The times I was right and spoke up and the times even though I was right that I should have just shut up.

As I get ready to go into deep slumber, amist with the lofty aroma of fermaldihide I was thinking of all that has happened over the last 5 months. Sometimes I just think too much. But I thought, that just after Chandra got out of the cross bar hotel, and was planning on moving there. Yet circumstances didn’t allow that. Yes Boise bound was I, but had detour 1. Then came June , where PoohBear, somehow lost her funds. I stil don’t believe all of that but okay. Then entered in Angel. The first few weeks were great, but because I had to pay the rent all by myself didn’t allow any wiggle room. Still then as now fighting with CenturyLink. Ever get the feeling that CenturyLink, just  just does not want me or the MC to be their clients? Seems everytime we seem to be getting things smoothed out there , something messes up. Looking back and the 21st of next month is the one year anniversary of our joining CenturyLink’s client list. Makes one wonder why and I should have, just went internet silent for 4 months, paid off Cable-One, at $500.00 a month, and went back to being their customer. Considering the thousands of dollars that CenturyLink has cost us. Hopefully this week, our tech Greg, will be over to get us reconnected. If not come the anniversary, I’m going to the SLC office with a court summons. In the area of a net loss of a half a million dollars. It’ll make that $2k, settlement look like chump change. Any mile, getting back on course here. So because of money and all had to loose Angel, and move over here to Jerome. Which I did, mostly to accomodate her. Granted the Club was tweaked that no more got done with her under my command, at the Wolf’s Lair, still in time that might have improved. And I’m still looking at somehow before years end to get her at least half of what we owe her, even though there are those in the Club that says don’t do it. In my thoughts, its more of a ethical rather than anything else there. Okay then here I am, having being here, since July or so, went through a heat stroke, loss of my car, and mucho loss of income. My was this fun(not)?

I may be a rebel and at times nasty, but I’ve never abused a woman, some former neighbors can’t say that.



I need to clear something up here. I may not like how our young sister is playing this, but let me say this , after what has been a very rocky road and long bumpy haul, I still consider our Chandra a friend and a sister in the MC. That said, there have been many over the last year, that have stepped in the picture. First there was one who currently applies her skills, at BuffaloWings of Twin Falls. Always an excuse of why she could not drop over, for a prelim interview. The teasing was there, but in fact nothing really physical ever took place. Then there was one from here in Jerome. Her old man had a cow, and took her out and nearly beat her for going over to Wendell for a prelim interview. Then there were a few others, yet in fact dang few , no really none of them could really walk into the studio, sit down and do a show unsupervised. The only gal in 6 years that I saw do that was one who moved from metro Arizona to ETown, that PoohBear didn’t like and thus never remained. Most all say , hey where’s the money? I reply, when did you go out and help sell the shows and all to sponsors? While I wont go full tilt like Kim Lee did, I like his business model. Half the talk show hosts pay him for time on air, on his station. Then the show’s host has to go sell Ads, to stay on the air. I say why not? I wont charge for on air time, but the concept of want to grow your show and the station, when not in studio, go out and find people to buy time on your show and contribute to the station’s welfare. Now true, for some that don’t comprehend it, the toew smooch is a bit kinky, but it cinches up the idea of the station, KTOW or KAY-TOE, thus luv toews2 It just simply means our entire world here revolves around the idea, that no matter what, when or weather conditions, we truly love getting that call to go tow or as we spell it toew. We are not the first, last, or even in the middle, of a toew or automotive company that has fronted a hot gal with a ride to sell a magazine or car product or part. Car Craft, that in part evolved into Hot Rod Magazine, started the trend , well sort of. But it’s not just automotive companies. I can even tell you of one Tatt shop here near where I live, that fronts a intern blonde of his shop, that if you call her bluff, she says no. Although up to the point I plunked down the $60.00 deposit she was all kinds of warming up to the on air on screen thing. Reason, she didn’t to work around bikers,  and yet she works at a tattoo shop. Do you think that Alex Wherley of Business RockStars is still there, because she’s an expert on business creation? No, she’s there because she is a hot blonde, with a near perfect package that can talk, and conduct an interview, that is written for her. Now then too, If I’m such a bad guy, and so on as one heckler bully put it, dig this. Just before I started the consideration of relocating to Boise, in late May, here came Angel. Now. She was cute, had lots of spunk, and at least did complete one show. Yet she felt as she said uncomfortable working from inside a private home. Apparently so did a few others. So I looked over many locations. Decided on this place in Jerome. The idea was she’d move into the tiny apartment here, we’d get the office, and I’d stay living in Wendell. Oh yea I’m such a bad guy to work for and so too the Club. Of which that was challenged earlier. From Karl and Alfred Kuhn, Jimmy Mac, Kathy Dodge, Jon Muir, Correy Hansen, Kelly Obrien, Dave Johnson, the list goes on even to the point I can say and point to one former Chief of Police of Hazzard that is a member still of the Club. Guess Kathy Hensley, CEO 1,000 resort near Hazzard, albeit my 4th Cousin, is a falsehood too? Maybe the hecklers and bullies need to do some more research before opening their mouths. Had two like that over the past few years. Had one in Pocatello that was a door guard at a bikini dance club. Said LexiBelle was a myth. Guess what once the pics with me with LexiBelle and all hit TV, his mouth got shut. Same went with some buttheads in Mountain Home. They said my trucks were a myth, until they finally drove down to Goon’s Ferry and saw the trucks. No they’re not beauty queens , but the trucks were real. They finally had to admit that.  But then got to see the neighbors go to battle with each other. To the point the woman got cut on the sill plate of the front door, her hair being pulled coming out of the house, and well the kids so scared they had to be tended to across the street at The Heathens. Yet this was the same guy that called me evil. Really? Sure I may kiss their toes, invite em in to learn radio and media, and help rebuild a media company, but I’d never physically abuse or injure a lady. More Sunday afternoon after church. 



