Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


Doing radio our way takes long hours.

It’s Saturday morning, we should be on air, but alas still waiting for the master computer to do a diagnostic scan. Which warms up the old girl. Wasn’t that bad in Wyoming, but unplugging and moving the system what? now, some 6 times takes a toll on the equipment so it takes awhile. 

I remember when we started in webcasting. It then was very infant stage, few people if any in our area that built websites and such had any idea of how to go about it, or how to embed the stream into a website. There is two business models of what we aimed to do. The one was the pattern that we rather I discovered in 2001 when I was looking for call letters for our flagship station in Layton Utah. The site was http://www.wolffm.com It was unique in that the guy who put it together is blind , partly deaf, and did it in a 3rd floor apartment structure in Nashville Tennessee. Though I had was , if he could do it so could we. By 2005 after going through a lot of crap, and self discovery, ayrewolffm went on the air or at least a webcast station. AyreWolfFM is and was at the time the only radio program dedicated to those of us who just love old vintage warbird aircraft. The mission, shows and restoration centers we covered it all, trust me this was way before WarbirdRadio and way before dixiebroadcasting.com which brings up the final piece that in 2010 after a soul search and all we combined Hazzard County Radio of everything Southern Fried with military aviation enthusiasts into what we simply called HazzardAyre. The real challenge is doing our style of LIVE on demand radio, means having several things, none of which is more importantly is a human be it male or female in the cockpit of the station, 24/7/365. It wasn’t until mid year 2014 that between tow calls and doing radio, seemed every time I’d go on air, got a tow call. So the search for a someone went out. Since at that time the station was housed in the same place as where I lived, meant opening my home to near strangers. So I had to be picky on the who. We even got one gal that relocated from Arizona to Etown Wyoming to work the station. Had a few other things been done different that combination would have worked. However, she was a button pusher with little to no on air personality so I eventually had to let her go. Codi was a great talent, just needed a bit more on air polishing to get her to where what we needed. It wasn’t until Angel showed up,that I had someone that could be taught. But I got conned by the jerks of this place I rent now of which I have 28 days now to find a place and move to. But Angel fought with PoohBear, PoohBear fought with her, and ultimately the combination failed, although once we get it all back together after the 1st of the year, would love to have her and Marie back involved. Any mile. The big thing now is finding new quarters for it all. 

 Its, not that simple, to just move a radio station. First there’s FCC approvals that need to be applied for then a facility that has the electrical, and internet horsepower to do the job. The reason I still do this, is simple. I know what can happen when this radio op is running at full warp speed. The kind of money it can generate for the club, and the public attitude change that can transpire when this radio op is hitting on all cylinders. Any way I will see you on air starting at 6PM that’s 18:00 hours for you military types . on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

Attention people that want to develope my Website here and all of that. If you don’t speak, write, or comprehend Confederate English, DON’T CALL ME!!

Attention foreign Website developers. I am not interested in hearing from you. I only do business with companies located and headquartered here in America. 

It seems as every dang day I some Hadji or Phillipinio calling me asking me about how or if I need website development. You know how I feel about anything none Confederate and damn well the same about anyone or anything not born here in America. Yet they keep calling. Question is why? I know all these other nations are starving, and such, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to trust our content and all to someone I  don’t know, or that is half way around the world. It doesn’t matter what it is or what I’m buying , unless its American I ain’t buying it. 

Now then WordPress just popped out this new editing format, and while it’s okay its not like it was so I’m trying to figure out how to reverse it back to the old style. This happened not to long ago with our Livestream.com account. The company sold out to Vemo, and all our content was gone. All videos everything, you’d think someone would call or at least send you an email concerning this kind of thing. Just like when Google’s Blogger quit their relationship with Microsoft and you couldn’t use LiveWriter to write your weblogs and such using LiveWriter on Blogger anymore.It’d be keen as heck to be a fly on the wall in some of those back office planning and developing meetings at these tech companies. 

Now one last thing here;, I as you all know am in serious need of a new place to live. So been watching fakebook and its marketplace ads. Of maybe 20 so far I have yet to get a reply, from any of them except for two. This Zumper outfit is about as reliable as a one stick milking stool. Doesn’t fakebook screen these companies? Surly the money being paid to advertise these things can’t be worth more than the integrity of what little there still is. 

So in closing; Foreign Website developers, if you ain’t in America and can’t speak un accented plain good old Confederate American English, don’t ya’ll call me.

