little angel being grilled by two older gals in there looking to preserve territory. And perhaps their jobs. Maybe our angel makes mistakes, but there a way to correct another employee than by hurting their feelings or bringing them to tears. Its just not right. I love Sarah, Sammi, and a few others in there, but these two need an tiitude adjustment. Just because they can lord it over another , don’t mean they should. Might just be time to kick it in gear to open the Reaper, here. Stay tuned.

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