In Utah and some places Wyoming its required, in Idaho it isn’t but still a plus.


Back in I think 1976 or so, Utah started this idea of certifying us who tow in various classes or levels of operation of how to not only to drive a tow truck, but use what was on the back of it. Today to get put on rotation in Utah you have to be WreckMaster, TRAA, or Road Resque Certified. This involves study, skills testing and yes classes. The latter course was created in 1989 in Eastern Idaho, along with the Idaho State Department of Law Enforcement under then Director Kelly Pierce and Jay V Bates. It was part of the legislation signed into law, along with the Idaho Lien Law, that raised the level of what a Tow truck was in Idaho, allowed the use of emergency turn arounds on the highway, and distingquished us from being a utility vehicle to a authorized Limited Emergency Vehicle. Only draw back is that status raised insurance costs, a bit. But finally us in towing were getting the recognition we deserved. So besides all today , that was what I was doing. Taking Certification classes. It’s not just a set of classes teaching on new equipment, but teaching some old skool methods as well, as to how to sling or use an old style tow sling. 

The Road Resque Tow Certification program was created in part by then the Hazzard County Towing Association, now known as the Iron Knytes Toewing Association. The teaching tools were authored by John W Nausbaum of then Johnny’s Towing of Twin Falls Idaho, Myself, Dave Coffelltt of Valley Towing and Radiator(Best place to take a leak), of Twin Falls, and of course us at Highway Hooker Toewing. The final test which required some serious dollars invested, terminated and was graded, when we all assembled at the test track of the Idaho POST Academy in Boise. Where we had to roll over very carefully a near new Idaho State Police patrol car, and roll it back without damage . This took skill. and one hell of a lot of attention. Bottom line, from Tommy N Thompson, of TNT Towing, Don from B&W Wrecker Service, Doug from Doug’s Towing to Johnny, myself and Dave from our area, we all got a certificate and a piece of chrome, that simply said certified Wrecker Operator. So what did you do today? From the time I saw LexiBelleLexiBelle, in the light of dawn at what was then SAMBO’S Resturaunt,{Where Java Bean and Verizon Wireless is now} in Twin Falls, to the hour I dove her home to Hazzard, with that wheel in my hand of the many things I do, going towing is the one thing I treasure the most is going towing.  What does this mean? That in our overnight edition. 


SAMCRO stands for: Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original, and a few other answers to our hecklers.