How time flys when you wish it would slow down.

It’s now a Friday, Brother Yost calls, wondering if he can help me move things? Thing is I have to have a place to move it to. I’m as far along to finding a place to move to as I was a month ago. Except now I have a looming date of November 29th to be long gone from here. What makes it hard is my Cell phone is near to getting cut off since I had to pay that $200.00 the other day to Tyson, and with no money in the kitty to put down on anything coming up it makes moving everything very difficult. Needless to say, I’m concerned, and troubled. Yet I know Heavenly Father will look down on me and guide me, this me being here is not infinite. It’s very finite. There is some hopefuls, one I saw in Filer, another two or so, in Twin Falls and a trailer over in the Ruperty area. So nosing around to see what is out here. All too many of the available properties I see are connected to that Zumper outfit, that has a data system that can’t remember that its you signing in to leave a message. Artificial Intelligence , isn’t all together intelligent. Then I woke up too late to go fetch toilet paper, so trying to get through until 08:00 so I can go fetch that. Evanston Wyoming at least has that going for it. That a Walmart is open and you CAN get toilet paper at 02:00 in the morning, if you need to. 

Much to do today so I’m off to bed.

Knyte View Chronicle


I read a few days ago about how certain medicines of Opiod can be habit forming and can even create a sense of peace. Don’t know much about that but this stuff the gave me for my Epliepsi leg cramps has me higher than a F-18 Super Hornet at mach 12. While the look outside my cockpit of home is bleak still I decided to go some different paths, and bust ass on our radio gig at least until I get LexiBelle home and in my grasp. While my destination is not firmly seated still I feel good about the possibility, of a place located near Paul and Rupert Idaho. The first thing however is finding a centralized home for SouthernSteele Media and of course that is including all things under the umbrella of HazzardAyre Radio. I feel satisfied on the grounds of HazzardAyre. Beyond the circumstances of how the name came to be and its creation, HazzardAyre is a brand, and needs cultivation.  Since biker/aviator military style bars and or eating places is still years into the future, the one thing we as members of this organization can do, is build something that can be legal and yet generate if not daily, monthly revenue for the Knytes as well as the WolfPack. It’s a thing of constantly spending money lets make some, however to make money you need to spend money and even though our means are very lean right now, there are ways to acquire the resources in humans and facilities we need. I thought that where we are here in Jerome Idaho was the answer, and it would be, except the people we rent this place from have become real greedy nerdic jerks. Sure I’m going in Wednesday to court to attempt to save this location, but I’m working on the basis of what if they are successful and we are not. So that means elsewhere, so full reignition of things HazzardAyre Radio has been pushed out to February 2019.  We need to get Laurette, and her son, who is supposed to be a computer guru, and her working the front of the op, while PoohBear and I work the real business op, of the radio media werx. But it is my bed time, gotta be awake at noon to get things done. Now for the last here. If we need to move evrything, our Internet connection etc will be down for about a month or so. That means I wont be on facebook or here on this newsblog. But I will be available by phone. 

Until L8R Today

So just what is a Stinky Toew?

So often I get asked, ” Just what is a Stinky Toew?” A Stinky toew has nothing to do with the corn chip aroma of a woman’s feet in a pair of nylons. It has to do with those downright hard to do recovery jobs that just about every Mountain area toewing professional has to do at sometime. Whether its rigging a truck off the side of a mountain, uncovering a foreign car out of a snow packed ditch or comedian strip, or retrieving a rocket powered motorcycle off a 1,000 foot bridge , (yes it was us and LexiBelle) that snagged that zoom zoom bike of old Evil Knievel. That is what is called a stinky toew. However since 1978 and slightly before that, Cooter’s Toewing along in partnership with SAMCRO Toew, Dixie Toewing and of course parent company Highway Hooker Toewing, We have had the trademark, of We LuV Toews. The Cinderella, toe smooch, the back ground of LexiBelle in the scene, became good or bad our exclusive trademark. Over the years finding the gal with just the right size and symetry feet and toes is a daunting task. That’s why I always ask anyone we cast in anything we do, what does their feet especially their toes look like.  Now with that said, Monkee, my last xyl(ex-Young-Lady) had this idea. If I could get that out of my system it would be better for us as a couple. Although she loved the idea of having a foot and toe worshiper, for a hubby, still she thought that me starring at other women’s peds was strange. So she came up with two ideas, first the TV ad, using the leggy look of sweet Daisy Duke, and all, to enhance the image we were attempting to put out there, and two, to have a fund raiser for our charity the Shriner’s Hospital in Utah. So she though get the most blonde, angelic gal we could find(this backfired) with the tiniest toes known to man, have her sit with LexiBelle inside say a Mall, or such, have the banner for KTOW in the back ground and have folks pledge money to just how many hours that I could kiss a woman’s stinky nylon feet\toes, in nylon hose. As there has never been a World record set for that, invite Guiness to become part of that, and set the record. Raise some money and generate one helluva lot of money and publicity for the Knytes, KTOW, and our toewing group. As of yet that has never been done, but we look to doing that next year sometime, bottom line we are looking for really tiny toes, oops toews. So that is why I always say, so what I lUv a Woman’s stinky Toes, or as we spell it toews, that enhances the fact that no matter the hour, weather, or  circumstances when it needs hooked we do, it no matter what. That is Stinky Toews.

