There are those who do and those who don’t . We are the ones who do.

Every day or at least every other day I see a group or a page up on FB or other sites proclaiming their loyalty to the Confederacy. Both of old and few for the Confederacy of today. Here’s the best that I can say, from the SOCV I say this; Your organization may be a grand one, but after nearly 12 years of asking for information on how to join, as well as setting up a Coffee Camp here in our area, the request has fallen on deaf ears. One can never get in touch with your organization by phone, and emails go unanswered. Many other Confederate organizations are similar, except one. From the time of formation in 1982 to now, The Knytes Of Dixie as well as the Iron Knytes Association, have had at its core to fight and preserve the untold and unpublished histories and heritage of the Confederacy. More Over to retain respect, of today’s Confederacy. More over, no matter the time of day, or night a prospect member or the just curious prospect member can ALWAYS reach us by phone. Or even email. All of our pages on FB are filled with real information on what it means to love the South, and spread that love to every corner of America. As well as the world. We are the only organization that got the official Confederate National Party designated on record for one to run as a candidate and get elected as well as to vote on the ticket of the Confederate National Party in three western states, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah. The Knytes-of-Dixie is the only Confederate based organization that not has its own radio station as well as its own web based online station in the nation, That was created long before or any other. Sadly however like much of the nation, we too have fallen on hard times and are seeking donations from some of ya’ll that claim to be not only ours but supporters of all things Southern as well as Confederate. In either case we plan to be around for a very long time. So the next time one asks you if your a supporter of Southern Heritage and history, which organization you should support, tell them you support the Knytes-of-Dixie. 

So what does this have to do with me?

So it was, after taking my nightly meds, and doing scripture reading, I called it a night at 22:30 hours. Just settling in and drifting off to parts of the galaxy so far,far,far,away, PoohBear texts, that two of our former associates were never to be rehired. Okay, couldn’t take any body on right now if I wanted to, hell I’m trying to figure out how to keep the lights on and a roof over my head, thanks to the delays of CenturyLink and the outright lies of Cable-One. Again should’ve stayed put in Evanston. Okay, so cover back up and getting ready to venture off to Navoo, another PoohBear Text, PoohBear just descovered that one of those former associates was now single and moving to Twin Falls. At which point, I had to ask myself, who cares? The thing is they are FORMER associates, the word FORMER is like back then in the past no longer a concern of mine. If all of them dropped off the face of the Earth and rolled over and died I could, not care less. Several years ago 2013 streaming a station and building the website required the need to take on outside talent, both on air, on screen, and engineering. To name a few. Utah to Wyoming, everything stayed in tact for at least 4 years.  Then Ron our Club’s bean counter was dieing so to help and on the recommendation of several I moved back to western Idaho. That’s when crap hit the fan, Cable-one’s claims were not accurate and a billing question became the end of that. Then I took on CenturyLink. After 6 months we got back on the air, and as such it came time to decide build it or kill it? Or at least put the radio op and our media werx in a state of hiatus until I could relocate to a more media friendly location. I reluctantly said lets give it one more try. Had the help of Kathleen and family, and thought we were on the go , sadly it was just taxi time on the old tarmac with no real command to take off. In June had every intention of shedding south western Idaho, and head at least to Boise. If not back to Evanston. Now understand Evanston is not some grand sweet shangrala or magical place. But it is a low cost version of Salt Lake City and only one hour at best from Utah’s capital City. Meaning resources are a bit more numerous than what’s as yet available in southwestern Idaho. Boise too has these kinds of things. Sadly even with all the hoopla that you hear from the greater Twin Falls Idaho area, its not yet ready for prime time. Which means for anything media you have to advertise like hell on places for talent on places like Facebook, hope you’ll find someone, ANYONE, that can walk in off the street, park their butts in a chair and go on air. Or if your looking to build a catchy , slightly upscale and yet maybe kinky website, you again need to advertise like hell, all over social media, spending thousands of dollars, and eating Raman noodles to find at least 3 if your lucky none Church biased ladies to come in and do some cover shoots, put that up on your web site so that when some single Wing nut, or gear head see’s your site they’ll at least stick around to see what its all about. So June came, yet PoohBear’s money got messed up somehow. So the move to Boise was scrubbed. Bout the second week of June I met Angel. She was the cat’s meow as far as ambition, and ability, but I also knew that having where she worked and where I lived was not going to last very long if at all and that there was all kinds of modern day maladies that could happen. So we searched for places. Saw one at the old Dick Dey Old’s Buick dealership in Twin, except every time we met with the owners the rent rate went up, until it was so out there I just said phooey. Then July, besides getting my car repoed, and the fact that I had to layoff Angel, I moved in here in this place in Jerome. Of course the problems surmounted into the stratosphere, to where now I had to get a temp job at DI. Still due to the delay, with CenturyLink, one gal quiting because of the stress of the project, the questions of A; why am I still here? and two, why would I care any whit, of those two other associates. I’m too busy just trying to survive, and as far as staying in Jerome instead of moving back into Wyoming, what do you think I am working at DI for? To make enough extra money, load my stuff and get my rumps outta here. Even thinking past the media werx of the Club, just talking towing. Do you realize that for every tow call I get for mY towing service here in the greater Jerome Idaho area, I get 5 to 8 calls from Evanston or that greater Wyoming area. There is no body really working that area, as far as motor clubs, insurance companies, or even just individual  calls.  10 calls a week mutiplied by $80.00 per call, that’s a shy over $3,000.00 a month I’m loosing out of my wallet being here. And you want to know why I want to go back there? $3,200.00 a month is a good reason. Plus rent is cheaper, food is slightly cheaper and there’s more to do in the social arena. So yea I have aspirations that way. So again I ask PoohBear, with that and the nuptuals on the near front door, why would I care if, two former or any former associates were single or moving to Twin Falls? Makes no sense.