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So woke up at 11:00 hours, awaiting that Phone call from our Chandra, on her decision on moving in or not. Seems a simple thing, want to move in drop by. Don’t want to move in for whatever reason, and I don’t really care why not? Same process, call, email, drop by say decided too small or what ever. At least that want I’m not sitting awaiting when no results are forthcoming. Same thing as when I spent a whole night in Twin Falls, nearly a year ago, awaiting the same lady to drop in there to go over deets on doing photo, and/or on air stuff. Had she she done so, perhaps her year long and still running command captive performance with the Idaho Department of Corrections, would not have taken place at all. Okay moving past that. Had a heckler, saying the biggest thing in motorcycles going on at the Gooding Raceway. First we were told that if any one of our MC were to show up, including the Knytes that we would be arrested for trespassing . In essence we were not welcome. Second even if we wanted to risk that, where was that race track last year that said they would support the Club. That race track is managed by a distant reletive of one of my early mentors John Hollon. Who in part was married to my 5th cousin Mary. Where was that bunch when I was having troubles with my little truck, or for that matter my Stratus? Plus if I hadn’t been awaiting Chandra we might have been able to work on a entry to the show in Gooding. Has anyone outside except maybe one, person, extended a helping hand yo me or the Club? Nope. But my if they need help, like one cat who was in deep stuff a few months ago, calls me to bail em out of jail. Where was that person when we were struggling? To say we are posers and all is ludicrous, we are very real, and as of late and with good reason, very selective of who as a organization associate with, or help, If you haven’t done squat fr the club or even me, don’t ask later on don’t ask anything from us or me. Cause the answer will be, ah we’ll think about it, we’ll call you, don’t hold your breath for that call, cause your lips will turn blue. 


The end of another week, hope I am here next week.

It’s the end of another day and another week. Miss Samcro Toew did not show today, don’t know the reluctance it might have to do, with her guy pals or something but, and praying she will show yet Saturday. Because I remained on station for her to arrive as she had said she would, did not go fetch my medications, nor get groceries, or much of anything. About noon I hit the rack, woke at 16:00 sent a few texts to her and as of yet nothing. I’m looking very seriously at Etown, Wyoming. Mostly because LexiBelle is there, and too, its a ton cheaper to reside there. Being 100 miles or an hour from Salt Lake City is part of it, the other thing is, at least for me, for every single tow call, I get here around Jerome, Idaho, I get 5 to 8 calls along I-80 over near Evanston. Don’t sound like much does it, but do the math Here It’s just the $80.00 every other week. In Evanston, its $640.00 a week, or $2,600.00 a month extra in my pocket. Less fuel and truck expenses. That’s why I had money there, but not here. Bottom line, If our Miss Samcro Toew, shows or gets in gear here, I can stand to remain here to build this thing right here in Jerome. If not, come the first week if not sooner, I’m in Etown to find a home, I’m tired of stressing. 

Short visioned site.


Way early this morning, I took a gander at Church news from the Deseret News out of Utah. In it, there was a proclamation that said that we should all as Church members, abolish the use of the words LDS and Mormon. I thought say what? I can understand dumping the LDS thing, as the letters can be twisted around and made into LSD, which I did several years ago, when I had a T shirt uddering the words in one of the Star Trek trilogy movies where Kirk said that Spock had way too much LDS in the 60’s. Seemed right on too me. But to wipe away the word Mormon from our denominations phraseology, to me is another swipe at Church heritage, by people that should not really be in charge of the Church, no matter how well intentioned or supposedly inspired. What are you going to call the Book of Mormon, the book of the church of ah you know? I’m sure President Nelson, and all had a good thought there, but its very apparent to me that there are two out of three of the people in the command seats that flat have no real reason to be there. Dallin Oaks is the only one I think has a steady hand on the stick right now as far as Church leaders, but not the one who should be holding the wheel. When President Monson, dropped dead, it left a wide gap. I even thought the church loosing direction after President Hinkley bought the sand. At least Gordon B, could be contacted and have a sit down, as I did years ago while at Deseret Transportation where I worked at the time. He’s the one that told me I was the Wolf amongst the Sheep, and that has stuck ever since. If you think I would have gotten that much leaway with President Nelson today there, I can say absolutely not. So what do we call the Book Of Mormon now? Why do we not still have Home Teachers? Why is it that those too ill to go to Church are forbidden to have the sacrament delivered to their home? All the things that it is said that we should do as God’s children to do, we have Church leaders saying nope. Or lets modify things to co-inside with modern times rather than what is taught as Gospel. Why is Church policies are becoming more secular, rather than guided by scriptures? Could our denomination be that exact evil Church that was spoken of in Alma? I’m starting to become, as Joseph Smith Jun, was when he saw all the religions of the time, becoming corrupt, and was looking for an answer. The one Church I thought was the true Church is starting to become very cloudy to me. I have been praying on this much of the night. I read scripture, and I do feel that the B-O-M, is rather short, for the information it contains. The last part of Moroni, should not have ended when the old man died. there was more that needed to be said and written, including a lot of what it said, couldn’t be written. I don’t think that was all. I think Heavenly Father through his teachers, had more to say. Why did the teachings of the Church just end at Moroni? Its near that as I think, there is more to the Holy Bible, that where it left off in Revelations. I think there was a Timothy 3 and 4. I think there was at least two more chapters of the book of Moses. I think there was more to both the books of both Micah, as well as Proverbs. Is the reason the Bible was shortened, the same reason, the Church leaders now are becoming like those of Babylon? Corrupt and babbling? Is it simply politics? I want to know as its my own spiritual health and longevity we are talking about here. With that and this must be said. I lurched at the subject, and tried to comment on the article on Church News aka Deseret News. I simply asked if the word Mormon is to be covered up or not used any more, then what are we to call the main book of our entire religious group? The B-O-M is now to be called What? I was written back quite promptly and told my comment was denied, and that I should not ask such questions. Now do you see why even Church people listen to us? 


rebel gal

As someone told me earlier today, I’m overdue for a serious SJ. And can’t anyone do as they say they are going to do?

samcro gazzette site cover1KNYTECYDE

Was out with one of the Reaper Crew today attempting to find hidden money from people that owe us, and Rod say, ” Your in more need of a serious SJ than anyone I know of” of which I agree. Do you realize that its been nearly 20 years since I have been up close and steamy with a lady? Nadeen was the last honey that I got close to, and she had CP, found her from the ancient, postings on MySpace, the go to social site, back then. I bet her $100.00 that she did not have the courage nor guts to venture out to Layton Utah where I was at, at the time to see me. However guess she wanted me really bad. The term BJ, is way over used. Plus its not accurate. As there is no blowing involved. Its all consumption or sucking. So why not just call it what it is? An SJ?. Then came our illustrious Miss SAMCRO TOEW , who had said she’d be by this afternoon, to go over deets for the apartment here in Jerome. The tiny apartment, is really nice if you don’t have a lot of stuff, or are all alone. The only reason I opted for the place upstairs is the radio gear and PoohBear. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have taken on the debt load of the bigger space. But I have until next Thursday, so we see what happens. Finally if your trying to get in touch with me by Cell, don’t after Friday, don’t think it’ll be working until just after the first. However my landline at 208-324-3816 does work. So I’m reachable that way. 

On the subject of our Miss Samcro Toew, just like the talent interviews and so on. If you don’t want the gig, or its too much or whatever reason your just not that into it, a simple text, call, email, etc saying, I don’t think so is enough. Yea it’ll sting me and the Club, but at least that way we know what we are dealing with. When people just put us on a long condition of hold or limbo status, I dislike that. As it prevents me and or the Club, from going out looking for funding. As we are waiting for you, this means or costs me, right at $50.00 to $80.00 per hour. There is this so called rule in talent and or such carrers that says you don’t charge a %ge of wages or interview/ booking fees. Bullsbreath. The only way you learn if someone is seriously interested in you, your project and your organization is if they want to spend $’s on you, your project etc. If not they are not that dedicated. Do ya’ll realize, my PoohBear, every month  rakes out $600.00 out of her meager SSA money, and gets it to us by the first week or so of the month. Part of that is repayment to the Knytes to cover her medical bills in Wyoming that the Club paid on her behalf, as well as the loss of the shop there. But she hangs in there. She’s correcting a wrong. Every Prospect member pays at least $400.00 a month or so, unless they are providing some other serious service for the Club that generates money. After awhile, if you don’t prove out on your promises, putting forward money, or keeping breefing meetings which still costs prospects $250.00 per meeting, after awhile you are forgotten. We just don’t have time to baby sit. 

Getting back into as well as on the air, next time right here.

There isn’t any or very damn few more rabbits.

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There isn’t any or very damn few more rabbits, to be pulled out of the hat. Every day from our SAMCRO TOEW Princess Chandra, to my Landlords to many of you as general membership of the Club(s), expect me to magically pull lucky blessed rabbits out of a mysticle top hat, with a miracle. Problem is,of those few rabbits left, even they have each hair numbered. There again I say, crooks out there. They post rentals online and in print. Great place they say,  I found that in my last Landlord and the ones although not so much , But still  me being the renter. Last year ago May I saw an ad for a bar , cafe, small shop in all places Richfield Idaho. This would have been ideal. But circumstances led me to Wendell. I wish now I had never saw the second ad. But saw some promise. So with some struggle, and PoohBear’s support I moved to Wendell Idaho. Now here’s where it gets somewhat sticky. Once I got to Wendell, I thought I’d have at least 6 months leed time, between arriving , setting up the infrastructure then searching out talent, and all of that for the radio gig. Nope. Here came Mylinda, nice gal, dug her hubby, all was progressing, except for me it was way to fast. We got many applicants, many said it was the distance to drive from Twin Falls, to Wendell for production meetings, So they declined. Of course many others that could have, then and we did have some cash in the stash for it, was herded away by Mrs. you know who.  One named Marie said she had just the perfect person, and in many ways she is, in came Chandra. I had thought we had a crew. But then got way over my head no income, which in my way of thinking was too much way tooo late. In fact I had a thing worked out with this older lady in Hollister Idaho. For $200.00 a month, had a bed, pot to pee in and a shower. No utilities. Which meant all the rest of my cash and that of the MC could have been applied to a studio office in Twin Falls. Of course in many ways that would have meant PoohBear would no longer have control over me, and that lost control scared her, so, I through a big fuss scrubbed Hollister. But it was one evening that I was to go over a game plan with Chandra in Twin Falls at the Depot Grill. She had a Sobriety meeting to go to then be at the Depot Grill. She didn’t. Went out partied with friends, got her but in it, went to the grey bar motel. And spent a year there, more on that in a few here. If Marie, Chandra and others work for all these eating places, why don’t they hit up their boss’s and or owners of those eating establishments, and say hey I know of a way to increase sales. Why not buy 6 months or even 12 months of low cost discount advertising from this Military Vets, MC’s radio station? At $100.00 a month. Here’s where to find it online, here’s their website, etc. Nope. Yet these same young ladies when one had taken up residency courtesy of the Department of corrections in Arizona, calls me up for support. We tried, but had no way to get it to her at the time, but we also did some arm twisting as well. When last December Marie finally came over, showing off her plumage I got a call from her requesting a fast loan of $150.00. If she had gotten the people she worked for at the time to cough up say 6 months worth of ad time on our station, or in support of the club, I might have been a bit more ambitious to look into that loan. But to keep asking me for things, yet not coming back with an ad client or financial support for us in return is a unsustainable situation. Then there was the bar in Wendell. The fuss there was over us maybe taking over a slightly elevated pub there. One of my neighbors there was gung ho, on renting the place so she did all she could to push us out of the neighborhood. So showed up several times the law saying I did something hinky with some damn kid. With that door open, The Heathen family next door to me made similar gestures. Which meant we never progressed. Here’s an idea, for all those and I even said it then, cough up money to move, or support the radio network, and it might be your family member being employed with us. Nope, but now that we are on life support, how about a few of those so Holier than Thou’s over there ponying up a few hundred bucks for the pain they helped cause. Not too mention financial loss’s. 

Now there may be some of you, that say , well hey you got help from the Church, much help over 6 years. But here’s the difference. At least in Evanston, if you got help from Mark our Bishop there from the church, you at least had to come on Saturday’s, and help clean the Church. In essence you had to do something for that aid. If not, Mark wasn’t as open minded in helping you the next time. The bottom line is simply this, there’s two and a half weeks or so. If Chandra, Marie, and others want to be part of our media enhancement crew, and wish our gig to stay here in Western Idaho, some cash for the stash is needed NOW. Likewise, from the Wendell Idaho 1st Ward, from some of those that thumbed up their nose at us, mainly me. If not, come mid to early month, September, things go back into storage. I relocate to Wyoming, and let SAMCRO dissolve this Idaho charter and break it up and assign it to Indian Springs Nevada, Jackson Whole Wyoming, Evanston Wyoming, Coalville Utah, and transplant the radio gig back in Wyoming. But here’s the final, except for one person and her beloved family just outside Wendell, if the rest of these people and all want a crumb or a bit more out of the $187,million once the dust clears of the Montgomery Foundation that is 70% of the support of our SAMCRO MC, then they need to step up. Even God said it as well as Jesus Christ, when he said that , that on Judgement day, we’re going to stand in front of him, and he’s going to remind us of the fact that when he called to us, we did not hear, he’s going to say, now I see and hear you now not. While charity is very important to God, and I do as much as I can and so does the MC, but unlike God, our Charity ends when resources dry up. 