Some days you can’t get into second even if you double clutch it,Monday was one of those days.

I had very serious intentions on rolling over to the mini cassia area of Idaho yesterday , meaning Monday, but by mid day, and medications to rid me of this confounded cough, I hit the rack and did not awaken until I heard the rattling of my door. It was the current downstairs neighbor asking me to keep my eyes on the mail for them in case some important piece of mail for them got stuck in my box. Really. So I got up long enough to get a call from PoohBear, sift through emails, and see what trash was being thrown around fb. I don’t like fb, its nothing but a gossip page, no real serious anything business, or journalism on there any more. Quite frankly if I didn’t have to maintain order on our pages and groups on there, I’d shit can my fb account. But as its said, everybody goes there. Then there was and sorta is now the need for feed, but too tired and mired that I am, too lazy to even go to the store. So that being that closing the door and heading off to snore. See you this afternoon on Rebel Radio on http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

I think I got a bug, or some kind of computer virus that is slowing down Both of my computers.


Hey its Monday morning, just getting off air, but finding a bug in my computer. Don’t know if its a virus or what, but working on it. Think I found a place to reside, I use the word reside, since the word live , is a used word that does not apply. I have not lived in a place since I moved out of my house ld7db7542-m1xd-w640_h480_q80 near Hazzard Idaho. Yes its a real place and yes its real name is Hazzard. Population 130. As of the last census. Any mile, I slept most of the day yesterday, after hacking up blood. this cough I have the doctor thinks I might have chronic bronchitis so they are looking on getting me on an oxegen tank set up. Yea groovy, yet still have to make the move. If I do move and its seems like I will, moving near Paul Rupert, puts me in an area I know all too well, plus closer to Pocatello so I can see my son Eddy, and closer to going to Utah to do what I need to there for the radio werx, plus the immigration project of Laurette. That said, sleeping is becoming a severe need. Since all this relocation crap and the stress makes REM sleep, a ellusive dream rather than a continious reality. Then of course there’s my sweet PoohBear, whom I love without no end, what really grabs my butt though is that she thinks that every model and/or talent, or anybody on Facebook is after my body or something. I can’t understand why? As I’m not that grand looking at least in the GQ class, I don’t have much if any money, at least not like I used to when the TV series’ we produce hasn’t been active, the status in the Knytes/AyreWolvez doesn’t mean much although I have a major bunch responsibilities there that far exceeds my time in my world, plus I’m hitting near the 60 mile marker on the road of life, So why would any hottie want me? All I really am is a radio jock Marine, that is a pretty good Shadetree mechanic. That’s all. Yet PoohBear thinks that everything with hot legs and a body wants me. It boggles my mind.

The Knytes high council met here this past weekend. There is some new things in the production department for HazzardAyreRadio, Maximum Overdrive Radio, and Rebel Radio. Add to that the bio drama of the Knytes’s history from the founding to now, which has been gave the green light by Sundance Studios, near Park City Utah. So we will be casting that through both TMG out of Utah as well as the William Morris Agency out of Hollywood. Plus a independent casting company based out of Seattle. The title of the film we are keeping in Stealth mode right now, but its going to be a major film. 