See ya’ll around the Galaxy.

Made it through day one, got an official locker and a name tag, oh we are now official.

Well I made it through day one at DI, actually official orientation, start full time from 11:00 hours to 18:00 hours Tuesdays through Thursdays and on Saturdays. 

So assembled in the break room, then was led by LaNora to the computer room, where we filled out last minute paperwork, Where I met, yet another Alex, who was applying for a spot on the sales floor. All I can say is this gal, if she’s going to wear skin tight jeans, and a halter top, needs to not be so much as a muffin top. Everything was spilling over. Then progressed with another older gal, who I mean stunk, bet they make her shower a lot when she gets there as stink pew is not allowed by DI standards. So we filled out a ton of paperwork, on computer, then the computer it self was trying to update, which became a situation, that while no one there could fix, I did. Want to see how long I am on the dock and into IT? Then we got an apron. Oh goodie an apron, with an official name tag. Chute I’m official now. So then had to watch two movies, one on some sort of ethics, which is kind of self explanitory. Seems as though there’s been a rash in the past of DI employees hiding choice merchandise and such or for some payola, saving it for a friend or such. Then we had to watch a vid, on sexual harassment. Seems as though the #metoo, movement has filtered down to DI. Now here’s where that gets sticky. While no inappropriate actions or speech is allowed, still it says in the handbook that dating between associates as long as it don’t interfere with the job performance is allowed. Kinda of a goofy policy don’t ya’ll think? Then it said no super short skirts or flirting on the job. Okay that blows the busting moves I did on one gal who used to work for Deseret Transportation years ago. I remember this gal named Peggy who worked in administration had this niece, who wore skirts so damn short if she sneezed you saw the entire show. So I pursued that back then got chastized for it, Might be why now there’s an official policy on the subject ya’ll think? So then, got the official tour, shown where to come in and exit, and all that jazz, then dismised. But at least now I’m really working a job. But it’s short lived, as I keep getting tow calls for my company in Evanston Wyoming. Seems as though there isn’t one tow company that does what we do, for the price we do it for. At least in Etown Wyoming or anywhere near there. They call me from Coalville Utah to Lyman Wyoming and all places in between. Work for DI, make enough money then move back there, instead of bringing LexiBelle out here, I go where LexiBelle is. More later, stay tuned.

When its not about money but a utility that’s holding you back.


Look , I know there are processes and levels of authority to claw your way through in negotiating a project. But when , although its not being said, but stress, over our project, that caused a CenturyLink employee to quit and take a job with a competitor, you have to wonder. The legal complaints against CenturyLink is so numerous that you need to ask yourself, is there a roach in amongst the manure? It was a year ago that I signed up with CenturyLink. The lady on the phone at first said she couldn’t offer the horsepower we needed to run the radio op. So I was nearly ready to hang up, she said there was somebody in the company that could make that happen. Right away I get transfered to a guy named Raphael in Pheenix Arizona and the process started. First a site engineer had to look at what could or could not be done. It was determined that a hybrid ISDN system could be installed. Greg showed up, told me he needed some wood to mount the equipment to, but no dimensions. In October last year we had a slim chance to get a place in Gooding, owned by the same crook we did business with in 2009(Richard Strickland-Strickland Realty). We had CenturyLink keyed in to wire that sucker. But when that fell through, and we couldn’t get that sweet spot, we retreated back to Wendell in November, thing is we still got it in. Without all this internal hub-bub that we are experiencing now. Then Raphael split, moved somewhere Florida, and we got Jana; after going the rounds with her supervisor Hope. Who rarely answers her phone. I know the same thing, for a company rooted in communicating they don’t communicate very well if at all. While the DSL system, worked, I never got a bill, until the damn thing was in the mid 100.00’s. Up to that point that the promise that Raphael, made that we would not be billed for the 4 months it took to engineer the bigger system(the 20/20 system) , came April the first bill came for that and I immediately paid it, however it did not work right consistently so Greg had to come over I don’t know how many times. It wasn’t until about the 1st of July that we got it right. We were finally on the air. We started hiring. Got one that knew some of what I needed, but with being off air and some problems with cash flows from the US Government, we decided to relocate here to Jerome, Idaho. August we got studio space and still due to some administrative bull, we are now still waiting. So if your wondering why I and the WolfPack are scratching the bottom of the pan for droppings, its because no on air, no ad revenue, no ad revenue no money and bills are piling up. So I looked into some class A lawsuits going on, for over billing, and selling products many customers don’t need , plus situations like ours that includes project delays. Our suit, will be for payment of loss of revenue, the frustration of waiting, for the install to be completed, and serious misrepresentation of available services. All total, its in the half a million dollars worth. But we still wait. On my end , I just should have waited, paid Cable One off and kept them, but hey the show needed to go on. If it hadn’t been for the radio op, I never would have signed up with CenturyLink. I can also remember back to our experience in Evanston Wyoming. We signed up alright, but were lucky if we could get 4 mbps down and 2 up. Not good enough, so I told em take the thing out. Yet they kept billing us. Back in 2013 we were contracted with CenturyLink, in Woods Cross Utah. Yet it seemed that the adtran box needed a firmware update. Guess what? That update never came, so we went back to Comcast. Yet CenturyLink still billed us. Yet even when you call em and say disconnect this, since it don’t work or work as needed, that should be enough for them to either unhook the blooming thing and refund your money, or don’t promise what they can’t deliver. Cable-One isn’t much better, but here where we are at right now that’s pretty much your choice. Too bad Project Mutual doesn’t service Jerome. 

Next entry, what to, and what not to say to a woman.


Things getting somewhat better and I love the strangest smells.

Got in touch with Hope at CenturyLink, she says she’s going over the account and seeing if they can expidite it a bit. Leaving me in wonder is a bit off, but hey wouldn’t be the first time. Raphael left us mid court press last year. I don’t see what’s so difficult here, maybe its just me, itsa very basic hook up Greg brings the Adtran hooks it up gets the CP numbers and coding and we’re back on air, at least that’s the way it ought to be. Some how this has needed to go through layers of administration. Just hook the damn thing up, then I pay bill, simple math. So we see what happens.

I love some of the strangest smells, and I don’t know why. I love the smells of a cattle yard, skunks, diesel fumes first thing in the morning, and yes that aroma that gets my attention every time women’s feet in nylons. 

 The stinkier the better. Why this is I have no idea, maybe its the canine in me, maybe its a bit of a once in a life time thing of arousal who knows. Many head shrinks have attempted to diagnose the why, but have threw in the towel. Yet if I’m driving down the road and smell skunks its like a breath of fresh air, same goes if I pass a dairy farm. That smelly manure means money being made although today the price of milk is way below the selling price and far below production costs. I love the smells in the early morning when the trucks start around here, the aromas of that hardly spent diesel escaping into the air is like roses. Even going down the road number one diesel smoke smells delightful. Then there’s that other, and yet it makes me croon. 

Any mile looks like our October 1st get on air date has been pushed out, to December, unless of course CenturyLink, gets off the dime sooner. 

Ever feel like you got left at the alter? Time to begin a search.

If you have ever felt like when it rains it floods today was one of those days. Woke to Property manager blowing the bugle asking could I come up and sign the lease for this place. That done, get a visit from the power company. Seems as the former tenant here left without paying the bill, meaning they were going to pull the switch. Not so , but now I have to cough up a miracle to save the power here. Not that I can’t but I feel like I’m in way over my head without a lifeline. Now dig this; If it hadn’t been for the long delay, by sweet CenturyLink in getting the 20/20 system completely installed I could have made enough to cover the bills, through revenue from the station. Since I’m not on air , sponsors are canceling out or completely dropping us. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, my sales associate Jana out of Salt Lake City decides to up and quit, what, the stress of my order must’ve been too much or something. So here I sit, a half installed system, and no sales associate to help with it. Now what? Tried to contact my pal tech of CenturyLink, in Gooding, but either he’s hiding or something, so now I have to deal with that in the morning and all day. Days like today makes me wonder why I just didn’t pay up Cable-One , at least they give you TV. Makes one question any more the viability, of CenturyLink. Stay tuned.

So with all the stress, of that, the power bill, and my past due car payment the last one that’s due next week, I just decided to be alone. It’s not that I wanted to not talk to my PoohBear, but this old canine just wanted to be left alone to think and lick my wounds. At least Verizon treats me well.



The Daily Breef, did you notice? New uniform for an old friend.

Did you notice? If you were sleeping under a rock you might have missed this, but Google’s GMail has a new look, and that’s not all Yahoo’s mail box now has a few more gadgets. I’m not thrilled over GMail, as the tools are a bit confusing, and hard at first rather obscure. Most of the old tools are there just under different pictographs, takes a bit of hunting. 

Signed the lease for our MC’s house and the Wolf’s Hangar house. So looks like I’m here for at least a year. Rested for the most of the day, seems as though I’m in the docks rather than show floor. The big freight day at DI is on Saturday so got two days off, which is good. As it gives me a few days to look at other IP providers. Seems as the wonderful deal we’re getting from Centurylink is taking way to long to get finished, yet we are loosing ad clients and still we have to pay network fees. Begs the question, if such a system can be put in place albeit it took three months the first time, but if it can be put in , in a residence in a town of 2,000 why can’t the same system be put in place in a town of 11,000? And dig this; we’re still paying for the place in Wendell. Seems as though there was no official turn off or disconnect order given, from CenturyLink to pull that plug. Who dropped the ball there? Just boggles the mind. Maybe in a few months, but at least we can deliver over the air just not online. Had my fold over pizza for lunch, but now feeling kinda yucky. And finally, with all the fuss over the Kavenaugh appointment and all, I can tell you this I’d never pass. Since I can’t count how many women I and many of the WolfPack poked fun at in our early days. How can you hold a man accountable, for something that occured nearly 30 years ago?  I say forget about it. 

See ya’ll on the radio.


The local fuzzy wuzzies were busy in Jerome last night and can UPS/FEDEX DRIVERS be any more stupid? Or was it CenturyLink?

Last night was busy for the Reaper crew. We pulled 42 impounds, last night, local cops were busy, State bulls were in here in droves , don’t know if it was a speed saturation control patrol, but from kids drinking and driving, expired tags, no proof of insurance and all it was busy, bust city. Bet traffic court is going to be standing room only. 

Yesterday Greg from CenturyLink was here and spent most of the day. Seems as the router that was to be delivered here was delivered to 209 south, not 209 North. Greg went and inquired sure enough. But the coding was cancelled so a new router had to be sent overnight. Ain’t here yet. Is somebody at CenturyLink not addressing the address right? Or is it some bumbling UPS/FEDEX drivers that can’t figure out north and south.  This place is fairly easy to find, even via GPS and or a Google search. Yet for some odd unknown reason, this project keeps getting delayed. The install and all was to be done and online yesterday. The thing is, I’m going to be a mad canine if in fact I get billed for this when its not up and going.  Like I have always said, for a company that’s rooted in communication, they don’t communicate well. Of course maybe the folks at CenturyLink don’t know, much less care that there is a new getting heftier everyday competitor coming on strong here. WhiteCloud Communications is in here and offering some pretty good prices. While they can’t deliver what we need here at HazzardAyre Radio , like CenturyLink and/or Cable-One can for us anyway, still for the low to medium sized business’s around here WhiteCloud, could easily give CenturyLink a serious run for its money. 

One of my fun pass times is sitting outside on an old welding stool watching the public drive by everyday. It’s amazing that when people approach a crosswalk here instead of stopping, many just speed through it. Maybe that’s why the fuzz wuzzies are getting ambitious. The other thing I dig is watching the school across the street. You see a ton of unwedded mothers hauling their little demons in and out of the school. Two things you can count on, the hot butts have the youngest of offspring, the older kids are escorted in by mothers expecting, another one. Stay tuned,

So you want to have an affair with me?

Who the heck are these women? If even they ARE Women every day I get a half ton of lets get up close and kinky invites in my junk mail email box. I realize that 98% are from people who are not what they appear to be. If that wasn’t enough I get all kinds of suggested pages or groups on facebook. Hasn’t enough people gathered the idea, that I have PoohBear I’m not hooking up with anyone else except her. My heart belongs to her and we is getting hitched. With that said I’m not looking for any kind personal romantic up close unification. If I see women on say facebook, and I do invaribly contact someone its for professional business, beit a on camera to enhance ads for the website here our radio network, or our upcoming TV network, its not to get into your bedroom or under your underwear.  With that said, there has been some eye brows raised here, on some of the photo shots we use for graphics. I would love to have conservative tasteful photography that is similar to the old style pinups and cover girls that were part of applying to military aircraft. The problem is for every 10 applicants we get only about 2 maybe 3 that are in the conservative realm. The rest do look, act and often are a bit too over the top. Likewise we are forced to find shutterstock pics that fit a idea. The word has always revolved around LDS Church standards. My question, where is the line that would be approved for such things? There is no firm answer to that question. I have seen Wards that allow even in public young women to wear see through tops, and some that say if your in a meeting house its granny dresses. Where is the defined line? Example, I had a intern while we were in Bountiful,, Merideth, was her name, not only was she into the toew smooch thing, but spent many hours in studio. Didn’t mind changing clothes in front of me. Yet she was also a returning missionary. Try that anywhere else? No way. So how do you find those women? That has Church standards, dresses conservatively and yet has a guys locker room aptitude, attitude with enough eye candy to make the project work.? So this I want to tell, POF and all the rest, I’m taken , I’m no longer a free agent, I belong to my PoohBear, so go sniff around some other guy. If your not applying to work or photograph with and/or the Knytes don’t bother me. It’s that simple.

L8R Aviators


Who’d have thought? Seems as the old Wolf wasn’t so nuts after all.

Back in 1988 somewhere, I said to many that the light duty small diesel would be the basic power plant for most performance applications. That Diesel Tech and Performance diesels were the up coming gotta have. I got laughed at, even my friend Nate in Evanston thought I was titched at such an idea. Guess what? The move is on and its hard not to see a hot rod pickup, or light truck without a perfomance diesel. I also was ridiculed for saying one of the collectables and soon to be treasured rides, would be a vintage tow truck, such as my LexiBelle.  Even tiny toy tow trucks, like LiL Wolf, LiL Lexi1 Even my friends Tommy and Rick said why would you want to do that outside of a promotion vehicle? Well guess I wasn’t wrong there either toyota-wrecker-1-e1536962784998-630x390 Look I’m not the Oricle of Delphi, nor am I a wizard of any sort, but I see concepts and trends that soon become popular. Back in and I mean way back in 2004 we established the Hazzard County Toewing Association. Which is still together. Its goal was to unite all those who love custom and vintage tow trucks. Long before there was a Facebook, and even today we as a group and those who just love to poke smut against the old Wolf here, might want to change thy direction. There’s many examples of this, I remember two of them, one was the Boise Stage Stop, when the fellers that started that, needed a consultant; they came to me and my Dad, who also invested in that. I also remember when I suggested that a truck stop, on the side of a mini mountain east of Mountain Home would be a great truck stop location. Dad was gone, but mom got involved and a few years later, the Gear-Jammer Truck Stop was built. Now that entire hill side of Mountain Home harbors business’s mostly in the tourist/travel space. Guess I wasn’t wrong there either. When I started putting up pages on and about older tow trucks on Facebook, people said again I had one too many bolts loose. Yet see today? I can count several pages and interest groups on vintage tow trucks, and yes one for us Holmes fans. So when some of ya’ll start pointing fingers at me and or the Knytes when we say something wild and hot is about to become a trend, maybe you should remember, our outlook is seldom wrong. 

Big day Monday so its scripture reading then bed. See ya’ll on the bounce around.