There just is no more or damn few any more rabbits left in the hat, the pond has pretty near been fished out. 



cropped-samcro-gazzette-cover-1.jpg In mid day news from SAMCRO Toew. It is with pride and admiration that Chandra Ortiz has been reinstated as Miss SAMCRO TOEW 2018/2019. We averted a and have a short reprieve from our Landlords until a week from Thursday. At which time as it is predicted at this time, MC leaders will be rolling up to assess and put funding in place to rent for a year this place we are in, here in Jerome, as well as in two years outright buy it. I know that it was and its not just me of course, but my praying and reading scripture until 06:00 hours this morning that got us a hold off from getting our butts booted, until the powers that be can deal with the situation. With the MC leaders rolling up next week you can bet your next oil change that there will be a party. Just wish I could gather together some party girls for the one of the MC that aren’t hitched. The being up all night might have something to do with when Kathleen showed up today, EARLY why I was near dead to the world. When 07:00 Hours rolled around I was skimming the outer rim of the galaxy, in real REM sleep. One thing I have noticed and I think Chandra saw it the other night when she rolled in, was not only my hair slowly going back to some of its original chestnut brown that it was at birth and younger. She said I seemed rather more relaxed and reduced stress than a year ago. Two reasons for that. One the intrum counseling sessions with Kathleen, and of course the introduction of dOTerra , but I listen to her cite gospel, and things that I can relate to as well as comprehend to grasp onto. The second reason I am doing a lot better is I’m not under a stress press on making sure the radio gig is out on time, trying to gather together a on air as well as a poster girl promo crew, as well as not wondering where I’m putting my head at night. If crap goes poop here, its put all in storage, grab cash out of the low level stash and head for south western Wyoming, and gradually ascend back to prior levels there. Not too mention there’s two younger ladies there that have offered me their couch and shower should I need it. As for PoohBear and I still plan on getting hitched to her, but the wedding has been put off until February, in Layton Utah. Details this evening. Reason for the postponement? Simple , money. Even if I wanted to get hitched to PoohBear right now which I do, I just can’t afford to. There’s other reasons, the major one, is simple, in theory but seems PoohBear does not want to go there, and that is, being Temple Worthy. As I have told her numerous times, this romantic union is the last for me. I want this one to not only be solid on Earth, but solid Eternally. And Eternal, it will be. My emotions just can’t handle the ups and downs of date today gone tomarrow. Plus the finances need to be much more solid, she needs to get her stuff from SSA and all seperated from her mothers, and her own account established. Tell her damn Brother, that he needs to cough up the $350.00 he owes me and PoohBear, or he ain’t coming to the reception. The 1st $200.00 he and her mother swiped, is what blew PoohBear and me apart in Evanston, that eventually brought me here to western high priced Idaho. If he hadn’t with-held PoohBears money together her and I could have paid for the shop, I could have stayed there, ran a full toew season, and been $25k richer. Plus the shop by now would have been generating money. Nope, so here I am. Behind the 8-Ball, and busting my butt, and stepping on my pride, asking all that I know for money to save what I and we as a MC have here. The place for us is really ideal, MC office, Radio studio, MC shop, bigger studio office for both the TV as well as radio station that we plan on running over the air, as well as being able to re-establish, Knytes Hall. Thing is and I know that not many if any of ya’ll have $1,800.00 in your pockets. But if 18 of us rake out $100.00 to say $300.00 a piece, hey that pays the bill for now. More details overnight. But that’s what happening here. 

Teasers and trollers,Those that show true colors and those just in it for a ride.

Knytes Chronicles One of the true ways members or those aspiring to be involved with the Knytes, is digging in a wallet once in awhile when crap hits the fan. Even those that in part caused the malady, that created the circumstances to begin with. Example what looked like water in an Oasis on a dry desert is smelling again like a mirage. Not insurmountable but a malady. Met with the Landlord of this complex today, right now we are $400.00 short between what is due in a week from now and what should be okay to be held until September 1st. Let me tell you this then I’ll shed light on the current situation. Back in 2008 I arrived in Gooding Idaho, after another Landlord went belly up in Glenn’s Ferry. Originally I had planned to go to Boise then when rentals were a far more affordable. Any mile there I was in Gooding. My cousin and main bean counter, Bud; said can’t live there in Gooding, he found housing in Bliss, with that contracted with another asshole named Richard Strickland. No being near freshly discharged and all it was taking time to get my military benefits, pension and all that straightened around. So there was a mismatch of money transfers, and then LexiBelle took sick, needed a carb and fuel lines redone, which were done half assd . The bill came to a tad over $700.00 . Our then just hired sweetheart Erin said can I help as she saw my stress and near mental collapse. I said, not unless you have $700.00 in a magic hat somewhere. Now in most cases a employer does not ask financial help from the employee, especially one that had only been there on the job for not hardly a month. But shazzam, out came her Checkbook, she wrote me a check and LexiBelleLexiBelle was out of bondage. After that many other things went much smoother. Figuring the Post Office would have found the missing mail including two months of my and Club’s earnings. But nope, Strickland waited for us to go to dinner, he had the  locks changed and my equipment much more than I have now, locked up and never  was able to be recovered, including a sound library worth a few hundred thousand. Okay then fast forward to the end of May last year. With at the time, PoohBear and I broken up, earnings near zero, due to a severe winter that had even LexiBelle snowed in, nasty landlord shows up, wants the $750.00 for the shop. So moved LexiBelle and Mini Lexi to Ricks place. and zeroed in on the radio bit. Middle part of May last year saw an ad for a 3 bedroom house in Wendell, $550.00 he said, sounds good. Powr bill is usually $80.00 (really?) So then PoohBear calls and texts, saying she’s the only one for me. I said, tell you what start sending me $600.00 a month to help cover the costs, I’ll move to Wendell, since she thought people in Evanston Wyoming did not like her. Now understand with the move Mini Lexi, my old Dodge, and some help from our LDS Ward there and I moved, leaving LexiBelle in Wyoming. All she needed was the secondary fuel tank replaced and replumbed. Only that I missed an entire tow season, which could easily put an extra $10k in my pocket right now. But PoohBear has helped in the $600.00 a month situation, yet if she had just stayed put and we work things out with her SSA money, as well as between her and I and Evanston, this entire year of a gall blamed year and near two would not have been. In Evanston I had rent control, in a nice apartment, with Rick and I working together. But because I love my PoohBear I moved to make her happy, only to face as I nearly am now homelessness. Now then there is in Utah and Wyoming, Consumer Protection Commissions. Those CPC’s prevents the ever increasing rents and un needed financial crowding. The CPC’s in Wyoming and Utah, prevents unusual spikes in rent and forcing people out of their homes, especially those on Military or otherwise retired fixed incomes. But here I am, no bitching over spilled milk. So why did I move here to Jerome in the first place? Saw an office here for $600.00 a month so they said. Apartment for $500.00 including utilities so they said. With Angel amongst a few others saying once its in a professional business like structure they’d come on board. I had two choices Try an hold onto the house in Wendell, try to pay the $600.00 for this office, and the $650.00 work on my rides outside, and do the radio gig. Look many of you have said the radio thing keeps holding things back. Understand I’m not the only one who things that a full online all the time LIVE radio station is not such a bad thing or a unprofitable one. There’s a station in Ohio, called . The guy who created that found no FCC licenses available, so went the online direction. And I don’t think they are looking back. Now lets figure that we as is planned put together an all online 24/7/365 radio station with two people in studio at all time both male and female, doing radical, rebel, off the wall uncensored radio playing seriously hot music, of all kinds. Charge the advertisers a standing rate of $200.00 a month, flat with no extra airings fees they pay $200.00 a month we air the ad as many times over that month as we can. Instead of like other stations doing a every time the ad is aired charging for each airing, usually $10.00 to $80.00 a play or airing of the ad. That ads up for small retailers and small business owners. Think of it this way; $200.00 multiplied by say even 10 advertisers or sponsors there’s our $2,000.00 a month. with a bit left over. As we get more popular, more people look to being advertisers, and the sky is the limit for what we can make as well as for the people here of the radio gig, who help them sell the ads. If it were not for that, I’d sell this radio stuff of mine, take my car, my mini truck, go to Evanston Wyoming, find a decent place to live, and forget about radio or broadcasting and just tow, and build Harley’s. Likewise if I can’t save this station, and where I live right now there might not even be a PoohBear and me. Because I can’t afford her and me together at the same time. So if all these people that signed on board, Angel who wanted something for near nothing, that caused this move to Jerome to begin with, all these younger honey’s that have always said they wanted to be here with and for us, wants this plant to bloom, best furtilize it with some cash for the stash. 

I’m headed to bed, cause I’m dead.

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