Then there is politics. So many of our Confederate monuments, and historical statues and such are being ripped right out from existance, by Northern activists, that have no understanding. The time to bring to boil the Confederate National Party is now. The Knytes will be spear heading an effort to put more eys on the CNP, to get a candidate for President of these good ole U.S.-of A, states. In essence lets put a real confederate in the White House. One of our candidates lost in the mid term elections in our area by only 10 votes. While the SOCV does a good job, they are not as aggressive as we are. We need to preserve and educate the nation of the importance of our Confederate ancestors, as well as beigin to build on the idea, of a mdern era confederate party. 

I should be on air this evening, but need to catch some sleep so I can run over to Rupert to get me my roof over thy head. So Crazy Cooter here saying adios.

my cooter sig.

I just hate it when I get computer stumped. And then there are those women who love to ask goofy questions.

I was up all day long yesterday until 15:30 hours when the concept of using phone poles instead of toothpicks to hold my eyes open long enough to finish up my projects when I have to unplug and relocate about this time next week. I waited all morning long for this seatcover named Marie that I have always extended the invite to work for and with the club to. Yet as always , no visit, no phone call. Did she loose my number? It’s all over my fb profile. So then I think this is not nor should it be that we’re dead in the water. It just means finding a more furtle field to plant the seeds in. Look you can plant seeds in level ground, spread manure all over them, but if the ground is too frigid to absorb the nutrients the seeds will never germinate. In our case we can keep throwing good money after bad, where we are but all we do is spend rather than generate money. Sure a generic static website and all does okay, but I’d rather add some spice to the vision, and not only get but retain the attention to the observer who we need as a listener, and reader. This involves searching out good but not too conservative talent to pose with rides, and in the studio. Face it not every body especially younger women are into having their feet sucked or kissed,

not all are going to do the spread on a scoot

or across the hood of a truck. But there are those that will. Trouble is talent agencies don’t groove on that too well. I have worked with every agency that’s pro in metro Utah, yet most of those agencies , don’t groove on having their talent messed with. So that means finding talent out of an agency rather than book one with or through an agency. Yet Marie never showed, WTF? A phone call would have done wonders. So then you get some gals who ask all too many questions. Why can’t they just be simple? Like Nurse GoodBody, who’s only question was, simply , do you prefer stockings or pantyhose? She came injust me and erin , we got the gig complete, and still today we remain life long friends, whom I have on speed dial. Yet this Marie can’t even make a phone call. She said she needed gas money. What she can’t pony up even the what? $2.50 to buy fuel to drive from Twin Falls to Jerome, a 10 mile trip? If you want it, you go get it, if not you just kick tires. I’m done trying to light that fire. So then had perplexing dreams, in that even though I know for sure there is an environment change coming up next week, still I am confident that Heavenly Father will tell me which way I’m to go, and what to do. 

Okay then; I get terribly frustraited when I try to do something computer related. I know for damn sure there is a way to import my blog and all on Blogger here to this one, and even though I read how in about 20 times, I still have no clue as how to do that. Any mile be on the air just after Church today at 13:00 

web addy tag

Until then keep your wings level.

At a loss of a good title for this entry so I’ll just wyng it.

It was a rough week and an even rougher month. Don’t understand yet what went fuggled up with PoohBear’s money for October, but she knew that my ass was on fire here, and taking off $200.00 didn’t help none which is why I’m where I’m at right now. You see PoohBear thinks its just her added money I want from her, which ain’t true. I want what’s inside of her, her love, spirit and loyalty. Mostly her REAL Love, not just things superficial. But deep love don’t pay bills and certainly don’t satisfy greed property owners. I’ve got a few hands in this card game to play yet, here in Western Idaho, however I ain’t closed the door on parts Wyoming, either. Depends on if I can get Marie and a few others to help, A: to find other quarters for this radio werx, and two find me new digs. Preferably in Twinky Flatts. Did see something in Burley and over in Rupert. Thing is there is 4 days until trial, and might as well as enjoy them as best as I can. The other day I saw a place on Washington next to an old car lot there that said office space for rent so going over Saturday to see about that. There’s a ton of a bunch of things on my mind, not to mention not to be leaving ya’ll behind or in a bind. Now lets just see, if Marie shows in nylon hose to do a few radio shows, Says she will Saturday, we see been down that road b4, but I learned before you never burn bridges or close doors. The person you ignore today, might be the one you need a favor from tomorrow. Will I get a good wiff and a sniff, don’t know but hopefully this time may be the charm. See ya’ll on the air starting at 04:00 Mountain standard Time on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf